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1.  In the year 1271 AD, the Christian territories now occupied a narrow strip centered on the fortified port cities along the coast of what is known today as what two countries?

2.  T/F:  The wealthy Christians living among these cities shared the pope’s enthusiasm for a new Crusade to recapture all the holy places of Christendom.

3.  T/F:  Guillaume de Beaujeu promised King Charles that the Templars would support his royal claim in which the King purchased to be King of Jerusalem.

4.  Knights and barons no longer believed in the spiritual benefits promised by the church. Explain why not.

5.  T/F:  According to the author, there seems to be a split of loyalty by the Templars toward King Hugh of Cyprus and King Charles of Anjou.

6.  Who does King Hugh of Cyprus leave as his bailli for Acre, when he returns to Cyprus?

7.  Who were the major enemies of Baibar’s successor the mameluke sultan Kala-un? And what land did they rule?

8.  In 1281, Kala-Un proposed a 10 year peace treaty with the Christians.Was the treaty accepted and if so by whom?

9.  After so many failed attempts to receive support from around Europe,Argun and his fellow Christian nobles were on their own.  They finally understood and learned what about their dreams of ownership in the Holy Land?

10.  T/F:  After the fall of Acre to Sultan al-Ashraf, there was no Christian left inside Acre, they had either been killed or sold at the slave market.

11.  T/F:  After the fall of Acre, the Templars and Hospitallers reluctantly set up their new headquarters on the isle of Cyprus.

12.  When the last Templar Grand master is elected, Jacques De Molay,what was his first move as Grand master of the Knights Templar?

13.  Exercise:  According to the author, Jacques de Molay is perceived as arrogant, illiterate, and uninformed regarding the ensuing politics of France and the Holy See. Write a short summary telling whether you agree or disagree with him about Jacques de Molay.

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