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Mary Magdalene Corner
Sophia, Co-Creator
:  The Old Testament repeatedly refers to
the Goddess Sophia, meaning “Wisdom” as the wife of God-the-Father.
 Many believe the Holy Spirit, Pneuma in Greek, is a feminine
being. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene take on roles of Goddesses and
despite the church, have been venerated as such for 2000 years.
Mary of Nazareth  Who
was she really?  Just a woman known by her sexuality–either
virginity or reproductive ability as “mother of God?” Or more…
Hebrew Goddess  Asherah was also widely known in the ancient world as a Goddess
of Healing.   She was forcibly removed from the Old Testament
Hebrew Scriptures around 400 – 500 B.C.
Restoring the Goddess
 Homestudy Course: What kind of world
could we live in now if the Christian Authorities had acknowledged
the sacred union of male and female? Lessons: A B C Dand E