Christo-Pagan Gods & Goddesses


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Old Testament Deities:

New Testament Deities:

Bad Gods in the Bible:

  • Melek, Moloch
  • Shaitan
  • Dagon
Ancient Deities of Sumer and Canaan,
merged with Judeo-Christian:

  • Ba’al
  • El

Ancient Deities of Egypt merged with Christian:

  • Isis
  • Osiris
  • Horus
  • Set

Ancient Deities of Europe influencing European Christians:

  • Tyr, Tiwaz, Zio, Tuisto
  • Uni, Etruscan goddess (word universal comes from her name)
  • Zisa, (proto-germanic word for Isis)
  • Baldur (christlike, died impending return at “End of World”)
  • Odin, Woden
  • Nerthus: Earth-Mother, Mother-Nature

Ancient Deities of India influencing Christian:

  • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (Trinity of Gods)
  • Krishna, incarnation of Sustaining Father Vishnu,
    a Son of God, similar to Yeshua
  • Buddha’s mother & Mary

Other Gods & Goddesses of the World: