14th Century idea what the Temple of Solomon might have looked like. Masons build their Temples after Solomon's too...Warriors and Bankers: Lesson9
“The Temple and Freemasonry”

Please read the Chapter 9 entitled “The Temple and Freemasonry” of Butler and Dafoe’s book, The Warriors and The Bankers.

Pictured at left is a 14th Century conception of what the Temple of Solomon looked like.

Copy and paste the following questions into an e-mail, insert your answers,then send to the Templar Officers with the subject line: “W & B Lesson 9 Answers from ______________ (your Templar name)”

1.  T/F:  Freemasons are highly cohesive and centrally organized.

2.  In 1441, what did King James do for the Sinclairs?

3.  What does this roughly coincide with?

4.  What could Rosslyn Chapel be a reconstruction of?

5.  What is at the base of the Apprentice pillar? Why is this significant?

6.  Butler and Dafoe have come with a sequence of events connecting the Templars with Freemasonry through Rosslyn Chapel. Retell this story in your own words.

7.  Who became King of England in 1714? What did this mean dynastically?

8.  What’s interesting about Castle Howard? Of what import are the Howard Family?

9.  Why are Catholic Masons hard to find?

10. Why might Rome have that sort of mindset toward the Masons?


Questions compiled by Lady Christine

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