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1.  The Templars were fortunate to have almost how many months warning of their impending arrests, giving them enough time to plan and escape?

A. 1 month

B. 2 months

C. 3 months

D. 12 months

2.  What items were a concern for the fleeing knight in order to not be recognized as a Templar?

3. Complete the sentence: To a man on the run, safety frequently is represented by _________.

4. Complete the sentence: For a ________ from the church, however, there was no safe haven in all Christendom.

5. Later in the century Lollards would use what line in establishing their identities?

6. T/F: The object of an oath is to instill total trust.

7. What is the “much condemned oath in the initiation of the Master mason in the third degree?

8. What is the state of mind that can keep am underground group alive, even for generations?

9.The Templars who fled with the ships got a double benefit, what were these benefits (there are two):

10. The speculation about the disappearance of the Templar ships and the men who manned them calls to mind one of the most mysterious tenets of Freemasonry, what is this tenet?

11. Fill in the blanks: There was another ___________ connection that was hard to let go. The Templars had three enemies: the monarchy, the ___________, and the Church.

12. What is the central tenet of Freemasonry.

13. Write a short summary, do you think it is just pure coincidence that both the Knights Templar and the Freemasons founded their principle identities in the Temple of Solomon?

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