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You are now a postulant in the Ancient Order of Melchizedek on your way to  being initiated as a Kohan (ancient pre-Hebrew/Phoenician word for priest) or Kohana (priestess) of the Order. To reach your first initiation you must complete the following assignments.

1.  If you don’t have a copy of the book The Power of the Word: The Secret Code of Creation (formerly titled Tetragrammaton)by Donald Tyson, please order it now. You will need The Power of the Word as soon as your first Melchizedek initiation is complete. Below are the steps to that first initiation…

2.  Please complete the Lesson,  Sacred Balance:  SkyGod, Earth Mother

3.  Complete the Lesson,  Vocabulary of the Levant.

4.  Complete the Lesson,  How Old and how Universal is the Order of Melchizedek?

5.  Complete the Lesson, Melchizedek meets Abram,a pagan priesthood acknowledged.

6.  Read the article Yahweh and complete the lesson.

7.  Read the article Jehovah, and complete the lesson.

8.  Complete and send in your answers to Qabalah lessons one thru eight.  If your budget is tight you do not have to purchase the textbook for the Qabalah course, called a Garden of Pomegranates, but it is highly recommended.

Degrees in the Ancient Order of Melchizedek
1st Degree:  Kohanim of the Most High/El Elyon.title: Kohana (female), Kohan(male)
2nd Degree: title: Levt, Lev
3rd Degree:  Zaddikim of the Levant, title: Zadokat (female), Zadok(male)
(Zaddikim means roughly “Pious or Just or Right-working Sages”or Holyman,Wiseman)
Advanced Degrees:
4th Degree:  Arch-Kohana, Arch-Kohan of the High One

(in ancient Hebrew: Rabat-Kohanat El Elyon, Rab-Kohan El Elyon, also spelledand pronounced Ravat-Kohanat, Rav-Kohan)
Highest Degree:  Baal-Shem-Tov “Masterof the Good Name” (the Name mastered is YHVH)

YHVH written in the ancient Hebrew, while the rest of the text (Psalm119) is written in the more modern Hebrew of the day, which was the time of Yeshua, for this is a fragment of a Dead Sea Scroll. See for more details and more scrolls.

As soon as you have completed everything in the study hall above, please email the Mystery School for your initiation into the 1st Degree of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek. Put subject line, “Ready for 1st Deg AOM Initiation”. Once that initiation is complete, you will gain access into the 1st Degree study hall.

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