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The god-ess part of Elohim is Elat or Eloah.  Remember Allah has Allat? That T ending is Feminine.  Same god and goddess that makes up Elohim. 

Now I know it seems like we’re playing the name game here — but these deities are in every Bible… and the Koran too. The Goddess name Eloah is used in Job more than forty times.  Job also calls Eloah by one of her titles, El Shaddai which means the Breasted God.  Not Almighty God as they chose to translate it.  Shaddai means Breasts, female breasts. Not the male kind like beat on your breast, but the female life-giving kind.  Shad is the singular for breast, shaddai the plural.

El Shaddai (who is also called Eloah in Job) is described with many other feminine attributes besides her Breasted One name.  Such as womb and birth waters.  They don’t mean the male god El’s “nurturing” aspect, either as some have said.


El Elohim

by Helen Nelson-Reed

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