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    Are you a member of our Order of the Northern Way, and have you taken at least some of our Teutonic Studies program courses?


    If no, who trained you...?

    ....And how long have you been an Asatru clergy member?



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    Your legal first, middle and last name should go on the certificate (to match your drivers license). The words Vitki and Reverend can be printed as part of your name, or your name can appear alone. The absence of Vitki or Reverend on this name line does NOT mean you are not a Vitki or a Reverend. It is a matter of preference. On more traditional diplomas, your first, middle and last names are shown alone, no Vitkis or Reverends, but on many religious diplomas/documents, the titles are displayed beside the name. How do you want your certificate to display your name?

    Your legal first, middle and last name should go on the certificate
    (to match your drivers license). How do you want your certificate to display your "mundane" name?


    The Reverend Vitki John Milton Doe

    Reverend John Milton Doe (no Vitki title displayed)

    If 5+ years experience: The Very Reverend Vitki Jane Mary Doe

    The Reverend Vitki John Milton Doe

    If you wish to include your spiritual name on the legal certificate, it will be placed on the line just BELOW the "Reverend Vitki John Milton Doe" line. You may leave your spiritual name off the certificate entirely.

    If you want your spiritual name to appear together with your drivers license name on your legal ordination certificate, please check this box.You may have your spiritual Asatru name used alone on a separate religious ordaining document. If you want two separate certificates, one with and one without your spiritual name, $10 extra, check here.

    Please spell out your Asatru spiritual name for us, explaining any non-Latin alphabet letters:

    For absolute accuracy, please type out the exact way you want your name displayed:

    What is the name of your Kindred, Hearth, Garth

    There is a line in the certificate that reads, "Solemnly Oathed to the ______ Kindred of City, State.
    " If you want this line on your certificate, please list the full name of your Kindred, (Hearth, or Garth)and it's City and State, here:




    Why do you wish to become Ordained?

    Any experience as a counselor (including informal, with family or friends?)

    Do you pledge to use your Vitki Status for the Service of Humanity, Kith & Kin?

    Member Profile

    The following questions are somewhat optional, but we encourage you to answer them because they help us build a picture of you and what has made you the person you are. We can better help you get where you're going if we have a complete profile of you and your spiritual background.

    What religion were you raised on?

    Do you still practice its ways?



    How does your immediate family feel about your chosen spiritual path? Opposition? Approval?

    Please check any of the following areas you have studied or "dabbled" in:


    Esoteric Christianity




    Wicca or Earthbased Trads




    Ceremonial Magick




    Apocalyptic/ Prophecy studies



    Other areas of study not listed above:

    Please list the subjects above that you are most interested in learning MORE about:

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    Katia's Esoteric Christianity Blog

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    Please tell us in one or two paragraphs how becoming ordained will help you in your current work.

    Don't forget to also send us your Spiritual Biography to

    Please check the box next to the items you are ordering.

    The Ordination fee is $156 (includes Priority Mail shipping)Additional Certificate, one with and one without your spiritual name $20.Wallet ID credentials are available for $10.Check this box only if you want Rush shipping. Cost varies, depending on where you are.

    Payment Methods

    Visa MasterCard Discover (you will be contacted by email for your card number)Check or Money Order made payable to Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. Email us for instructions.

    Please review your application above and if you are happy with it, click on the button below. (Print this now if you'd like a copy of this application for your records)

    Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified immediately upon acceptance.