Queen of the Angels, Queen of the Warriors

Who is the Queen of the Angels and what does she have to do with the city of Los Angeles?  Everybody knows that Mother Mary is hailed as La Reina De Los Angelos, and that long phrase is the full name of the City of L.A. In Latin this title of honor is:  Regina Angelium, in Hebrew, Malkah Malakim.

It is said that the angels speak both Latin and Hebrew.  Indeed most of their names are Hebrew and have the -EL ending.  e.g. Jophiel: Beauty of God, Zophiel: Eyes (or spy) of God, Chamuel: He who Sees God.  See this page on Angel Names & Names of Power for more on -EL names and their meanings.

Warrior Angels
“And Michael and the angels made war…”     Michael is hailed as the supreme commander of God’s Army, the Heavenly Hosts, implying a large force divided into Legions.  Our tradition (and Kabala) teaches that his second-in-command is called Azriel (not the same as Azrael, the famed angel of death).  Azriel is the battle commander, he actually shouts out (really sings out) the commands of Michael during battle. Azriel’s name means, “God is my aid.”  Michael sings his commands, then Azriel picks them up and distributes them to the larger heavenly army.

Marching Formation
The Army is said to move in the shape of a Crescent.  The Queen of the Angels, Mary, is almost always shown with “the moon at her feet,” because the crescent moon is her symbol.  This hearkens back to her connection with the Goddess Diana, whose great Temple of Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, became Mary’s Temple, as Ephesus became her city.  Ephesus said to be where Mary breathed her last, leaving her earthly body to ascend to Heaven at last and be crowned as Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels.

The great Legions advance in a crescent formation, the points of the moon going first, with the commanders at the inside center of the crescent . This means that if the crescent were a circle, Archangel Michael would be a dot in the center. His symbol is a seven-rayed star, and so we have a star with a crescent wrapped around it.  This symbol of the star and crescent should sound familiar, it is used by Islam, but the star is always 5-pointed, of course.  The points, or horns, of the moon are made up of the advance guard angels.  When battle ensues, the crescent shape is not always maintained, of course.  There are wedges, pincer movements,phalanx movements, etc. used by the army during actual combat.

The angels fight many battles right here in earth’s planes.  As the mighty crescent moves across the face of the earth, the Queen of the Angels often floats above it.  A huge apparition, the Heavenly Mother’s spirit walks the sky with the moon at her feet.

Angelic Battles: Afghanistan, Serbia
During the conflict in Afghanistan in October and November of 2001, when dark forces were very much at work, the angelic armies were “spotted” clashing with the great Evil that was fueling the Taliban and Al-Qaida.

And less politically correct:  during the NATO bombing of Serbia in Spring of 1999 the angelic armies were on the side of the Serbian Orthodox Christian people.  Please note that the angelic armies were not on the side of the two Serbian army units Milosovic ordered to kill muslims in two certain villages, which came to be called massacres. In those villages,the muslim men were lined up and killed, but the women and children were chased away and became refugees — this is ethnic cleansing.  Milosovic is on trial for war crimes for ordering these events, and the West went to war to defend those refugees.  Hillary Clinton, the First Lady of the US at the time, even went over to visit the muslim refugees in a widely televised event.

The angelic armies answer prayers and go to protect those in need.  They follow the orders of the Almighty regardless of international man made boundaries. They fought to protect the Serbian people (again, not the bad parts of the Serbian army!).  The angels were perhaps given orders to help preserve the centuries-old onion-domed Christian churches and monasteries,many of which the muslims had destroyed earlier and now were being threatened by NATO’s bombs.  One 900-year-old monastery, a source of national Serbian pride, was destroyed, with the monks inside, several managed to escape.  A village church was bombed with the priest and his family inside (as you may know, priests marry and have children in Orthodox Christianity).

The Serbs were accused of ethnic cleansing.against the ethnic Albanian muslims. What no one cared to mention was that the Serbian Christians had been there far longer, it was their ancestral land, their holy land, after all.  The Moslem population hadn’t come until the late Middle Ages during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. The Soviet Union had allowed the muslim hold to strengthen. In the Spring of 99, the West and NATO chose to defend the so-called muslim “victims,” and attacked the Serbs because they didn’t understand the true history of the region (or didn’t care) and because they rightly despised Milosovic.  Slobodon Milosovic, the Serb President was the one who actually gave two units of his Army orders for muslims to be killed in two massacres which is where the charges of ethnic cleansing come in.  Milosovic is a megolomaniac, and was an evil, incredibly corrupt leader who needed ousting, (needed eliminating!).  His decisions as a president put all of his people, including thousands of civilians living in Belgrade far removed from, and innocent of any “ethnic cleansing,” thru the terror of NATO’s airstrikes.

Historical Serbian Christian Churches and monasteries were destroyed,sadly, and many Serbian Christians just couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t give them a break from the bombings on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  They specifically asked, “please no bombing on Good Friday.”  NATO refused them.  Then they asked for Easter Sunday itself off, so they could at least take their children to church, but still no mercy.  There were once again dark forces at work, fueling the governments, directing the terrorists and even a several world leaders.

We study the Legions of Angels, and we are reminded that Legions of Evil exist, too.  The evil Legions are made up of demons, feeders, shadows and other spawns of Anti-God, or the “Prince of Darkness” who dwells in our world, corrupting it, spreading evil, knowing he “hath but a little time”as the book of Revelation says.

At least Serbia was not totally destroyed in the end, and Milosevic was ousted. Now (in 2001 and 2002), the ethnic muslim population in Serbia, Kosovo and Albania have shown their true colors and are causing much trouble for Macedonia and NATO.  They have committed ethnic cleansing against the remaining Serbs!  They have even been directly linked to Al Qaida.

Special Note:  The above section of this lesson upset a member, who thought we were saying that “an angel presided over the massacres,” and so we added some clarification.  Here is a comment from one of our staff which nicely summarizes the situation:  “Milosevich should be wholly denounced and it should be clear that most of the Bosnians were the innocent  victims (not “victims”) of monumental acts of depravity. We definitely don’twant anyone to think that the Angels, Mary or God in any way supported genocide and terror.” — Diakon Stephen Andrew


The ongoing violence in the holy city of Jerusalem goes without saying. The heavenly hosts will always try to protect the Creator’s first “home”on earth.  The Palestinian conflict is not a pretty sight, nor is the persecution of Christians and Jews in many other parts of the Middle East(Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq have all slaughtered Christians by the thousands in recent decades and seized lands held by old Christian families since the time of the Apostles. Just do a search for the term Assyrian Christians and you’ll see this ethnic cleansing that never makes the news.

These are some of the recent and current conflicts which we know engage the Legions of Michael.  There are no doubt many other battles they fight which we do not know.  And for all of Earth’s history, the Angelic Hosts have gone to battle to enforce God’s plan and keep the dark forces from consuming everything. Archangel Michael is called the Restrainer because he restrains the Evil One.  Humankind influences the strength of the negative Force,unfortunately.  You know the deal:  greed, violence, unhealthy lusts, perversions, filth in the media and thus in our minds—all these things fuel the Evil Force.

Final Battle
Prophecy scholars predict that the Creator will recall the Restrainer at the time of the End, perhaps at the dawn of the Third Millennium (which is now — it began on Jan. 1, 2001).  Once the Restrainer is removed, the Adversary will gain the advantage, but the book of Revelation says he will be viciously angry “for he knows he hath but a little time.”  This implies that eventually the Devil’s time will be up and the Restrainer will be called back.  Presumably then, the great final battle will occur and this time,Yeshua ha Moschiach, Lord of the Heavenly Hosts will ride at the head of the angelic ranks.

Warrior Angels Among Us?

Archangel Michael is said to take bodily form from time to time in history, usually in a warrior.  He is often connected to the man on the right, St. George.  Both are shown  in art slaying dragons usually with their foot on the dragon or demon’s head.  (The dragon is not supposed to symbolize the beautiful fantasy creatures of Celtic lore, it means a big scary feeder or demon.) Anyway, AA Michael was born and lived as George and even took a wife, the legendary pious beauty, Princess Sabra.  Notice the body language at left.  She has either thrown herself into his arms or he has pulled her to him in a passionate show of their love. This was no arranged marriage as was the prevailing custom of the day.  Their offspring were undoubtedly part of the Bloodline of the Grail. Our Order of the Knights Templar, coupled with the Daughters of Tsion, the Ladies Templar, use sacred marriage techniques which join the combatant warrior with a supportive magik-working DoT thus creating an incredibly powerful Knight, who as long as he serves the mission of the Divine, is almost unstoppable.(Note: some males perform the supportive role, they are called Clerics of Tsion and there are Knightresses, too)

Check out this article for more about the Queen of the Angels and to view some breathtaking art depicting her.

Please answer the following questions and put them in an email to the Mystery School with the subject line:  “3AA Prentice 2 Answers”

1.  Please list three ways to say “Queen of the Angels” as given in the lesson.

2.  Describe the marching formation of the Heavenly Army.

3.  True or False.  The Legions move and fight always as a crescent.

4.  Who is Lord of the Angels?

5.  Who is known as the Restrainer?

6.  When did the Third Millennium begin?

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