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Female Templar from Historical Painting Preceptory Study Hall
of the Knights Templar & Daughters of Tsion

You are no longer a Catechumen and have been Initiated into the Church of the Way. You are an Initiate and a Credent (“Believer”). You have been given the first two passwords and sigils for Catechumen and Initiate status, be sure not to forget them. (If you are confused about the passwords, review immediately the Catechumen lessons in which passwords, sigils and handsignals were given).

You must now study for the first initiation into the Daughters of Tsion and/ or the Knights Templar. You are now a postulant member of the Order, but by completing the lessons below you will be eligible for initiation as an actual Knight, Knightress, Lady or Temple Cleric.

Knight of the Temple by Fredrik Alfredsson


1. The first book you will need for our work is, “The Warriors & Bankers,” by Butler & Dafoe.  If you don’t have it, please order it now.  These postulant lessons for your first Temple initiation do not require the book, but the lessons in the next Study Hall do.

2. EXERCISE:  Find which way Jerusalem is.  If you live in North America, it’s East of course.  Find East. Learn to kind of know where East is every day, all day if you can.  (If Jerusalem is not in the East for you, please substitute the proper direction, the idea is to know which way Jerusalem is all thru your day if possible).  Recite the Our Father / Our Mother prayer facing that direction at least once a day. Keep an eye on the weather at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem here:

Jerusalem Weather Forecast, Israel

3. Memorize the Our Father and Our Mother prayers. These are secret prayers of the Templars. Our Order of Mary Magdala also prays this prayer, as does the Order of Melchizedek, but not as obsessively as you must. It becomes a recitation. It may take you several days to memorize them, that’s fine. You probably already have half of it, the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”) memorized anyway.   Recite the Lady’s Prayer (“Our Mother”) to yourself while taking a walk, drifting off to sleep, and definitely as part of your evening or morning prayers.  Writing it out by hand helps to send it into your subconscious and “permanent files.” Typing it is good, too.  

ASSIGNMENT: Once a day for the next two weeks please email a copy of both halves of the prayer to the Templar Officers  where the Prioress and the other Templar Officers can witness your efforts.  If you forget, you will be assigned Templar kitchen duties…peeling potatoes.  The idea is to read the prayer contemplatively before you send it.  PLEASE NOTE:  You are not expected to re-type it every day, you can cut and paste.  And you most certainly are not expected to type it from memory every day. But if you can type it from memory fresh each day, if you DO have that ability, and you know who you are….please do.  We realize some of you are not master typists, so go ahead and cut and paste.  But be sure to read it, contemplate it, and practice reciting it from memory each day. This may seem like endless repetition, drudgery even.  That’s because it is.  If it seems tedious to you, please bear with the practice. It lays the foundation for great things to come similar to the plie in ballet and the stance in martial arts. This develops unseen muscles of your Templar soul.

Check out this article and cool pictures: Tarot of the Templars

The Knight’s Dream, by Raphael 1503


4. Diakon lesson:  Sacred Balance: Earth Mother, Sky Father.

5. Postulant Lesson Five.  Horses and the Templars.

6. Postulant Lesson Six:  –The Rule of the Order.  The rules and code of conduct the Templars lived by.

7. Postulant Lesson Seven:  “Who Were the Knights Templar” – The historical origins of the Order AND “Knights Templar Hierarchy” – The structure and organization of the Order with descriptions of medieval knighthoods, secular and holy soldiers.

8.  Postulant Lesson Eight: “The Garments of a Templar Knight” – A look at the wardrobe of all three branches of Templars. And our order’s Nightly Spirit-Gathering at the Mount Tsion Preceptory.

9.  Postulant Lesson Nine: Templars and Women, Sex, etc.

10.  The Truth About the History of Israel, the real Holy Land

11.  The Truth About the Crusades

12.  Mary as Bride Lesson (explains Daughter of Tsion)

*Our Church of the Way grants the titles Presvyter(a) which are early church words (Greek) meaning priest/ess. You will eventually obtain this Presvyter(a) rank in the Church of the Way, too. As you climb the degrees within your chosen Order(s) thus developing a specific field of expertise you will also achieve titles in the Church of the Way. The next Church of the Way title for you is Diakonissa (women) and Diakon (men), followed by Presvyter(a) meaning Priest or Priestess.

Each of the Orders have internal titles and degrees. First you had to become an Initiate of the Church of the Way, but now as soon as your postulancy is over, you will be hailed as a Knight or Lady of the Rose Cross, the First Degree in our Templar Orders.  See below for the other degrees.

After your postulancy phase is completed and you experience your first Temple Initiation, you will then work toward either the second degree of the Temple, the famous distinction “Knight of the Temple,” or in the case of our Lady members, the carefully guarded secret title, “Daughter of Tsion.” All along you will also be working on the minor orders in the Church of the Way.  Rest assured, it will all be clear as we go along so don’t worry about the initial confusion of so many degrees and orders. Just follow the steps above in the Postulant’s study plan.

Degrees in our two Templar Orders:

“Knight of the Rose Cross” or “Lady of the Rose Cross.”2nd.
“Knight of the Temple” (i.e. Templar Knight) or “Daughter of Tsion.”3rd.
“Master of the Temple” or “Dame/Mistress of the Temple.” aka “Templar Master”

After getting the third degree, a very tough accomplishment, there are higher designations, but not degrees per se, such as “Knight/Lady of Jerusalem,” “Knight of the Holy Grail” or “Lady of the Sword,” and “Knight of Krist”or “Lady of Wisdom (Sophia)”

3 Hearts, 3 Lions by Darrell Sweet
A Fantasy Knight with his “helpers,” a swan (who transmutes into a woman) and a dwarf

Please submit your request for Initiation into the 1st Degree of the Order of the New Templars by sending an email to the Mystery School with the subject line, Initiation Request into the Templar RoseCross Degree.  In the body of the email include your magikal name and whether you want the Combatant version of the Initiation or the non-Combatant version. (Are you going to be a combat fighter, either a Knight or Knightress; or are you non-combat personnel such as a Daughter or Cleric of Tsion?)

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