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Lesson Five

The Spheres (Sephiroht):


Correspondences of Binah

Hebrew Translation:  Understanding
Yetziratic Title:  The Sanctifying Intelligence
Position on the Tree:  3
Divine Name:  YHVH ELOHIM
Symbols:  the Cup, the Triangle, the Womb, the Circle
Archangel:  Tzaphkiel
Order of Angels:  Aralim; the Thrones
Virtue:  Silence
Vice:  Avarice
Precious Stone:  Star Sapphire
Color:  Black
Incense:  Myrrh
Chakra:  Throat
Body Part:  Right side of the Face
Soul Aspect:  Neshamah (Intuition)
Tool:  Outer Robe

Binah, the third emanation, is the Supernal  (Supernatural) Mother. As the Supernal Mother, Binah is the mother of all creation. She is the Womb of Life and is the head of the Pillar of Severity. Binah is the female counterpart to Chokmah the Supernal (Supernatural) Father. Binah is feminine and thus has a negative electrical charge, is receptive, and passive in order to balance out Chokmah which has a positive charge, is an initiator, and always active. The Duality of the feminine and the masculine are inseparable and must exist as equal. One side of the Duality cannot exist with out the other.

Binah means Understanding in the Hebrew language. Understanding in the case of Binah is the ability to comprehend ideas and concepts. The mystical image of Binah is that of the Mother—a mature woman. She is “Ama” dark, crone-like and sterile, but she is also “Aima” meaning bright and fertile. When she is Aima she gives us form, and when she is Ama she receives us upon our death. Both of these words are used to mean mother or mommy in Hebrew. Modern Hebrew/Israeli children call their mothers, “Eema.”

The Aralim are the order of angels that dwell in Binah. The Aralim are called the Thrones, and they are the strength and stability of Binah. It is interesting to note an older alternative name for Binah was Khorsia, which means throne. The Archangel Tzaphkiel is head of the Aralim angels. He is the guardian of the famed Akashic Records, where all things that were done, and all thing that will be, are recorded. Tzaphkiel is also the guardian of the Archetypal temple. The Christian Bible says “your body is the temple of god.” It is said that Tzaphkiel protects and guides any temple dedicated to the ways of light. So let the mighty Tzaphkiel protect and guide your Temple of Light.

Side note: The Masons, also called Freemasonry, are a mystery school with a history dating back to the 1500’s. For men only, they call themselves masons because they practice “the craft” of astral masonry—they each are building their own Temple one stone at a time, starting with the sacred cornerstone in the NE corner and working their way until the Temple is finished. Modern wicca adopted the term, “the Craft” from the masons but gave it a much wider meaning similar to alchemy’s use of the term, “the great work.” Almost every town has a Masonic chapter or even a Masonic temple in it for members to physically gather in. But every person, mason or not, should “build” their own Temple within. And unlike the masons, you don’t have to take a life-time to do it! You can visualize it and build it all in one meditation period if you choose.

Study Questions: Please cut and paste these questions and put in an email to the Mystery School with Qabalah Lesson 5 in the subject line.

1. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word, Binah?

2. Which order of angels is associated with Binah?

3. Name three symbols representing Binah.

4. What is the virtue attributed to Binah?

5. True or False: Binah is the Supernal Father.

6. True or False: Binah is negative, receptive, and passive.

7. Name the Archangel of Binah.

8. What two things does the Archangel of Binah guard?


1. Obtain a 3 by 5 card. On one side of the card write all the correspondences of Binah. On the other side of the card draw a circle and place the number three in the center of it. Color the entire background black, all except for the circle with the number three within.

2. Write an invocation to Tzaphkiel. In the invocation you are going to ask for Tzaphkiel to be the guardian of your Temple and be a personal guide on the path of Light. If you have not created a personal Temple be it physical or astral, now is a good time. Tzaphkiel is an excellent patron not only for those practitioners who are just starting out, but for long-time qabalists, too. What you write in the invocation is up to you, but above all you must be sincere. When you have finished writing the invocation pick a special day to perform it. On the anniversary of your first invocation perform it again to make your bonds stronger and repeat it every year after that. This will make your bond with Tzaphkiel a mighty one. Perhaps this day could become a personal holiday for you.

Reading Assignment:

Read page 43-45 in A Garden of Pomegranates.

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Lesson Six

The Spheres:


Correspondences of CHESED

Hebrew Translation:  Mercy
Position on the Tree:  4
Divine Name:  EL
Symbols:  The Pyramid, the Orb, the Crook, or the Scepter
Archangel:  Tzadkiel
Order of Angel:  Chasmalim
Virtue:  obedience
Precious Stone:  Sapphire
Color:  Blue
Incense:  Cedar
Chakra:  none
Body Part:  Left Arm
Soul Aspect:  Ruach (Intellect)
Vice:  Corruption of power
Tool:  Wand

Chesed, the fourth emanation on the Tree of Life, is also the second Sephirah on the Pillar of Mercy. Chesed is a Hebrew word meaning Mercy, and it’s from this Sphere that the Pillar of Mercy got its name. The Sphere of Chesed/Mercy emanates from Binah the Supernal Mother. And remember, she means understanding. Because the word “mercy” is so overused, if we want to get a good grasp of the Mercy of Chesed we must define Mercy. A good definition for the mercy of Chesed is “understanding perfect love.” This love is without any judgments or negative criticisms, love that can only come from understanding. And so mercy comes from understanding. If you look at the Tree of Life you’ll see that sure enough, Mercy (Chesed) does come out of Understanding (Binah). All the Spheres (Sephiroth) are connected in nifty meaningful ways like this. From the flow of the “understanding of Binah” comes the mercy and love of Chesed. Indeed the entire Tree of Life works in this fashion. One Sephirah’s energy combines with the ones below it to form a new energy until all of creation is formed.

Chesed is the first Sephirah after the great abyss that separates the first three Sephirah. The first three Sephirah, called the Supernals, represent higher levels of consciousness that are beyond our ability to comprehend. While the lower Sephiroth represent things more tangible that we encounter more often. The lower seven Spheres fall within the realm of ideas, things much easier for us to deal with. To experience the three higher levels of the Sephiroth one must cross the great abyss and the only way to cross the abyss is through the passageway of Daath. Daath is the so-called “invisible Sephirah,” and really is not a true Sephirah in the normal sense. Daath is more of a passageway across the great abyss. (Note: in the advanced course Daath will get its own lesson so that you can get a true feeling for it.)

The energy of Chesed is masculine as are all the Spheres on the Pillar of Mercy.

Chesed’s masculine energy exists in a more manifest form and is really the energy of Chokmah combined with the energy of Binah. The Sefer Yetzirah calls Chesed the Cohesive or Receptive Intelligence, because Chesed holds all the holy powers of creation in one Sephirah. Chesed contains the powers of the three Supernals in one sphere.

Chesed is the Sephirah that can help you with all of life’s difficulties. Chesed has been called the “hall of the Masters.” For indeed all the great teachers and masters whose souls have not traveled farther up the Tree of Life dwell here. The ascended masters of all faiths and creeds come here to teach and counsel those who will still listen to them. They are mighty in knowledge and if courted with the proper respected they will teach and guide you.

The Order of Angels that reside on Chesed are called the Chasmalin (the Brilliant ones). The Chasmalin, with their fiery natures bind the various parts of the cosmos together as whole. They also provide the universe, with great abundance, joy, and hope coupled with the power of laughter. The Chasmalin, are led by the Archangel Tzadqiel. Tzadqiel’s name means “Righteousness of God.” He is the Angel of benevolence, abundance, mercy, and memory. Tzadqiel and his order of angels are especially helpful to those in time of need. Tzadqiel’s duty is to direct all things to their best state of being, this includes you the practitioner. If asked Tzadqiel will direct you, but he will also test you. Tzadqiel will never lead you from the path of Righteousness so long as you wish to learn, but the path is not an easy one. Be prepared for the tests of Tzadqiel, for there are many. But even though he will test you, he is a wise and gentle being and should be made into a close companion. It is a good idea to develop a close personal relationship with this Archangel and indeed all the angels of the Divine.

Study Questions: Please cut and paste these questions and put in an email to the Mystery School with Qabalah Lesson 6 in the subject line.

1. True or False. “The Cohesive Intelligence” is the Yetziratic title for Chesed.

2. What position on the Tree of Life does Chesed hold?

3. Name two symbols for Chesed.

4. What pillar does Chesed reside on?

5. How many spheres are on that Pillar?

6. Why has Chesed been called “the Hall of Masters?”

7. What is the name of the Archangel of Chesed? And the Order of Angels he presides over?

8. How many spheres make up the Supernals?

9. What is the name of the Abyss?


1.  Obtain a 3 by 5 card. On the lined side write all the correspondences of Chesed. On the other side draw a circle and place the number 4 in the center of the circle. Color the side of the card that has the circle blue except for the circle itself. Memorize all the correspondences of Chesed.

2.  Write a small poem about one of the great masters. (Lao Tzu, Aristotle, Hermes Trismegistus, Henry Agrippa and such). If poetry wigs you out, just write a paragraph or two about why you like that particular great master.

3. Write an invocation to the Archangel Tzadqiel asking that he might enter your life and guide you on the path of Righteousness. Remember Tzadqiel well test you and you should be on the lookout for these trials of the soul. Tzadqiel is a kind Angel and will not put more on your shoulders than you can carry. Tzadqiel does not approve when you stop working towards your perfect state of being and he will let you know the hard way.

Reading Assignment:

Read pages 46-47 in A Garden of Pomegranates.

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