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Become a Magus, MagePostulant Study

Eternal Order of the Magi

You are no longer a Catechumen and have been Initiated into the Church
of the Way. You are an Initiate of the Esoteric Mystery School, and a “Credant”
in the Church of the Way. You have been given the first two passwords and
sigils for Catechumen and Initiate status, be sure not to forget them. (If
you are confused about the passwords review immediately the Catechumen lessons
in which passwords, sigils and handsignals were given).

But now you are entering the Three Realms of the Magi, an ancient place that
is “no place” from a time that is timeless. You will now study for the first
initiation into the Eternal Order of the Magi.  You are already considered
a Postulant member of the Order, but let’s get you initiated as an actual
Mage. (Females may choose the term Maga or Mage, males may choose
Magus or Mage)

Here are the requirements to complete for this degree…


Intro Lesson:
Training of a Magus, Self-Mastery

Magic vs. Religion Lesson, “Purple Book”
Chap. 1.  Read the article and answer some questions.

Lesson 2  (parts A, B, C & D)
The Three Realms.  Arch-Magus Lux Invictus’ mini-course on the 3 Realms,
drawing down power, raising energy

Lesson 3a  The Five Elements, Building
Blocks of Magik

Lesson 3b  The Four Elements in the Western

Lesson 3c  Protecting Yourself,
Techniques, Exercises

A First Ritual: Qabalistic Cross, Magi Version

Lesson 4  The History of Magik,
boring, but essential. Practice being a Mage composing a lesson for an

Lesson 5  Arch-Magus Kathurii asks,
What do you Think about the Magi?

Lesson 6  Signs and Portents in the Skies.
Astrology, Tarot, Runes, divination tools, all used by the magi of

Black Magik, white magik, gray, what is

8.  Please
complete the first 15 lessons of the School’s elective
Qabalah Course

Lesson 9 , Workers of Magik: Official
versus Free-Lance. Lilinah’s Purple Book Chap. 2

Lesson 10  Activating your Chakras

Additional Misc. Projects / Independent Study as discussed and decided
on with your instructor.

Initiation Request.
When you have completed all of the above, and sent in all your assignments
and answers, you should submit a
request for Initiation
into the 1st Degree of the EOM.  Be sure
to put EOM 1st Initiation Request from ___________ (your magikal name)
in the subject line.

Degrees in the Eternal Order of
the Magi:

Magi of the Signs, titles: Mage/Magus/Maga of the Signs
Degree: Magi of the Realms, titles: Magus/Mage/Maga of the Realms
Stellar Magus/Mage/Maga
Advanced Degrees
Rav-Mag (Chief Magian, Chief Soothsayer, Sign-Seer, Chief-Diviner)
Arch-Mage / Arch-Magus / Arch-Maga

climb the degrees within your chosen Order(s) developing a specific field
of expertise, you will also achieve Ecclesiastical rank in the Church of
the Way.  The next Church of the Way title for you is Diakonissa (female
Deaconess) or Diakon (male deacon), followed by Presvyter / Presvytera meaning
Priest or Priestess (in Greek).  All these titles were used in the early
church.  You started as a Catechumen, but have now become an Initiate
or Credant, and will soon move on to the Diakonate, Archdiakon/issa followed
by Presvyter/a.  

Each of the Orders has internal titles and degrees.  In the Eternal
Order of the Magi, you first had to become an Initiate of the Mystery School,
but now as soon as you complete the postulancy phase (all the lessons on
this page), and you perform your first Magi Initiation, you will enter the
First Degree in the Eternal Order of the Magi and be hailed as a Mage of
the Signs.  The other Magi degrees are listed above.

All along you will also be automatically progressing toward the
Diakon/issa status in the Church of the Way.  Confusing, yes — it will
all be clear as we go along so don’t worry about it. Just follow the steps
above in the Postulant’s study plan.

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