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“The ancient mystical traditions of the Hebrews possessed three literatures (Old Testament,Talmud, Qabalah) ……Ignorant men may with profit read the first, learned men study the second, but the wise meditate upon the third”
– Dion Fortune in her book, Mystical Qabalah

QABALAH LINKS’s Kabbalistic Resources

Kabbalah FAQ Website, answers lots of questions!

Charts and Print-outs

Qabalah Lesson B Overview, “Kabalah101”

        Qabalah Lesson C Tarot Trumps &the Tree of Life

Intermediate Lessons
1.  Temurah and Notarikon
2.  Call to Action
3.  Kabbalah on Dreams
4.  Kabbalah on Relationships
5.  Kabbalah & Qumran

Read at least four Intermediate Articles you haven’t read before, and write your own questions for them. If you’d rather answer pre-written questions, here are three sets based on these articles. You can also read and report on something you find in the three Qabalah Links listed to the left.

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