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1.  Who was known as the “Hammer of the Scots”?

2.  T/F:  The very weaknesses that caused the Scots to scoff at John Baliol made him attractive to Edward I of England as a potential puppet.

3.  Who was Isabel, the niece of King Philip, originally arranged to be married to, that would form an alliance between countries?

4.  T/F:  While the King of England was off making war with France,there was an uprising among the Scots.

William Wallace otherwise known as Braveheart and his army on the field5.  T/F:  William Wallace was born of Scottish royal blood.

6.  T/F:  The Scots never won their freedom under the command of Wallace.

7.  T/F:  William Wallace was betrayed by his own people, as they agreed to aid in his capture and hand him over to the English.

8.  After Wallace’s death, who crowned Robert the Bruce as King of Scotland?

9.  Exercise: Write a short summary explaining the importance or significant point of the chapter and how it relates, or is relevant to, the Templars.

William Wallace, known as Braveheart

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