Born in Blood Chapter 2 Lesson Questions:  Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 2 in the subject line.

1.  In all the letters quoted, the emphasis has been added to identify the common signal of “for nowe is tyme” by their authors, does this point to an organized planning of attack/or rebellion?

2.  Who was Walter the Tyler and what was his first act?

3.  T/F:  On June 10th the rebel march begins in Canterbury and spans out to London.

4.  T/F:  During the rebellion, the mob targeted specifically the eradication of all Hospitallar holdings with the exception of one former Templar church.

5.  T/F:  During the rebellion the mob chose prisoners at random for release.

6.   At the meeting of Miles End: What two things did the rebels ask of?

7.  During the Miles End meeting, what was Walter the Tyler and his men doing?

8.  T/F: After the death of Walter the Tyler (pictured above) the rebellion finally ended.

9.  What are 3 interesting facts that point to a well organized group planning of the York rebellion?

10.  Exercise: Write a short summary of your own thoughts and views.Does the author prove that the rebellion was carefully planned by a secret organization, and if so, do you believe that the rebellion was organized by either former Templars or Templar sympathizers? (make sure you support your views.)

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