Chapter 15 Lesson Questions.  Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 15in the subject line.

1.  What is the meaning for “Fellow Craft” or “Fellow of the Craft”?

2.  T/F:   Early Masonic rites point out that there were only two degrees in Freemasonry, and that the Master is the head of the lodge,not a degree.

3.  Fill in the blanks: The original _______ Mason then, was a master of _____, not the master of the _______.

4.  T/F:  The Fellow Craft initiation ceremony is primarily a series of variations on the Entered Apprentice degree.

5.  What was the reason for “hoodwinking” or blindfolding the candidate? (Scroll down to bottom of this page to see photograph of an initiate hoodwinked, etc.)

6.  T/F:  In this ritual the right breast, leg and foot are bare instead of the left and the cable-tow is looped twice instead of once.

7.  After taking his oath, the blindfold is removed and the new Fellow Craft is taught the handgrip and password of this degree and the penal sign. What is the penal sign and how is it done?

8.  Complete the Sentence: Contemplation of these two _______ is meant to: motivate all masons to study astronomy, geography, and __________.

9.  Fill in the blanks: The first three steps to the Middle Chamber represents or can represent: youth/wisdom (Entered ____________),manhood/strength (_______ Craft), and old age/beauty (_______ Mason).

10.  What are the next five steps and their two symbolic meanings given to the initiated Fellow Craft per the author?

11.  Seven steps are given to the initiate which represent the seven liberal arts and sciences, name these seven.

12.  What does the “G” represent in Freemasonry?

13.  Exercise: In the 13th chapter you chose a mystery to try to solve. Write a short summary of what you have learned thus far.

Hand signal and grip photos from Mormonism and Freemasonry page here:

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