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Who is the Divine Mother?

Throughout the ages, there have been many Feminine Divinities that have interceded on behalf of humanity, but I dare say that none have played such an active role of intercession as the Blessed Mother Mary, the Mother of Yeshua the Krist.

The Blessed Mother’s first act of intercession was agreeing to bear the Krist-child when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her with a message from Heaven, that she was favored among women and that the fruit of her womb would be blessed. Without much explanation and with total faith, the Blessed Mother Mary declared that she was the handmaid of the Godhead, and that whatever Heaven saw fit for her to do should be done. Perhaps she didn’t know it then, or perhaps she did, but her act of intercession at that moment has changed the world forever.

In this lesson we will briefly discuss who the Blessed Mother is, to prepare you for your journey in the Order of the Divine Mother. As you move up the ranks, you will be moving up the same ranks that the Blessed Mother moved up, right up until her Assumption, when the Godhead pulled her into Heaven so that she would not have to suffer death, which she helped to overcome.

But first, who is she?

I. Shemsu of the Conception

Through non-canonical books and legends, we learn that the Blessed Mother quite possibly was a bit of a miracle herself. According to several infancy Gospels, Mary was conceived by her parents [Joachim and Ann] very late in their lives. She was much like the miracle child of Avraham and Sarah, in that Jocachim and Ann thought they might never have a child at all.

From childhood, it is believed that Mary went to live in the Temple to lead a good and holy life. A good and holy life she did lead, closely obeying the laws of Judaism and the laws of the Temple as she grew up there. All of the priests of the Temple and the rabbis were apparently fond of Mary, the humble girl with a humble Temple upbringing. In fact, it was one of the priests that betrothed her to Joseph, a carpenter. Joseph was a good man, and the priests knew this. They thought that Mary would be happy with the betrothal.

Imagine the outrage of Joseph and the Temple priests when they discovered Mary to be with child.

But Mary was not a harlot, not a fornicator, as surely some of the priests and even Joseph must have thought for a time. She was the Blessed Mother, given a message by Heaven’s Holy Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to the Messiah of the Prophets, who was later known as Yeshua, the Messiah, the Krist, the Son of the Most High. Mary’s consent to this difficult conception earned her the title of Shemsu of the Conception, which is identical to our first degree.

However, Mary’s quite interesting and certainly magickal and miraculous history did not stop there. With the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt, it is thought that Mary went on to learn the Mysteries of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery religions, and to give devotion to both God and Goddess, in the form of Osiris and Isis. This becomes very important later, as Mary will remember her lessons in Egyptian magik all of her life, and will use it many times more.

Again, the interesting and magikal history continues.

II. Hem/et of the Ministry

Even though Mary was a Queen in her own right, when her son came of age and began his ministry at the age of 30, Mary once again lowered herself to the position of servant. Most of the time, she went with her son on his travels and served him right along with the other women. She even took a position beneath that of Mary the Magdala, Yeshua’s wife, because Mary knew that the Queen-Mother must yield power to the High Queen, which was Mary the Magdala.

Mary was present at the wedding of Cana, where she began the miracles of Yeshua’s ministry by asking him to change water to wine. She was present again many times, as the Bible makes reference to, urging her son along in his ministry and supporting him in every way. There is little doubt that Mary used her magik some during Yeshua’s ministry, but this she may have even yielded so that her son would have the spotlight.

Through Mary’s role as Hemet of the Ministry, we see the humility and righteousness that we are called upon to demonstrate in our own lives. We are called to give ourselves first to God/dess, then to other people, and finally when all is finished to ourselves. Mary, as Yeshua did, took the human focus off of “my will be done,” and places it in the realm of, “Thy will be done.” She was the antithesis of Eve, and she redeemed womankind, and became the Humble Queen-Mother of Heaven. It is through this archetype that we gain our second degree, Hem/et of the Ministry.

III. Meryt of the Mysteries

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for Mary to deal with was the death of her son. Yet deal with it she did, side by side with Mary the Magdala, and the two of them dealt with it in a way that no other could have. They forced themselves to remain at the foot of the cross, in order to work their magiks to assure that Yeshua would successfully descend into Hell [Sheol] after his Crucifixion. This is perhaps the time when the Blessed Mother demonstrated the greatest and most powerful use of her abilities as Adept of Egyptian Mysteries.

It is interesting to note that the magiks of two women were the greatest magiks used in aiding Yeshua, and that these magiks were probably done in the name of Egyptian and Sumerian goddesses, Isis and Inanna. For while Mary the Mother knew Egyptian magik, it is thought that Mary the Magdala was well-versed in Sumerian magik. Together and with the aid of the Apostles, they assured the descent of Yeshua into Hell, and even his Resurrection. It was through the united efforts of God and Goddess, man and woman, that this greatest miracle of all-time came to be.

What the Blessed Mother knew of Ancient Egyptian magick and how she fulfills the archetype of Isis and certain other goddesses will be discussed in later lessons. For now, we move on to the next phase in the Blessed Mother’s life.

IV. Heri-Sesheta of the Great Mother

After Yeshua’s Resurrection and Ascension, Mary the Mother went on to be a sort of “den mother” to the Apostles. She was by no means just a woman busying herself with household chores, though. She was indeed a great Mage by this time, well-versed in Egyptian magik and blessed by the Resurrection of her son. She was now not only a Queen in her own right, but a Goddess as well. She worked many miracles after Yeshua’s Resurrection, and converted many as did the apostles and the High Queen, Mary the Magdala.

In the non-canonical Gospel of Bartholomew, it is seen that the Apostles favored Mary the Mother above all women. They allowed her to pray when it was customary for men to pray in Judaism, and Peter stepped out of the way for the Blessed Mother. In fact, when she would humbly argue that it should be Peter to say the prayers and do the talking, Peter would argue back that she was seen fit to be the Carrier of the Krist, and that she took precedence over him. This is a rare find, as Peter’s male ego usually kept him from saying such things. He would not even bow to the power of Mary the Magdala, as seen in the Gnostic Gospel of Mary. Yet Peter knew that Mary Theotokos [God-Bearer] was more important than he, and recognized it in the Gospel of Bartholomew.

Also in this Gospel, we find that Mary Theotokos cannot tell how it was that she conceived the Krist, for if she does the whole world will be consumed in fire. When she attempts to tell the Apostles upon their pleading for knowledge, the world is nearly consumed by this fire, until Yeshua comes and stops the fire from proceeding. We see great power here in that it is the mouth of Mary Theotokos, and no other woman, that can end all life on Earth. Yet again, she humbly chooses not to, although she has it in her power to do so.

Finally, after a long and full life, Mary Theotokos was assumed into Heaven by the Father, taken as his wife, and made the Queen-Mother of Heaven, alongside the Father, and the High King, and the High Queen. She reigns to this day, as the fulfillment of the archetypes of the Ancient Religions. It is through her that the Pagan religions of Britain, of Greece, of Egypt, of Sumeria have all managed to stay alive. I quote now the Mists of Avalon. Morgaine Le Fey realizes that the Goddess has not died, but lives on in the Blessed Mother Mary:

“… Until at last I realized the Goddess had survived. She had not been destroyed, but had simply adopted a different incarnation. And perhaps one day future generations would be able to bring her back as we knew her, in the Glory of Avalon.”

This is the essence of our esoteric beliefs. We are the generation with the power to do as this quote hopes for.

And this is the brief glimpse of the life of the Blessed Mother, the woman that came and fulfilled the archetypes of the Ancient Religions so that they might prosper even in the new way, to be contained in her essence for 2000 years until people would once again begin to realize that Heaven is not meant for Men alone, but for the Divine Feminine as well. This is what the Blessed Mother is to us as Kristians, among many other things.
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Copy and paste the following questions into a new e-mail, answer them, and send them to the Mystery School with the subject line reading: ODM Postulant1 answers.

1. What are the four ranks that the Blessed Mother moved up in her lifetime?

2. T/F – Mary was conceived when her parents were still very young.

3. What are the names of Mary’s parents?

4. T/F – Mary went on to fulfill the role of Isis, as well as many other ancient goddesses.

5. Which of the mystery religions was Mary well-versed in?

6. T/F – As Servant of the Ministry, Mary was placed above Mary the Magdala.

7. In the name of which two goddesses were the magiks of the Passion performed in?

8. T/F – Peter placed himself above Mary.

9. What is the Greek word sometimes associated with Mary meaning, “God-Bearer?”

10. T/F – Mary became the Queen-Mother of Heaven.

Essay 1. In 500 words or less, tell us what the Blessed Mother means personally to you. She fulfills many roles, different roles for different people. Include any personal experiences you have had.

Essay 2. In 500 words or less, tell us what you’d like to learn most from this Order. Tell us what about the Blessed Mother interests you most. Whether it be her humble service, her Egyptian magik, her role in the rosary which will be discussed later, choose something that you would like to learn about the Blessed Mother.

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