Read theCleopatra's Needle in London on the Thames Prologue and Chapter 12.  Copy and paste into an email,add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 12 in the subject line.

Lesson Questions:

1.  What is Cleopatra’s Needle?

2.  The unveiling of Cleopatra’s Needle on the Embankment in 1878 England was a great occasion, and someone had an interesting idea of placing two earth ware jars under the base of the obelisk. What was placed in one of the jars that seemed rather ordinary?

3.  Why was thisitem (pictured below) so important to the Masons?

4.  What is the largest fraternal organization in the world, that includes three million members in the USA, and over seven hundred thousand members in Britain, and at least one million more around the world.

5.  T/F:  It has been, and is today, outlawed in a number of countries to be a Freemason.

6.  T/F:  Many anti-Masonic allegations are difficult to address because of the traditional policy of the Freemasonry to decline to to respond to attacks. Also known as “confession by silence”.

7.  T/F:  One can hardly say that Masonic influence exists in any culture.

8.  Fill in the Blanks: Claims were made to establish the origins of Masonry in ancient _________, and some traced Masonic sources to the____________, Zoroastrians, Chaldeans, and especially the ____________.

9.  Fill in the blanks: The first great retreat was to the establishment of ______________ at the building of the ________ of Solomon.

10.  According to this theory who were the three original Grand Masters?

11.  T/F:  The Biblical account of Hiram gives clues to the Freemasons early existence.

12.  Theory has led to the trotting out of all the working tools of the stonemason, making them what?

A.  Just tools

B.  Symbols of moral lessons

C.  Religious artifacts

13.  How many lodges in the year 1717 banded together and declared themselves the official association to be called the “Grand Lodge”?

A.  Five

B.  Six

C.  Twelve

D.  Four

14.  By the lodges coming together and revealing themselves and the existence of their order they were in violation of what?

A:  The Code of Conduct

B:  The Sacred Oath of Secrecy

C:  The Kings Command

D:  None of the Above

15.  T/F:  When a formal request was made to all of the other lodges by the Master of the Grand Lodge for the any and all related ancient records and documents to be turned over to the Grand Lodge, the reaction by many lodges was to burn all written references, to prevent the break of their sacred oath of secrecy.

16.  T/F:  The York Masons were the first to make formal objections to the concept of the Grand Lodge.

17.  What was one French system that evolved from Ramsey’s Oration-Ecossaise?

18.  With the original purposes of masonry lost, the leadership realized that new purposes had to be founded.

19/  Exercise: Internet research.  Go online and find a historical document that is signed by one of the mentioned historical Mason figures.Copy and paste it to your answers as well as a copy of the link.

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