Siege of Jerusalam by French Crusaders 1099Born in Blood Chapter 5 Lesson Questions: Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 5 in the subject line.

1.  Multiple Choice: Upon the approach of the Christian Crusaders in June of 1099AD, the Egyptian governor of Jerusalem did what?

A.  Gathered supplies and left the city.

B.  Destroyed and poisoned the water wells around the city.

C.  Allowed the invaders to enter the city.

D.  None of the above

2.  After six weeks of discomfort, magnified by food and water shortages,a priest in the Christian army camp reported he had a vision as to how the Crusaders would prevail in victory and obtain Jerusalem. What were the conditions to obtain this victory?

A.  The Crusaders were to put aside their sinful and selfish ways.

B.  They were to fast and pray for 3 days.

C.  On the 3rd day they were to walk barefoot around the Holy City.

D.  All of the above.

3.  T/F:  It took the Crusaders nine days to lay siege to Jerusalem and finally take control of the Holy City.

4.  T/F:  The Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem aka Hospitallers changed their patron saint from St. John the Compassionate to St. John the Baptist.

5.  Describe the difference in the services provided by the two orders the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ.

6.  T/F:  The Beau Seant was not only the Templar banner but a Templar battle cry.

7.  What was the probable use for identification of a Templer during a transaction as proof of his identity?

A.  Letters written in code

B.  Requirement of witnesses and hand written signatures.

C.  Asking of personal questions

D.  All of the above.

8.  Who were the Turcopoles? (Scroll down to bottom of this page for picture)

9.  Fill in the Blanks: Although a monastic __________, the Templars inevitably became involved in __________, especially in the Kingdom of____________.

10.  Exercise:  Briefly summarize your thoughts and observations regarding how the author has described the Templars thus far in this book versus the description of the Templars in the book we just studied,The Knights Templar Revealed, (previously titled The TemplarContinuum).

Siege of Jerusalem by Crusaders, 1099

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