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Advance Preparation for Your Initiation Initiation Journey Script
Post-Initiation  Instructions

I. Gather your Supplies

– Rosary
– Small bowl of water
– Small bowl of milk
– Chalice (or glass) of wine/grape juice
– Small piece of bread, cut into a circle
– Rose (color of choice, see below)
– A small pouch of some sort
– Madonna blue candle (pale blue)
– Print and cut-out this crescent, or draw one that size yourself and cut it out
– White altar cloth (optional)
– Choose one of the following to represent the presence of Mary on your altar.  Statuette, Figurine, Picture or Icon of Mother Mary.  If you don’t have any of these items you must make a special something to represent the presence of Mary on your altar.  She will use this to “anchor” her presence to when she appears during your initiation.

Here is how to make a Mary name-scroll.  Take a small strip of paper, or square, just make it little. Write the curly capital M, you know like the one in the logo on the right. Use blue ink.  Now roll up the paper like a little scroll and tie it shut with a piece of thread or string or failing that, a small dab of glue or tape.  By the way, you can draw the entire logo above (without the words of course) if you wish.  These are all symbols of her and her essence and will “draw” her to you, providing a “landing field” for her presence.  In Hinduism such a drawing is called a yantra and after it is drawn, is placed face up like a mandala on a flat surface. But in this rite we must use the ancient Levantine (Holy Land) style of name-scrolls and prayer-scrolls, which requires the actual sigil or prayer to be hidden from view.  In Israel today Jewish people from all over the world make such scrolls and insert them in the cracks of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.  You may also fold your paper up in half and in half again making a little square. Then tie it shut like a package is tied with strings.  

II. About the Rose
The rose is essential to the initiation. You can pick one up at most grocery stores, and it can be any color. Make sure the one you choose has at leasst one thorn on the stem. Below are some of the correspondences of the rose colors:

Red – Fire. Passion, sensuality, beauty.
Pink – Earth. Love, companionship, balance.
Yellow – Air. Intelligence, wisdom, magik.
White – Water. Purity, holiness, dedication.
Purple – Spirit. Royalty, leadership, enlightenment.

Again, you need only pick one of these. Purple is the most difficult to find, but the others are fairly common. If you want more than one to be with you during the initiation, that’s fine, but if you do have several you  must choose one of them to use during the last part of the initiation.

III. Attire
For this initiation, white is the color of attire. If you have it, a white robe will work wonderfully.  You may use the same white garment(s) you used for your Catechumen Initiation if you wish.  Please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy something new. You can make do with the bare basics if need be—for men, white underwear will work just fine. For women, white underwear and/or a white dress, anything that is completely white will work. If you feel more comfortable, you may also perform the initiation “skyclad,” or nude. This is how you were born into this world, so you may also be born into the Mysteries of the Blessed Mother in this way, if you so choose. If you can’t find something else that is white, use a white towel, or even a sheet wrapped around yourself like a toga, it has been done before!

Advance Instructions

– Place your rosary on your windowsill or someplace where it can absorb plenty of moonlight the night before you are to be initiated. You may have to do this moonlight absorption several days before your initiation because cloudy weather may show up the night before and then you won’t be prepared.
– Be sure to have a pouch ready for the post-initiation. You will be taking four petals and a thorn from your rose and putting them into this pouch. The symbolism behind these will be explained.
– Try to perform this initiation after dark so that you may place your rosary uncovered on your altar without the possibility of any sunlight touching it and “chasing out” the subtle moon energies.

– Prepare your altar.  Face you altar to the east if at all possible.  Cover it with a clean white cloth of some kind (optional).  Put the madonna-blue candle in the center, the bowl of milk just in front of it.  Place your rose with the empty pouch beside it, to the left of the bowl of milk.  The bowl of water should be to the right of the candle and the rosary should be stretched out lying on the altar behind the candle, with a small cloth or napkin covering it. Put the object you chose to represent Mary, to “anchor” her presence, be it the name-scroll or a picture/statue of her, on top of the paper or foil crescent. Sit it right in the middle of the crescent actually on top of the foil or white paper.  Situate the crescent behind the candle so that its “horns” wrap around the sides of the candle.  Any other items can be arranged as you see fit. Extra roses, another icon, picture, or figurine of Mother Mary are perfect additions.

A Lady of the Crescent Moon
See the tiny crescent on the upper left?


Order of the Divine Mother, Initiation into the First Degree

When you are ready to begin, light the candle, then step backward one step. Gaze at the candle for a brief moment as though acknowledging the tongue of flame representing the Holy Spirit. [Acts 2:3]  Now step up to your altar again, and take up the bowl of milk.  Lift it chest high, then trace an M in the air with it. Set it back down. Do the same with the bowl of water. You are offering them to Her and embuing them with Her energies.  Now sit down comfortably near your altar and read the following visualization “journey.”

The Courtyard
You find yourself entering the courtyard of the Temple of Malkah Olam.  The first thing you notice is the scent of fresh flowers. You look around you, and you see a Mary Garden with every type of flower dedicated to the Blessed Mother. At the center of the Garden is a fountain, and in the center of the fountain is a silver statue of the Blessed Mother. The Garden is decorated with icons depicting the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Mary, and you realize this room is dedicated to the first Joyous Mystery: the conception of Yeshua. You approach the statue in the center of the Garden, planning to ask the Help of Kristians to guide you on your initiatory journey…
Mary by Joseph Kerns, (Abby Willowroot’s Dad) And suddenly, you are surprised to see that the statue in the fountain is rising from its stand, and the statue is becoming a mixture of garments and flesh. The Blessed Mother is appearing before your very eyes. You kneel before the Blessed Mother, who is now crowned with twelve orbs of light. Two angels – one male, one female – attend her. She wears the white and pink robes of Maiden Mary.

“Hail, favored one,” Mary greets you. “You are blessed among the people of the earth! You honor the commandment: ‘Honor your Father and your Mother.’ Welcome to my Temple, the Temple of Malkah Olam, the Temple of the Queen of the Universe. Rise now, child, and take my hand. I will reveal to you the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, for I am the Queen of the Rosary.”You stand and do as the Blessed Mother tells you, and you find yourself in what you immediately recognize as the Jerusalem Temple. You see a young girl kneeling near the gates of the Temple, and you see the Archangel Gabriel speaking to the girl. Mary speaks to you, saying: “This scene depicts the first of the Joyful Mysteries. Here, I will reveal to you all of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Remember them and treasure them, they are like keys to understanding happiness.

“The first Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation, which occurred in this very place. It shouts to the nations that the Elohim are with them.

“The second Joyful Mystery is the Visitation, when I visited my cousin Elizabeth. It shouts to all of humanity that they are Temples of Pneuma – the Holy Spirit – and that she works through them.

“The third is the Birth of Yeshua, when my Beloved Son was born. It shows to all the world – Jews, all humans, and all creatures – that my Son is the Light of the World, through whom they may come to know the Elohim.

“The fourth is the Presentation, when Joseph and I took Yeshua to the Temple of Jerusalem. It tells the world that Yeshua is the Messiah, the Holy One of YHVH, the High Priest who cares.

“The fifth Joyful Mystery is the Finding in the Temple, the time that Joseph and I found Yeshua in the Temple of Jerusalem when he was twelve. It tells the world that Yeshua is the Teacher, the Great Rabbi, who has come to teach us all to enter into union with our Creators.

“These are the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. Remember them well.”

The gates of the Jerusalem Temple fade from view, and you find yourself standing in the Courtyard of the Temple of Malkah Olam once more. As if being guided by Pneuma, the Holy Spirit, you enter the next room.

The Second Chamber, the Giving of the Sorrowful Mysteries
When you enter the second room of the Temple, you see icons depicting Mary and Elizabeth talking together, with the Dove – the symbol of the Holy Spirit – hovering over them. You identify this with the Visitation, the Second Joyous Mystery.

Mary comes to you again, descending from the sky. She still wears the robes of Maiden Mary. She smiles at you and asks, “Are you ready to learn the Sorrowful Mysteries? They are painful, but they will teach you how to understand and deal with the sorrows in your life.”

You take Mary’s hand to affirm that you are ready, and you find yourself at Golgotha, the site of the horrible crucifixion of Yeshua. You see several women – including the Blessed Mother and Mary Magdalene – at the foot of the cross. The Apostle John is also there, trying to support the Blessed Mother, who can barely stand.

Mary’s voice takes on a solemn, slightly sad, tone as she says: “The first of the Sorrowful Mysteries is the Agony in the Garden. It is when the world realized that the Elohim could not always keep them from suffering.

“The second is the Scourging at the Pillar. It is when the world realized that pain will sometimes beat humanity down, but that they must endure and triumph.

“The third is the Crowning With Thorns. Humanity realized that even good things, such as roses, can be used for evil ends. Humanity realized that even kings can be undone, nations overthrown.

“The fourth is the Carrying of the Cross. Humanity realized that the Messiah would not yet relieve them of their suffering, that they would have to carry their crosses a little longer. But they also saw that the God of Light had come down from Heaven to carry a cross with them.

“The fifth Sorrowful Mystery is the Crucifixion. It happened here, at Golgotha. It was the single most horrible time of my life. It warned humanity that flesh is to be cherished, but that it is also finite – we must cherish our flesh while we have it, but we must also look to our spirit for when we lose it.

“These are the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. Remember them well.”

Golgotha thankfully fades from view, and you find yourself back in the Second Room of the Temple, a little shaken and confused.

Feeling that same compelling force, you move forward.

The Third Chamber, giving the Glorious Mysteries
Entering the third room of the Temple, you see various paintings, icons and statues depicting Mary cradling a baby in her arms. Obviously, this chamber is based on Mary’s function as the God-Bearer, the Mother of God.  Mary comes to you once more. This time, she is dressed in olive and crimson robes, the robes of Mother Mary. She radiates with the glow of new mothers (and pregnant women).

She takes your hand and joyfully says to you, “Are you ready Ben/Bat Elohim (offspring of the Gods, ben means male offspring, bat means female) to learn the Glorious Mysteries? They are the most mysterious, and the hardest to understand, but they will help you to understand the presence of the Godhead in your life.”

You squeeze Mary’s hand gently in agreement, and you find yourself near a tomb in Ephesus. You see Mary hovering over the ground, speaking to the Apostles! They are all very old now, but Mary looks young and radiant once more. She is telling the Apostles what they should do after she is gone, and she is handing over the care of the Ephesus Kristian community to the Apostle John.

“The first of the Glorious Mysteries,” Mary says, “is the Resurrection. It teaches us that love conquers death, and that when our love conquers the death of this world, the Elohim are with us.”

“The second Glorious Mystery is the Ascension. It teaches us that not only are we risen from the dead, we will also return to Heaven to be with our Creators. We will return in glory and splendor, as Yeshua did. The Godhead is with us beyond death.

“The third Glorious Mystery is the Descent of the Holy Spirit. This Mystery teaches us that we have a permanent link between Heaven and Earth, and that we need not look to others for the Truth – the Truth dwells in each of us, for we are Temples of the Holy Spirit.

You may order a copy, or see several closeups of this beautiful painting by Hannah Shapero at Pyracantha.com. It is interesting to note that pyracantha means fire-thorn.

“The fourth Glorious Mystery is my Assumption. It happened here, in Ephesus. It is the scene you’re seeing now. The Assumption teaches us that holiness brings gifts from the Father-Mother of Heaven and Earth, gifts of glory and majesty.

“The fifth Glorious Mystery is my Coronation. The teaching of this Mystery is that just as there is a Father-King of Heaven and Earth, there is also a Mother-Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am that Divine Mother – and it is for that reason that I was crowned Queen of the Angels.

“These are the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Remember them well.”

Ephesus fades from view, but this time Mary does not. She keeps hold of your hand and leads you into the next room…

The Fourth Chamber, Receiving the Esoteric Marian Rosary                 Top
As you enter the fourth chamber, you see that it is a shrine to Mary as the Queen of the Rosary. Mary approaches a statue of her praying the Rosary with one of her followers. The stone Rosaries transform into two silver Rosaries. Mary hands one of the Rosaries to you, [pick up your rosary now] and says:

“This is the Rosary,” Mary explains. “This is our greatest tool. We use it to contemplate the Mysteries, which energizes our faith and heightens our potency as initiated clergy.  The rosary tool can and should also be used for mystical purposes, as you will learn. But first, you must learn to pray the Esoteric Marian Rosary.” Mary takes the cross on the Rosary in her hand. She instructs you to do the same.

“On this cross, you should make the Sign of the Cross and say the Marian Creed. It affirms your faith, and reminds the Universe that you belong to me and work my will. Always begin with either the Marian Creed or the Creed of the Way” Mary then indicates the first four beads to you.

“On the first bead, you should pray the Our Mother. On the three beads which follow, you should pray the adapted Hail Mary. On the fourth bead, you should pray the Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue or any other prayer in the Order’s Prayer Book you chose. Before you move on to the medal, you should pray the Hail, Holy Queen.” Mary pauses to indicate the Marian medal. “On this medal, you should pray the Adon Olam, Malkah Olam.”

Mary indicates the first decade, and says: “Before beginning a decade, you should say the Our Mother and then announce the the Mystery you will be contemplating. You should contemplate all five of the Mysteries from either the Joyful, Sorrowful, or Glorious Mysteries. As you are contemplating these Mysteries, you should be praying the Hail Mary upon each bead in the decade. When you reach the bead that separates the decades, you should pray the Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue. Between the bead and the next decade, you should pray the Hail, Holy Queen. Begin the second decade in the same way you began the first.”

Mary once again indicates the medal: “This is where you finish. Here we pray the Adon Olam, Malkah Olam and make the Sign of the Cross. This will finish your praying of the Rosary.

“Even though this is a great deal of knowledge given you all at once, do you at least understand the Mysteries of the Rosary, and have an idea how to begin to pray the Marian Rosary?”

Respond by saying: “I do.”

Now make the Sign of the Cross over yourself and hear Mary say, “I proclaim you initiated into the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.”

Mary takes your hand again, and leads you into the next room.

The Fifth Chamber, Taking your Vows
When you enter the room, you see many statues and paintings depicting Mary initiating her students. Mary leads you to the center of the room, and says to you: “Postulant, what are your vows?”

You get down on your knees (really do this if possible) and read the following vows:

“I vow to be obedient to you, O Matronit, until death and beyond.

“I vow to serve you, Sovereign Mother. In serving you, I also vow to serve my fellow man.

“I vow to send up daily petitions to you, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and to give thanks to you each day.”

As Mary fades from view, she says to you: “Rise now, Postulant, and enter the next chamber. There, you will receive the Communion of the Mother, which binds you to me and all of my followers.”

You proceed into the next room, eager to receive the Communion.

The Sixth Chamber, Communion with the Gods (please note when we use the term Gods, we mean Gods & Goddesses!)
You enter the sixth room, and the first thing you notice is a large silver altar in the middle of the otherwise spartan room. It is clear that the altar is the centerpiece. An older, wiser looking Mary stands before the altar, looking at the gifts of bread and wine that sit upon it. She is dressed in robes of black and silver, the colors of the Wisewoman (sometimes called the Crone).

“Come to the altar, follow my instructions. You will, for the first time, prepare the Communion of the Mother.”

You step forward, and Mary continues with her instructions:

Take the bread. Using your finger trace a circle counter-clockwise over the center of it, and say this prayer of consecration: “This is the Bread of Life, sent down from Heaven that humanity may thrive. It is the Body of the Mother, the Flesh of the Queen. We consume her Mystical Body, just as she consumes us.”

Now take the wine. Using your finger trace a clockwise circle on the surface of it, and say this prayer of consecration: “This is the Fruit of the Vine, which grows from Earth allowing humanity to quench its thirst. It is Blood of the Virgin, Elixir of the Goddess. We drink of her Mystical Blood, she is the Living Well.”

Consume the bread first, then the wine.

Mary once again fades from view. You ponder the simple, yet poignant, Communion of the Mother for a few moments longer. Then you proceed into the next and last chamber.

The Seventh Chamber, the Charge and Your Initiation                  Top
When you enter the chamber, all you notice is Mary in the very center of it. She radiates light, and she is dressed in robes of magnificent gold and violet. She is the Nisut now, the culmination of all that she ever was or will be. Mesmerized, you approach the altar, and she charges you:

“Follow your vows, pray the Adon Olam, Malkah Olam twice a day at the first hour of the day and night if at all possible (6 a.m. and 6 p.m.), and pray the Esoteric Marian Rosary once per month upon the full moon if possible. Perform the brief version of the Sending of Solace technique as often as you can each week, and the longer version either once a week or once a month. (If you forget and miss one of these times, do it as soon as you remember)

“Now I will mark you as one of my own, a clergymember of the Divine Mother.  Take now a portion of my life-giving essence, the Force you will use in your work.” [sip some of the milk]

“Now align yourself with the archetype of the Rose, an eternal symbol of the soul, and my personal Essence. ” [take your rose and touch forehead, lips, chest and each shoulder. Place it back on your altar].  Mother Mary takes the rose and breaks off a thorn [break off a thorn from your rose stem].  She hands you the thorn and says, “Never forget that sorrow and suffering are the reason for our work as clergy.”  [put the thorn carefully on your altar beside the pouch]

“Come forth, with your rosary in hand.  Let me write my name on your heart and forehead.”  [Dip your right first two fingers into the water and trace a curly capital M as shown above on your forehead then dip again and trace over your heart.  Draw the M’s IN REVERSE because Mary herself is drawing them upon you as she stands facing you.]

Mary Kristian Goddess declares, “You are an Initiate of the First Degree in the Order of the Divine Mother, and have entered the covenant of the Shemsu.”

Granting of the Password 
Mother Mary still speaks to you:

“You will need a word of passage to get into the Temple rooms reserved for my Initiates only.
This, my first Goddess Name: Aima Elohim, is your word of passage.
Aima Elohim.
It means Mother of the Gods, Mother of Humanity, or Mother of ALL.
I am the Mother, and my Beloved has Blessed me.
He has blessed me with His love,
with our children,
and now with you.
Thus I AM called the Blessed Mother.

Post-Initiation Instructions

Clip off four rose petals and with the thorn, put them in your pouch. Then go back and get a fifth petal. The symbolism behind it is the Godhead (represented by the four petals) are with us even through hard times (represented by the thorn) may befall us. The fifth petal is you, kin of the Gods, part of the divine family.  Also, the thorn represents sadness, bloodletting (violence), and all the things we strive to heal in our work.  We use the “power of the rose,” in our clergywork, both the Christian Goddess and the rosary harness this power.  (Don’t forget that moon power, though)

“According to the Zohar, a medieval book of mystical Bible interpretation, the … five-petaled rose, [is] an ancient symbol of perfection and of longing for God.” –  Anita Diamant, Living a Jewish Life

Pour your milk libation somewhere outside, preferably at the base of a tree or bush. It must not be wasted down the drain! It is “charged” with your intent and should be “delivered” properly back to the Mother of All.  As Shamaness Whisper, our resident Shamanism instructor says, “Don’t worry if dogs or cats or other animals or birds eat the offered food. Remember Spirit comes in many forms.”

You may wish to go back to the 7th Chamber and review the Charge.  Perhaps write down what you are supposed to remember to do. (Praying at certain times).

Be sure to Make your Initiation Report.  Please send a quick email to the School telling us how it went, impressions, etc.  We will then enter your user name into the system and you can go to the Shemsu 1st Degree ODM Study Hall.  Don’t forget your password as given above, you will need it to get in.


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