Postulant Lesson 5, Order of Melchizedek

Study Questions are located Below the second painting.

PAINTING 1. The Meeting of Abram and Melchizedek by Peter Paul Rubens

Abram meets Melchizedek by Peter Paul Rubens

Abram Gives Tithes to Melchizedek by Rubens

Melchizedek accepts tithes from Abram, blesses him, and then gives the very first Eucharist / Mass mentioned in Judeo-Christian history. Abram, who later became Father Abraham, is dressed in armor, having just come from battle as you may recall from the story in Genesis 14:18. Melchizedek gives him bread and wine, those sacred symbols of the flesh-and-blood of the planet.  Here is a version of the Rubens painting you can enlarge to see the details.

PAINTING 2Abraham and Melchizedek. The fresco of Raphael loggias of the Palace of the Pope in the Vatican

Study the painting below by Raphael. Click on it to view it as an enlarged version for a close-up of the bread and wine. Note the sun-shaped face-like decoration on the wine jar, and the sharp-pronged crown Melchizedek is wearing.

Abram and Melchizedek by Raphael from the Palace of the Pope in the Vatican

Abram and Melchizedek by Raphael from the Palace of the Pope in the Vatican


Please read the following article about Melchizedek, then come back and answer the questions below.


Cut and paste the following questions, insert your answers, and post them in your Study Hall with “AOM Postulant 5” as the title.

1.  Besides Melchizedek, which two ancient biblical characters does the prayer at the beginning of the article honor?

2.  T/F – Melchizedek is an unimportant figure in both Christian and Pagan history.

3.  What do “J” and “P” stand for?

4.  T/F – The story of Melchizedek is ancient and does not originate from the “J” and “P” sources.

5.  What are the two Old Testament sources of information regarding Melchizedek?

6.  T/F – The second Old Testament source of Melchizedek information is actually an historical error.

7.  What is the New Testament source of information regarding Melchizedek? How did the second Old Testament source affect this source?

8.  T/F – Some people later on in the Church asserted that Melchizedek was a greater manifestation of the Logos than Yeshua, based on this NT source of information.

9.  Who, according to early Kristians, were paying tithes to the Orderof Melchizedek through Abraham?

10.  T/F – The author thinks that whoever wrote this epistle stuck their foot in their mouth and gave Pagans a way to assert their own authority into both church and synagogue.

11.  According to the author, Melchizedek was actually a _________ [fill in the blank] priest and ruler of what city that later fell into the hands of the Hebrews?

12.  T/F – In the time of Melchizedek, the name el ‘elyon meant “God Most High.”

13.  What does the name Melchizedek mean?

14.  T/F – According to the author, Moses and Joshua later destroyed the very same people that Melchizedek ruled over because of the “abomination” of their religious practices.

15.  Who does the author think is very possibly the successor and embodiment of the ancient Pagan priesthood?

16.  T/F – Melchizedek began the use of the Eucharistic sacrifice.

17.  Melchizedek and Abraham giving tithes to him show the equal balance of power between what three priesthoods?

18.  T/F – Melchizedek shows that priestly responsibilities should not be taken lightly among any of the priesthoods of the world.

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