Third Millenium Angelic Alliance
Apprentice Study Hall

You will be initiated into the Order once you complete the following Apprentice lessons.  Then you will be called an Angelic Initiate, a true ally of the Angels, an Angel-worker in the First Degree of the Third Millenium Angelic Alliance. In the second degree of our Order you earn the title Master of Angel Science, then in future degrees:  Angel Mage followed by Celestial Mage or Angelic Adept.

Apprentice Lesson 1 Nine Ranks of Angels, Seven Archangels

Apprentice Lesson 2 Queen of the Angels, & Legions of Warrior-Angels

Several lessons can be found in the archives of the Angelic Alliance list at YahooGroups.  Please read the following posts, then send in your answers.

       Post 22– Communication with Angels, Part 1

       Post 23– Communication with Angels, Part 2

       Post 36– The Queen of Angels (excerpt from Silver Ravenwolf’s book, & questions)

       Post 38– Archangel Michael, Who Is He?

       Post 53– Archangel Raphael Lesson [note extra credit link at bottom of this post has been changed to: Archangels]

       Post 55– Archangel Uriel Lesson

       Post 57– Archangel Gabriel Lesson

       Post 58– Quiz on the 4 Great Archangels

       Post 59– First lesson on Number sequences from the Angels, based on excerpts from Doreen Virtue’s five-star rated book HealingWith the Angels  Please complete all the Number Sequence lessons in these eleven other posts, too: 63,64,65,66,69,70,79,90,108,109,110 .  Post them to your Ning Study Hall page with the words “Number Sequence Post ____ ” and fill in the blank with the post number.

Apprentice Lesson 3 Angels A to Z

Apprentice Lesson 4 Kerubim and Ancient Gods

When you have finished all of the above lessons,please contact the Mystery School for your Initiation instructions.

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