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Lesson Three

The Spheres (aka Sephirot) Part I; Kether

Kether (pronounced KET-hur)

Correspondences of Kether

Hebrew Translation: The Crown
Yetziratic Title: Admirable or Hidden Intelligence
Position on the Tree: 1
Divine Name: EHEIEH
Symbols: A Crown, Headdress, or Fylfot Cross
Archangel: Metatron
Order of Angels: Chaiot (“Kai-oat” with the ai making an “eye” sound, and the ch like in the name Bach)
Virtue: Completion of the Great Work.
Precious Stone: Diamond
Color: White Brilliance
Incense: Ambergris
Chakra: Crown
Body Part: Cranium
Soul Aspect: Yechidah (Higher Self)
Tool: Crown or Headdress

Archangel Metatron, Angel of the Presence of God and
twin of Sandalphon. He is Protector-teacher of all children who die young. He holds children’s class on the steps to God’s throne. His female “twin” is said to be Shekinah, for that Goddess-Name also means “Divine Presence.” Lots of mysteries in angelology.

A note from Adepta Kristyana on two of the Correspondences:

The Yetziratic title tells us what each Sphere is about–it tells the Sphere’s character. They call it the “Yetziratic” title because it comes from an ancient qabalah book called the Sepher Yetzirah.

The Tools are fun because when taken all together you end up with a complete costume outfit. The Golden Dawn qabalah tradition has you looking like an Egyptian with a white robe and accoutrement. We encourage you to explore your own ethnic heritage or use one that resonates with you (Old Testament high priest Hebrew is one I enjoy and I am not of Hebrew ethnicity). Our instructor, Frater Lux Invictus, describes his ceremonial garb this way:

“As to the ritual wear: I made my own set. The golden dawn based theirs on Egyptian ceremonial dress and that’s what most qabalists wear. I think it’s really up to the individual. Mine is more like what a fantasy Mage would wear. If you have read the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, mine resembles Gandalf’s robes to a large degree with just a hint of Jedi Knight for flavor (I like to wear my Katana when performing rituals). I could write a lesson on the creation of personal ritual wear that is not Golden dawn white robe based. Can you imagine what a Norse or even a Celtic practitioner might wear! In regard to ritual wear in general “I’m still very Wiccan” but that’s what you get when you hire a Wiccan High Priest.”

And now to KETHER

Kether, meaning crown in the Hebrew language is the first Sephiroth. Kether sits atop the head of Adam Kadmon (the body of the Divine or First Man). Malkuth the lowest Sephiroth, is at his feet. Kether is the source of all things. Kether contains all things that were and all things that will be. Kether is the Divine breath that started all creation. Kether is the cosmic “BIG BANG” in action.

Kether represents a time before a split into masculine and feminine energies and is made up equally by both of them. Kether is the home of the androgynous divine— beings of both male and female energy in the purest form and most perfect harmony. Kether is the start of the flow of the divine essence of life as it winds its way down the Tree of Life. As the energy flows down it undergoes a change, which allows the transformation to the energy of the 2nd Sephiroth (Sphere) Chokmah. Kether is the only Sephiroth that transmits its energy and does not need to receive energy to exist. Kether is the closest to the limitless light. The Sefer Yetzirah says that no being can ever achieve the pure essence of Kether. However if a being of consciousness can be purified to the point where it transcends (rises above) all human thoughts and physical concerns, it can partake of the “Primal Glory,” and comprehend Kether.

Kether is the “First Whirlings of Manifestation,” and it is the also the end of manifestation. Ultimately all things come from Kether and all things return to Kether. Scholars and philosophers call this concept of emanation and ultimate return, “Neo-Platonism.” Neo-platonism heavily influenced early Christianity because it was during Christianity’s infancy that it became such a popular theory.

Study Questions: Please cut and paste these questions and put in an email to the Mystery School with Qabalah Lesson 3 in the subject line.

1. What is the English translation of the Hebrew word Kether?

2. What is the Archangel associated with Kether?

3. True or False: Kether is the first Sephiroth.

4. Name two symbols that represent Kether.

5. If you were going to perform a ritual using Kether what incense would you use?

6. True or False: Kether is the source of all things.

7. Can one ever achieve Kether?

8. Is it possible to comprehend Kether?


1. Obtain a 3 by 5 card, and list all the correspondences of Kether on one side. On the other side of the card draw a circle and put a number one in the center of it.

2. For the next two weeks, work hard on memorizing all the correspondences of Kether. Make sure you know them, you may be tested on them.

Reading Assignment:

Read pages 31-40 in A Garden of Pomegranates by Israel Regardie

Essay & Grimoire / Journal:

Write 2 or 3 paragraphs on your reaction to the concepts you read about in A Garden of Pomegranates and how you see them manifested in your life right now. If you are writing a personal Grimoire or keeping a Magikal Journal—a good idea for this course— write your essay in there. It need only be a page or two long. Some people create a computer doc file and label it MagikJournal, Grimoire, GreatWork, or some such. “Qabalah Musings” or “Contemplations” are apt titles, too. Look Grimoire up in the dictionary, it’s in there and has a neat definition.

Lesson Four

The Spheres (aka Sephirot) Part II:


Correspondences of Chokmah

Hebrew Translation: Wisdom
Yetziratic Title: Wisdom
Position on the Tree: 2
Divine Name: YAH
Symbols: The Line, Phallus, standing-stones
Archangel: Ratziel
Order of Angels: Auphanim
Virtue: Devotion
Precious Stone: Star Ruby, Turquoise
Color: Gray
Incense: Musk
Chakra: 3rd Eye
Body Part: Left Face
Soul Aspect: Hai-yah (Life Force)
Tool: Inner Robe

Chokmah is pronounced HOKE-mah with the H sounding like the -ch in the word loch.  Chokmah is a Hebrew word meaning wisdom. It is the second Sephirah (think Sphere) on the Tree of Life. Chokmah represents perfect knowledge and comprehension as its Yetziratic title, “Wisdom, ” implies. Being the first Sephirah to develop polarity, Chokmah was placed atop the Right Pillar called the Pillar of Mercy. At the summit of the Pillar of Mercy, Chokmah’s masculine nature plunges straight down influencing all the energies in its path along the Right pillar. Many Occultists call Chokmah the Great Father and giver of the seminal spark of life. This spark of life can only be potent if it is unified with the Great Mother, Binah, the Sephirah that sits atop the Left Pillar. From their union all things are born. We will cover the feminine Binah in the next lesson.

Chokmah’s male nature causes it to be in constant action and movement, as opposed to the calm centered nature of Kether, from whence it just flowed. Chokmah is the root energy of all things masculine, and not just sexual nature. Chokmah is often associated with gods of knowledge like Thoth, and Hermes. Chokmah is also associated with gods of Creation like Zeus, Ra, and Odin.

On a magical front Chokmah’s energy can be used in any ritual that will enhance ones wisdom. Chokmah’s energy also aids in the creation of magical objects that are associated with masculine nature.

Study Questions:  Please cut and paste these questions and put in an email to the Mystery School with Qabalah Lesson 4 in the subject line.

1. What is the Yetziratic Title for Chokmah?

2. True or False. Chokmah is the second Sephirah.

3. Name the Archangel associated with Chokmah.

4. True or False. Chokmah was not the first Sephirah to develop polarity.

5. What is the name of the pillar that Chokmah is on the top of?

6. What types of gods are associated with Chokmah?

7. Name three gods associated with Chokmah.


Obtain a 3 by 5 card and write all the correspondences of Chokmah on one side. On the other side draw a circle and put the number 2 in the center of it. Color the back of the card gray. Memorize the correspondences as best you can.


Write two to four paragraphs on the subject of masculine energy and how it has affected the course of history for good or bad.

Reading Assignment:

Read pages 41-43 in A Garden of Pomegranates.

Internet Assignment:

Find any two websites on mythology. Look for information on gods of creation and knowledge. Write a small summary on four gods of creation, or knowledge, or a combination of both. If you have trouble finding websites, write to one of the instructors and we’ll give you some hints…

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