God the Father, JehovahPostulantLesson 7

Please read the article Jehovah (Yahweh),then return to this page to answer the following questions. Keep in mindthat this article is an entry from a Roman Catholic encyclopedia and, assuch, offers a Christian perspective on the Sacred Name. Also keep in mindthat the author frequently employs technical terms and annotations, and thathis primary goal is to provide an academic survey of the material. Whilethere are a few sections which might make for difficult reading, overallthis is a well-written, comprehensive essay on a complex subject. Try towade thru the technical parts, there are gems hidden in even the list ofsources. Р Initiate Stephen Andrew

Once you have read the article, please cut and paste the questions, insertyour answers, and email them to the Mystery School, with “AOM Postulant6” in the subject line.

1. Please list the various terms Jews have used to designate the wordYahweh/Jehovah. (Example: “The Great Name.)

2. Yahweh/Jehovah appears in the Old Testament approximately ____ times.

3. T/F According to Rabbinic tradition, the real pronunciation of the SacredName ceased to be used at the time of St. Augustine.

4. Which Biblical book contains an injunction against “blaspheming” or”determining” the Sacred Name?

5. T/F Modern Jews are just as uncertain of the correct pronunciation ofthe “ineffable name” as their Christian contemporaries.

6. Some scholars believe that the word Jehovah dates back only to which year?

7. Which Samaritan word is considered to most closely approximate thepronunciation of the word Yahweh?

8. Yahweh is one of the _____ Hebrew nouns, such as Jacob, Joseph and Israelderived from the third person _____.

9. T/F One of the most common translations of the Sacred Name is “I Am”.

10. God can be defined only by ____ pure and simple; not by abstract beingcommon to everything, and characteristic of nothing in particular, but by_____ being.

11. List three of the cultures from which scholars have speculated that thename Yahweh originated.

12. It is possible that the Name existed in a modified form before the timeof which Biblical figure.

13. Where is it believed that God revealed and explained the accurate formof his name?

14. T/F The word Yahweh appears in the Book of Genesis over 300 times.

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