Chapter 17 Lesson Questions.  Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 17in the subject line.

1.  T/F:  The hypothesis that the fugitive Knights Templar were a dominant factor in 14th century Masonry is based on the fact that the Templars were of a French-speaking order.

2.  Exercise: Here is a list of vocabulary words, give their Masonic definitions and meanings, by using your book and/or research on the internet.

a.  Tyler

b.  Cowan

c.  Due-Guard

d.  Lewis

e.  Hiram Abiff

f.  Intrant

g.  Mahabone

h.  Mount Heredom

i.  Frere

j.  Lodge

3.  Exercise: Exercise: In the 13th chapter you chose a mystery in which to solve. According to your mystery chosen, write a short summary explaining what you have learned thus far, how close are you to solving your mystery? Have you changed your opinion?

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