Warriors and Bankers: Lesson 8
“The Passing of the Torch”

Please read the Chapter 8 entitled “The Passing of the Torch” of Butler and Dafoe’s book, The Warriors and The Bankers

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers,then send to the Templar Officers with the subject line: “W & B Lesson 8 Answers from ______________ (your Templar name)”

1. The __________________ was discovered in the early _________________ century.

2. What is the above document a list of?

3. Who claimed to have discovered it?

4. What happened when King Louis (of France) was beheaded?

5. Who is credited with being the first person to link the Masons to the Templars?

6. Back to the list of Grand Masters: Why do some believe it to be a forgery?

7. This list ends with a condemnation of the Scottish Templars. Forgery or not, what are several of the reasons this might have been written?

8. Why is it believable that Napoleon sanctioned the order?

9. What other document did Palaprat discover, and what was it about?

10. When was the “Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem”established?

11. What are your thoughts concerning the strain of Templarism descending from Palaprat? Do you think it authentic or not? There is no right or wrong answer for this, just give reasons why you feel this way.

Questions compiled by Lady Christine

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