Warriors and Bankers: Lesson 7
“The Rose Cross”

Please read the Chapter 7 entitled “The Rose Cross” of Butler and Dafoe’s book, The Warriors and The Bankers

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers,then send to the Templar Officers with the subject line: “W & B Lesson 7 Answers from ______________ (your Templar name)”

1.  T/F: The term “Rose Cross” refers to the color of the cross.

2.  Why is the common European Dog Rose (Rosa Caninis) rare among plants?How is this symbolic?

3.  Who was the earliest patron of the Order?

4.  Who was the probable author of the “Rosicrucian Manifestoes,” and when did they begin to circulate?

5.  In what year did “The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rozenkreutz”surface?

6.  Why is it “not surprising” that Templar sympathizers might have”gone Protestant?”

7.  Who wrote the first Grail story, and when?

8.  List several reasons why the Templars weren’t prosecuted in Germany?

9.  What did the “Invisible College” evolve into?

10.  List some members of this group.

11.  Why is this group important historically?

12.  What did/do the Rosicrucians believe?

13.  T/F: The beliefs of the Rosicrucians were considered pretty radical when they were first espoused.

Questions compiled by Lady Christine

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