Chapter 13 Lesson Questions.  Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 13in the subject line.

1.  What is the one aspect of Freemasonry that is not supposed to be a mystery?

2.  What were the three reasons the author was not deterred by Stephen Knight’s theory of the Masonic origins?

3.  T/F:  Early research indicated that card-playing by members of a stonemason guild was a cover story.

4.  Fill in the blanks:  A guild was not an association of __________,but rather an association of ___________ owners.

5.  How is a guild operated and what were the benefits?

6.  What was the motivation of a guild?

7.  T/F:  The master was the only full member of the trade or craft guild, and was an owner-operator.

8.  T/F:  The master also acted as a father figure toward his apprentice.

9.  T/F:  Only the Master could give his approval of moving the apprentice to status of master.

10.   Complete the sentence:   By far the greatest influences on profitability were the great __________ guilds, which controlled the sources of raw materials, the ____________, and the export markets for the end of the products.

11.  Complete the sentence:  Among other things, the great __________used their wealth to change the course of municipal ___________ .

12.  Who told the missionary priest not to deny the “Mother Goddess” and how had she come to be known?

13.  What were the “Old Charges of Masonry”? Name at least three of these charges.

14.  Fill in the blanks: What had been learned about ____________ indicated that it was essentially a mutual protection society of men at odds with church, state or both and not a building society.

15.  Exercise:  The author says he is searching for clues to solve eight different mysteries. Choose and name one of the mysteries that you would like to solve for yourself and list it here. Throughout the rest of this book use the author’s suggestions as well as your own thoughts and research to solve the mystery you have chosen. At the end of each chapter lesson,you will see an exercise to update your results based upon the chapter you have just read. (Good luck, says Lady Arianna!).

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