Warriors and Bankers: Lesson 6
“Templars in America?”

Please read the Chapter 6 entitled “Templars in America?” of Butler and Dafoe’s book, The Warriors and The Bankers

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers,then send to the Templar Officers with the subject line: “W & B Lesson 6 Answers from ______________ (your Templar name)”

1.  T/F : There is no reason to believe that the Templars had anything to do with the New World.

2.  Explain the phrase “confidentiality ensured by hierarchy” in your own words.

3.  Many Templars were of Norman descent. How was this important for Templar Maritime activities?

4.  When was Rosslyn Chapel built? Was this before or after Columbus’ trip?

5.  What plant indigenous to the New World are represented in Rosslyn Chapel?

6.  What interesting site is in Westford, MA? How is this place connected to Rosslyn?

7.  What’s in Newport, RI, and why is it significant?

8.  T/F : John Cabot was one of the first Europeans to visit Mecca.

9.  Where did Cabot depart from? Why does this matter?

10.  How about the day he left?

11.  In school, American children learn that the Mayflower got blown off course and the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts by accident. Why is this unlikely? As an exercise in speculation, how might this have affected relations with the indigenous population?

ESSAY–for the American members among us:

The last half of the last paragraph in the chapter states some interesting things.  Reflect on what this means to you, as an American, and write your thoughts and feelings about it.

For the European members:

To say that the Templars were influential in European history is like saying Winston Churchill could make good speeches.  How might the Templars have impacted where you live — directly or indirectly? What does this mean to you?

FIELD TRIP: For people living in or near: Westford, MA; Newport, RI; Washington,DC; or Bristol, UK.

For the New England members — go, try to find these sites. When you do,take some pictures and write a short paper (short, like 3 paragraphs [or more]) on your trip.

For the Washingtonians — DC is full of interesting surprises, in terms of architecture and general layout. Find an example of this and do the same as those above. BTW, you can include Alexandria and suburbs in this search.Place names are also significant (hint hint. . .)

For the British near Bristol — take a trip into town. Are there any lingering signs of Templar presence? Such as place or street names, architecture, etc… .? If so, take some pictures and write about them.


Members of our Order are scattered across the United States. Name some of the places your brothers and sisters of the Order are from.

Questions compiled by Lady Christine, Under-drapier of our Order

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