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1.  T/F:  The major qualification to being a Mason is the affirmation of belief in a monotheistic Supreme Being.

2.  T/F:  The candidate must be a “freeborn man born of a freeborn mother.”

3.  T/F:  Age is not a factor to become a Mason.

4.  What was the name of the special candidate whose age requirement was lowered to be initiated as a mason because his father was a mason.

A.  Tyler

B.  Lewis

C:  Davis

5.  A residual of the practice of admission by invitation only is still adhered to by a few Grand Lodges, one of these being:

A.  England

B.  York

C.  Scotland

D.  Australia

6.  What lodge symbol would always have been available for Secret meetings?

A.  A circle on the floor

B.  A Pentagram

C.  Ruler

D.  None of the above

7.  What do Masons refer to as the Entered Apprentice lodge?

8.  Define the following terms or words used by the Masons:

a)  Hoodwinked

b)  Cable-tow

c)  Tyler

d)  Cowans

e)  Apron

9.  List the signs and the handgrip that is revealed to a newly Entered Apprentice of Freemasonry. Answer: One is a penal sign, which recalls the penalty “to have my throat cut across’ as the hand thumb inward is drawn quickly across the throat, then dropped to the side. The other sign repeats the position in which the hands were placed under and on the holy book when taking the oath: left palm up, right palm down, hands about two inches apart-called the due-guard sign, then there is a presentation of the apron.

10.   In the final portion of the initiation of the Entered Apprentice,there is a presentation of the “working tools”. Name all the tools and define their meaning. Answer: the twenty-four in gauge (ruler)- symbolically to divide the Masons day into period of work, refreshment and sleep and of service to God and his brothers in distress. And the gavel or maul which used to dress stones, symbolically to chip away at vices and superfluities so that a mason could shape himself into a stone suitable for the temple of God.

11.  Exercise: In the last chapter you chose a mystery in which to solve. According to your mystery chosen, write a short summary explaining what you have learned thus far.

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