By Debsi

The Hierarchy of Angels, and the Big 7 Archangels
by Adepta Christine Chase

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Archangels on Beliefnet : Take the fun quiz, “Which Archangel are You,” and enjoy all the other angel resources on this page, such as Archangel Prayers, etc.

The Celestial Hierarchy is a famous work about Angels written in the Dark Ages.  You will not be quizzed on the entire document, but you can read the entire work on line here: http://www.esoteric.msu.edu/VolumeII/CelestialHierarchy.html.  There are cool pictures and sketches of various angels throughout that webpage, so you should at least go have a look and scan over it.

Part A:   Visit the following webpages, and then answer the questions below:  Please copy and paste into an email, insert your answers and send toEMysterySchool@northernway.org with the words, “3AA Apprentice Lesson1 A from ______________(your magikal name)” in the subject line.

1) Who wrote the Celestial Hierarchy, the ranks of angels, discussed on the page?  And how long ago was it written?

To find these answers go tohttp://www.esoteric.msu.edu/Archive/Dionysius.htmlwhich will give you the proper spelling of the author’s name (it’s a tricky name!) and the years in which he is thought to have composed his ancient documents. (Literally in the Dark Ages).

Use these pages to answer questions 2 thru 8. And you may find helpful this brief summary of the Celestial Heirarchy,also known as the Nine Ranks of Angels.

2) Numerically, what do you notice about this hierarchy?

3) True or False:  Cherubim are chubby, winged babies.

4) What does the word “Seraphim” mean?

5) What is the name of the song “Holy, Holy, Holy,” sung by the Seraphs?

6) What are the 2 tasks given to the Virtues?

7) Which rank is said to have had the greatest number of fallen? Why might this be?

8) What group watches over nations, cities, and towns?

Exercise: Memorize the hierarchy of angels. It helps to write it down,perhaps once a day in your journal.


The Big Seven Archangels
Part B:  Please go check out these pages: Marius Michael George Art Gallery and Archangels from Wikipedia. (for the first page, a breathtaking art gallery page, scroll down to find the art. Each of the Seven is paired with a “virtue,” a female soul-mate “twin flame” angel.) Be sure to note the slightly different lists of the Big Seven.

Part B Study Questions:
Please copy the questions below and paste into an email, insert your answers and send to EMysterySchool@northernway.orgwith the words, “3AA Apprentice Lesson1B from _____________ (your magikal name)”in the subject line.

1)   There are several possible lists given for the “Big Seven” Archangels. Which four Archangels appear in nearly all of them?

2)   Which of the lists would you go by? Why? [No wrong answers possible to these questions, just list a reason or two.]

3)   Which angel shows up in the Book of Tobit?

4)   Who is the leader of the Celestial Armies?

5)   Who are credited with being the two standard bearers behind Michael?(This page gives the answer, but it’s hard to find)

6)  Define the words Angelophany and Angelology.

Exercise 1:  Look again at the list of angels and their short bios. Is there one (or a few) that seem to “stick out”, “call” to you, or that you “lean towards?”  Meditate on this angel (if you had several,pick one for this). Picture the angel in your mind– what do you “see?” What do your other “senses” tell you?  Does the angel speak?  Do you speak to him/ her? What other impressions do you receive?

Write everything down in as much detail as possible.

Exercise 2:  Perform this Seven Day Working and send a quick report to the Mystery School.

Activity (fun!):  Visit Wikipedia’s 7 Archangels webpage and determine which of the Big Seven Archangels,who are also Guardians of the Seven Days of the Week, is your special guardian. (Based on the day of the week you were born). Notice the alternate list of the Big Seven, other cultures differ on the extra three, so don’t be confused.  No one is really sure of the original list of Seven, but the Big Four always remain the same.

Extra notes from Initiate Knightress Christine: Working with angels is a wonderful thing, and I know of several people (including myself) who count the angels among friends. However, no matter how friendly you are with each other, Always always *always* treat them with respect. Why do I find it necessary to say this? Well, there was this guy here in New Orleans about a month ago who invoked the Archangel Michael. This in itself is OK. But the reason the fellow invoked said archangel was basically to say, “Haha,I can make you do whatever I want, haha. . .”

Bad Idea.

No, I don’t know the guy personally, but word spread like wildfire through certain sections of the populace. And everyone’s reaction was, “That idiot.. .” Apparently the archangel expressed his disapproval in no uncertain terms.

Moral of the Story? Well, basically, don’t be an idiot when it comes to the heavenly host. Don’t mess with them. They’re great people, often witty and sweet, but don’t insult them, and don’t call their loyalties into question(which is what that guy did, if you think about it.) It’s just a bad idea.Remember, they are your allies and your friends, but not your servants. Treat’em with respect. I know that you probably already knew this, but apparently some people out there don’t, so I wanted to make sure that no one on my watch could say they “didn’t know.”

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