A page in a real Knight's BibleTrialV:  LEARN THE NEW TESTAMENT

The New Testament should be learned for inspiration.  It is an inspiringcollection of “books” that gives us purpose and gives us our holy work, oursacred mission.

Picture yourself as a Templar of old studying the NT long into the night,reciting its passages as you go thru the day. There were very few books inthose days and the Bible was paramount.  Templars knew the NT (and thePsalms) like the back of their hand.  They also loved the Song of Songsaka Solomon as is evidenced by their patron St. Bernard’s some 80 sermonson it.  Pick up your copy of the New Testament and Psalms (or Bible,if you don’t have a separate NT).  To show you have studied the NT,please recite the four categories its books are collected in.  Say thesecategories out loud.

(Which category do Templars and esotericists add a few gnostic books to?)

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