Please read the article on the powerful Order of Angels
called the Kerubim.  Then return to this page to answer
the questions below (compiled by Angel Mage Deanna

Please answer the following questions and put them in
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1. What happened to the polytheistic gods that were absorbed into Judaism and Christianity?

2. Who added the dimension of hostile and destructive angels to the Jewish concept of angels?

3. Which element goes with each of the following orders of angels:
a.  Seraphim, Authorities, and Powers resonate with the Element of _____;
b.  Thrones and Archangels with the Element of ________;
c.  Dominations and Principalities with _____;
d.  Kerubim resonate with the Element of _______.

4. Whose function is to burn false doctrine and convert man back to righteousness?

5. Whose work is it to influence communication between the inner and outer worlds by serving as Guardians, Heralds, Equilibriators and Guides?

6. True or False.  The Kerubim have Hebrew names but are Egyptian in appearance.

7. There are four Kerubim. Adam is the Kerub of Air, Aryeh is the Kerub of Fire, Nesher is the Kerub of Water and Shor is the Kerub of Earth. What do their Hebrew names mean?

8. Who was Levi referring to when he said “You are called to be the king of air, water, earth and fire, but to reign over these four living creatures of symbols, it is necessary to conquer and enchain them.”

9. These twin angels preside as the masculine and feminine pillars over the Tree of Life.

10. Which Egyptian God-forms are these two angels related to?

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