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Comrades by Ken Kelly

This warrior’s comrade is a beast.  They existin the “fantasy” realm.  But that realm is open to modern day spiritual/ astral warriors and warrioresses.  Bring out your comrade totem fromthe animal kingdom.  Use your power.  This concept is common inshamanism and Jungian thought.  Notice he carries a Battleaxe, the mostancient weapon and used in magik as a symbol of protection.  He carriesa sword on his back, like angelic warriors are said to do.

Deathsend by Ken Kelly

And here, painted by the same artist, is the Evil Onewith a Battleaxe & sword.  It is important not to get swayed bythe small bits of “beauty” found in such a picture.  Sometimes, likewomen who marry serial killers behind bars, fascination with the perverseis mistaken for “love” or a person even feels mystically “connected” somehowto perversely twisted evil characters such as Antichrist or Satan.  Ifsomeone you love or one of your students has a fascination with evil, youmight tell them this:  Remember — Evil doesn’t share power, evil NEVERshares power.  Anyone who works with or for evil is a degrading slave,a disposable pawn.  And anyone who thinks they are the anti-christor satan suffers from reverse god-complex and faces a terrible struggle tofind their true higher self which has been covered up by the ego with delusionsof “glory” thru evil.  

Kingdom of the Knights by Ken Kelly

Man of War by Ken Kelly

Hot Favorite by Les Edwards

The enemy combatants are often portrayed looking likethis.  Perhaps they really do appear thus, since for centuries mankindhas been “seeing” it that way.  We create our gods and our demons, saysome philosophers.  

Knightress Bradamant by Ron Miller

Legend by Luis Royo

Eye of the World by Luis Royo
This couple are obviously on an important mission orquest.  The woman rides side-saddle and the man is all warriored up.They are probably a team like a Daughter of Tsion and a Templar Knight, oneis the combatant and the non-combatant uses supportive magiks (and lookspretty while doing it!).  We can only speculate who or what the mysteriousman who oversees them is. Is he her father?  A mage?  A bad guy?  He reminds me of Paul in the Dune books when Paul becomes a Johnthe Baptist type character living in the wilderness but watching over hischildren. And he also looks like Strider  (Aragorn, the King of Man,in disguise) in Fellowship of the Ring. 

Hallowed Isle by Luis Royo
Looks like a Crusader King and his Queen, ruling overone of the Christian Lands in the Holy Land such as Lebanon, Cyprus or theKingdom of Jerusalem. I like her dress and over dress.

King Beyond the Gate by Luis Royo

This is  the cover of a good fiction book,I read it in the mid-1990’s when it first came out.  It’s called,TheKing Beyond the Gate. The warrior above  is a half-breed outcastnamed Tenaka Khan, and he is so cool.  He fights demon abominationswith incredible stamina and against Templar odds of 3 to 1 and even 10 to1.  Then after each battle he becomes ill and gets a terrible headachewhich pushes him into the spiritual realm he is trying to avoid (becausehe doesn’t know he’s the true “king beyond the gate”)   Enter hiswoman to cradle his head in her lap and protect him during the aftermath. She’s a cat warrioress of some kind.  He has a male companion,too, that sometimes takes care of him during these vulnerable periods.  Heis their leader and they don’t want to lose him because he is the secretweapon — without him they can’t win battles because the demon hoards sooutnumber the few humans left.

Ultimate Sword of Power by Luis Royo
Stonehenge sees a lot of action!  Maybe that’sKing Arthur? Not sure.  Below is another very real place painted byLuis Royo and based on a true Celtic story, the Battle of Hastings.  BothArthur (3rd Century?) and the Battle of Hastings (1066 A.D.) pre-date theTemplars, the latter not by much.
The Wind from Hastings by Luis Royo

The Far Kingdoms by Keith Parkinson
The Far Kingdoms by Keith Parkinson.  Alot ofcharacters and action here.  I like the magus throwing a powerball.

Return of the Banished by Keith Parkinson

Return of the Banished by Keith Parkinson. The knightis fighting with a spear; note his fallen comrade. The lizard thing remindsme of the form demons and other disgusting entities take on the astral /spiritual realm.  Knights  and Knightresses truly do battle suchugly so-and-so’s — in the spiritual realm.