What people are saying … testimonials and feedback.

What people are saying…

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This group, in my opinion is a very unique group with many alternatives and interests. And I’m glad I joined. I was seeking a higher knowledge of God, myself and my path. It was then that I found this group and its spiritual entities; wonderful souls.


Things are clearer for me since I began studying here. Of course I still am trying to figure things out in my life, action wise….but in this group I feel like the answers come to me easily, like I belong — what I have been looking for…Its nice,

Thanks for your kindness,

Gwynedd Sidhe

I wanted to tell you that I am actually enjoying this school even more than AMORC lately! I am a Rosicrucian to the bone, but I am growing quickly with you also!   LLL

–Maga Solis

I am so happy to have found your site, it seems to be what I have been looking for.

Blessed be, Lynne aka Ceres

I was just browsing the Northern Way website, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I’m only 38, but I’ve been doing this esoteric thing for about twenty years. And in that time, I’ve braved great storms of puffery and sententious bollywog. Subjects like magic, the Templars, the Grail and the whole Western Mystery Tradition tend to bring out the PT Barnum in just about everyone.

So it was a refreshing thing to read the Northernway.org site, with its friendly unbloated language, its welcoming of women to their rightful places as priestess-warriors in the army of Light, and the general sense of egalitarian goodwill.

When financial circumstances change, I’ll be happy to join. In the meantime, I’m just going to hang out on this list and hope the Sophia smiles in my direction.

–Bill (“Abraxas”)

Thank you for considering me. I researched quite a few options before choosing your organization. After fully researching your site and others, along with multitudes of Google searches to read the views and comments of who and what the results that organization had — did I feel that you truly offer something substantive. I am glad the right place was shown to me.

–Rev. Lauren B., New York

The Mystery
wrote: No, you do not have to renounce your religion to be a member of the Mystery School.

You just don’t know how much your reply means to me! I love all that is taught at the Esoteric School and I am ready and willing to accept the teachings wholeheartedly. The one thing I cannot do is renounce my religion. As you recall, I mentioned from the very beginning that I am a practicing Hindu and I absolutely LOVE my faith. It is and has always been the foundation of my life. I can gladly add to it from the Mystery School’s teachings but can never give it up. Thanks so much for your very potent and meaningful reply. I will soon complete my final lessons in the Catechumen phase and am anxious to move on.

My husband is also interested in joining. What do we need to do?

I have to thank you for offering these courses. Being able to study something and transform my person/life and practice without all the garbage studies colleges and universities make one do is SUCH a blessing. It’s how I believe things should be.


It has been alot of fun and interesting information learned for this degree. I enjoyed it very much. The Mystery School is fabulous and I Thank YHVH, by Yeshua for bringing me to this point. As a Templar, I hope to battle spiritually for the Way. Thank you.


Hello. What a beautiful site you have. Very much appreciated : ) Be back to visit soon.

Bright Blessings, Turrean

We were extremely excited to find this site. It covers everything that we have been “learning” on our own but, in a structured way. We have both been receiving “messages” for about a year now but, these seem like awesome tools to further our understanding of what to do with the messages. I love the fact that it is not for ego based purposes because the new shifts that are happening are bringing in very different share energy not “mine” energy. Thank you soooo much!  With love and light

–Lynne J. and Jesse P.

I just joined your New
Order of the Knights Templar
and have been fascinated with the amount of open minded insight that most of us here possess. One resounding thought that I continue to have in regard to the Davinci Code, that Dan Brown has set the seed to question the mainstream. STOP THE PRESSES! Heaven forbid the modern world should discover that the Sacred Feminine has more historical weight and importance than once believed. Heaven forbid we acknowledge that there maybe more to religious history than the Holy Bible. The last time I checked, the Bible is no textbook. And even if it were, different aspects of history are disproven every day. As I brought up in one of my last emails: We once thought that the Earth was flat and that if you traveled far enough you would either fall off or you would be eaten by serpents and monsters.

One very frightening thought I have had due to the new appointment of pope Benedict XVI: they say that he is a very conservative Pope. I am not Catholic, nor was I raised Catholic. I recently read in the Cape Cod Times that one of his basic religious platforms (like it should have anything to do with politics) is that the Catholic religion is the only true religion and that the others are “deficient”. Also he believes that Catholicism is in direct battle with Islam.

I fear for us, New Templars. I fear that anyone who would raise doubt in the minds of the brainwashed mainstream may be snuffed out. I, personally, welcome the idea that Jesus may have actually been married. That he may have had a family lineage that went on past his years. Calling other religions or ideas “deficient” because they are different from the mainstream is a terrifying thought. Hail to free thinking! Hail to Open-mindedness! and Hail to the New Templars and the Esoteric organizations for questioning “the truth”.

Respect to all,

Andrew the Scot

I’ve printed off the Basic Magick sections and am reading them with great enthusiasm. It’s like coming home! Makes me wish I were 17 again, when I had these thoughts and had nowhere to go with them …

–Liz, the Mad Poet

For me this website was an answer to my prayers and lifted me out of my “dark night of the soul”.  I was really desperate to find something — anything that shared and validated my belief system and you not only did that but gave it a name and helped me pull everything together in a meaningful way. Before finding the Northernway website I was a Christian? ecclectic? nearly crazy witch? with profound Catholic (from upbringing) guilt.

So, Thanks again.

Blessings, Selene

I am “fairly” new. Been dabbling in this group for 3 or four months now. I do not really believe enough in one religion to consider myself a member. This group, however, seems to be a group of open minded, free-thinkers. With all the articles, writings and swapping of ideas that I have seen here, never once has anyone been chastised or even remotely questioned for their beliefs. This is a great place!

I am a 34 year old law enforcement instructor for the Coast Guard in Massachusetts, Cape Cod specifically.

I was raised Baptist by my Mother, while my Father was and still is Catholic. I think that my first desire to find something new was when I realized how powerful and influential the Catholic church had become. I saw many movies that made me question things, and then read “The Celestine Prophecy” which seemed to speak to me. I consider myself more spiritual than anything else. I am intrigued by the idea of reincarnation and believe that our spirits as Human Beings are far too intricate to just fizzle out. There HAS TO BE MORE, whether in outer space or inner space. I believe that there was a man named Jesus and that he was a great prophet who did great things. I am also, however, open to the idea that there are so many possibilities of an actual history. History, as any educated person knows is subjective to the interpreter. This is the site to think about it all.

I’m looking forward to the retreat that was spoken of in one of the responses. I would like to meet some of the people here face to face.


I know that you gave me a one month dues credit, but please use the $25.00 as a donation. The School and The Order can’t operate on love and faith alone!

I am very excited about these courses. After reading the Deryni books I was desperate to find something that would combine magic with a ritualistic religion. Always thought that there must be something like that and always drawn to ancient religions. Thanks for the personal touch by emailing me back.


I am really excited to continue my education. I really appreciate all of your guys time and effort you put into the school. It has a great aura.

Thank you again