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Chaplain Cindy's Readings really show you the way, email her with any questions

Cynthia Kersh, D.Div.
Readings, Angel Readings, Counseling
Services, Classes
and small gift shop. She offers distance
learning (by email and phone) classes in Reiki, Reflexology,
Chakra Therapy, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Business, and
offers counseling for death and dying. She is certified in Stimulation
Therapy for dementia and Alzheimers.  Her intuitive Readings
will blow your mind, just ask Dr. Katia who is amazed at Cindy’s ability
to set her straight with a telephone reading! Choose from Tarot, Angel
and Reiki cards.  She also makes and sells custom-for-you
Sleep Pillows, Dream Pillows and beautiful Tarot bags.  Local
sessions available in DFW, Texas.


Handmade rosary

Spiritual & Psychic Healing
Rev. Priestess Calister,
ordained psychic minister
, brings gifts of
 healing for spirit, mind and body

Pendulum Chart Readings

Tarot Readings
Handcrafted Rosaries

Egyptian Metu Neter Oracle

Founder of ThirdEyePsychics



Herb Fancy!


Quality herbal products for your bath and home.

We use FDA approved organic and wildcrafted herbs and essential oils to create products with the finest ingredients that Mother Earth provides. Herb Fancy’s refreshingly homespun touch makes them stand out from the crowd.

Visit us at You are empowered to know what goes in and on your body.

Other offerings are Crystal Meanings, Chakra Balancing Kits, Medicine Wheel Kits, Zodiac Kits. Reiki sessions and classes available in Dahlgren, Virginia.

King & Queen:
The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived

by C. A. Thomas (a long-time Mystery School student and ordained minister of EIC.)

Jesus’ love for the woman called Mary Magdalene inspired this book. I believe absolutely, as many do, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had children, and extensively traveled the Holy Land teaching the mysteries.

– CDs and Books For Sale

Email me for pictures of my work, then tell me what your needs are

Healing Stone Jewelry Affordable
custom-made earrings, necklaces, bracelets — and dreamcatchers. Also
dreamcatchers made into wearable jewelry. I make jewelry from healing
stones depending upon your specific needs. I can make jewelry to match
your specific outfit.
Also:  Licensed in BC, Canada to assist people with financial
problems (insurance, debt consolidation, investing, pre-paid legal)
Lyn (Andrea Croft)

Magdalen’s Way: A Journey With Mary of Magdala,
Bride of Christ & Keeper of the Way

Arlene's Bookcover

By Arlene Colver

•Read the Greatest Story Never Told

•Learn about The Family Jesus Left Behind

•Walk the Way of Early Christian Evolution

•Balance the Masculine and Feminine Nature of the Divine

Publishing this book as fiction was a hard decision for the author because within its pages lies Magdalen’s truth as it was lived. There are literally myriads of people who claim to have been Mary of Magdala; Arlene Colver is not one of them. She has, however, moved into Magdalen’s entire consciousness. Through an incredible dream sequence, Arlene has been able to access the life of Mary Magdalen as the Bride of Christ and later as a woman of philosophy and spiritual endeavors.

Get Arlene’s book and read the Greatest Story NEVER Told

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