Your exam has been submitted and will now be graded.  Ifyou pass, the Prioress or Receptor will then send you the link to the nextTrial, Trial number II.  In the meantime read the following, and asthey say in the modern military, “Hurry up and wait.”

“The initiation ceremony, over which great secrecy prevailed, took placealmost invariably in a copy of the rotunda of the Church of the Holy Sepulcherin Jerusalem. Many Templar churches and chapels were build round with thisin mind, and in their center, as at the Templar Vera Cruz Church of Segoviain Spain, there was often an actual model of the tomb of Christ, in the formof a two-storied structure with steps leading up. At some stage the specialceremony was devised for initiated members of the order whereby they weregiven a momentary glimpse of the supreme vision of God attainable on earth,before which they prostrated themselves in adoration.”  – Ian Wilson,TheShroud of Turin – The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ?

“Knights were initiated into the temple in a secret ceremony held at nightin the guarded chapter house. The great prior would ask the assembled knightsseveral times if they had any objections to admitting the novice to the order.Hearing none, he reviewed the rules of the order and asked whether the novicehad a wife and family, debts or disease, and if he owed allegiance to anyother master. Having answered in the negative, the novice knelt, asking tobecome a ‘servant and slave’ of the temple and swearing obedience by Godand the Virgin Mary. ”  –AncientWisdom and Secret Sects by Time-Life.