Please read the short article, “What is a Druid” written by world renowned British-Canadian Druid Cathbad (aka Brendan Myers) and then come back and answer the following questions. Copy and paste the questions into an email, insert your answers, and send them to MysterySchool with Druid 1 in the subject line.

1. “A Druid is a professional _________ of ________ ____________ ___________ as expressed by Celtic cultural forms.”

2. Define “professional” as used in the article.

3. What 3 examples of professional responsibility are given in the article?

4. Invigilator is a word encompassing a range of ideas, including ______________, _______________,

______________, even ‘___________’, but also ____________ and _____________.

5. What is another definition of “invigilator”?

6. T/F – The author of the article uses the term “living” in his definition of what a Druid is to emphasize that the spiritual mysteries are real and accessible.

7. What are “spiritual mysteries” according to the author?

8. Name 8 cultural forms that Druids should have a comprehensive knowledge of in the form of the Celtic culture.

9. T/F – According to the author, “Druidism is the revival of the ancient Celtic religion which holds the Earth and the environment as sacred, and promotes a morality based on myth.”

ESSAY QUESTION. Given the definition of Druid in this article, write a brief paragraph about how this definition reflects your own belief system at this point in time.

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