Templar on a pilgrimageTrialII: PILGRIMAGES

Pilgrimages are required of you to test your faith and stamina to stay thecourse for the spiritual journey that is life.  Historically, new knightswould be sent on pilgrimages to sacred sites in Europe or the Holy Land. In the Preparation phase for this initiation you were “sent” out tovarious holy sites.

We are a Christian order, we Temple men and women, there’s no denying it. We war for our god, not just any god, but the Christian god (Jesus)and the Judeo-Christian god (God-the-Creator/YHVH), as well as their sacredfeminine counterparts, Sophia-Maria (God-the-Mother & Creatrix) andMagdalene, the co-Teacher with Christ, and Anointress of the Anointed One. Messiah means anointed one, and he had to be anointed to be calledMessiah. Magdalene anointed him, an action equivalent to an endorsement fromthe sacred feminine.  The dove appearing over his head at his baptismwas also an endorsement from the feminine Divine.

Journeying to “find” these gods, to connect with them, raises spiritualenergy that not only pleases the Divine Ones, but can be used to raiseplanetary consciousness, aid enlightenment, help reach the critical massneeded for humanity to leap into the next phase of our collective development,a phase of being in the presence of God physically on a daily basis, thecoming of the Kingdom of Heaven, the (second) coming of god/goddess to earthto be among us.  We work toward that goal, and individuals making holypilgrimages to sacred sites and places god or goddess have been known todwell, help raise the spiritual energy by the connections to the Divine Onestheir journeys forge.  

Therefore, both then and now we protect pilgrims going about the holy workof a pilgrimage which raises the world’s collective spiritual energy.

One of the reasons we require you to go on a pilgrimage is so that you canfeel the energy rising, energy of holiness you are creating while makingit, arriving, leaving — the euphoria! Now you know why we want to protectpilgrims. It is a holy rite to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. If enoughpeople do it, if each soul makes that trip, then eventually the Temple willbe restored on earth.

You already went on your pilgrimage during the preparation for this initiation,so you may move on now to the next Trial.