Born in Blood: Chapter 3 Exercises (no questions for this one).  Copy and paste into an email, add your exercise answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 3 in the subject line.

1. Exercise: Read Chapter 3 in its entirety. Using what you have already read in Chapters 1 & 2 in conjunction with this chapter, write a 1 page essay, who you believe the “Great Society” was at that time. (make sure to support your views/statements)

2. Exercise: Research via internet, one of the following rebel leaders. Copy and paste your results and include the site links. Try to find information to support their involvement in the Great Society or their involvement in overthrowing Parliament. And write a summary on your findings.

                            John de Gisburne

John Ball (pictured right)

William Grindcobb

Geoffrey Lister

Katia adds:  (Didn’t Jack Straw help lead the Peasants Revolt, too?Wonder why he isn’t mentioned here)

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