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Adon/Malkah Olam Prayer

You have already completed the Catechumen phase, been initiated in the Church of the Way as a credant, and have received the first initiation password.  [If you do not remember that password,  review immediately the Catechumen Lessons til you find it!].  Now, you will begin working toward initiation into the clergy of the Order of the Divine Mother, and so…

Shalom, and welcome to the Order of the Divine Mother! You are now considered a Postulant in the ODM and will be working thru four different degrees of initiation:

I. Shemsu (Follower/Devotee) of the Conception
II. Hem/Hemet (Male Servant/Female Servant) of the Ministry
III. Meryt (Beloved) of the Mysteries
IV. Heri-Sesheta (Who Is Over the Secrets) of the Great Mother 

All of the above foreign words are ancient Egyptian, as was used when Mary, Joseph and the infant Yeshua lived there. Most records say they lived there at least three years, and possibly nine or ten. The longer stay is based on evidence from the Gospel of Matthew detailing the reigns of the Kings following Herod’s death.

While working thru the degrees in the ODM, you will also be moving up the ranks in the Church of the Way.

Below are the lessons you must complete in order to be initiated into the first degree, Shemsu of the Conception.

Postulancy Plan for Order of the Divine Mother (formerly the Order of the Blessed Mother)

The Hebrew Goddess by Raphael Patai, required for next degree1.  The first book you will need for our studies is the Holy Bible. There is no required translation, but the lesson writers use the New American Bible (for Catholics) which can be read completely online, including apocryphal books not in “regular” Bibles, intriguing commentary and all! We require no purchasing of textbooks for this postulancy phase, and instead use the wonderful wealth of information found on the Internet.  You’ll need to buy the book Hebrew Goddess, by Raphael Patai, for the next, Shemsu degree.

2. You will at some point need to purchase or make a rosary.  This need not be anything luxurious.  You can find very affordable rosaries at most Christian bookstores, and definitely in Catholic ones.

3. Complete all five lessons – A, B, C, D  & E – on Restoring the Goddess.

4. Memorize the ADON OLAM, MALKAH OLAM and the Our Mother prayer (seen below).  All members of the Order of the Divine Mother recite these prayers twice a day and they are used in our rosary prayers, so please memorize them.

5. Complete the lesson Sacred Balance: Earth Mother, Sky Father.

6. Complete the lesson titled “Who is the Blessed Mother?”

7. Complete the devotional lesson, Mary as Maiden

8. Complete the devotional lesson, Mary as Mother

9. Complete the devotional lesson, Mary as Crone

10. And the 4th in our Devotional series, Mary as Nisut, Highpriestess

11.  Read the article Mary of Nazareth, a Christian Goddess.  Notice the Marian Creed and answer the questions at the end.

12.  Complete the lesson Our Lady of Guadelupe.

13.  Complete the lesson Mary and Isis.

After your postulancy phase is complete and you are initiated into the first degree of the ODM as a Shemsu (Follower/Devotee) of the Conception, you will then work toward the second degree, the Hem/Hemet (Male Servant/Female Servant) of the Ministry. All along you will also be working toward the Diakon/issa status in the Church of the Way.

Degrees of the Order:

I. Shemsu (Follower/Devotee) of the Conception
II. Hem/Hemet (Male Servant/Female Servant) of the Ministry
III. Meryt (Beloved) of the Mysteries
IV. Heri-Sesheta (Who Is Over the Secrets) of the Great Mother

Advanced Degrees:
Kai-Imakhu (Exalted Reverend) of Isis
Nisut (High Priest/High Priestess) of Mary

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Adon Olam, Malkah Olam

The Lord-Master & Queen of the universe
Ruled before creation
When by his will all things came to be,
The name of the Lord was known.
When by Her power all things came to be
The name of the Lady was known.

As they create, they may end the creation,
Remaining alone, unmanifested.
He was, he is, and he shall remain eternal.
She was, she is, and she shall remain eternal.

Without beginning;
Without end.

He is my God, my living strength,
She is my refuge when I grieve.
They are my only desire.
I live in them alone.

My soul abides in her hands
In sleep as in wakefulness.
Though I leave my body
I will not fear,
For the Lord is with my soul.

Our Mother who art in Earth

Hallowed, Respected, joyful thy name.
Thy holy realm is already come.
Thy will awaits us to be done.
Give us this day the strength to love,
To be the lion and the dove.
Forgive us as we tread your flowers,
Ignoring duties that are ours.
Lead us from annihilation
To Celebrate all Creation
For we share in the life,
The power, and the glory forever and ever…

—by Priscilla Baird Hinckley

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