Chapter 8 lesson questions:   Copy and paste into an email, add your answers, then send to the School with Born in Blood 8 in the subject line.

1.  Who was Benedetto Gaetani?

2.  Fill in the Blanks:  Boniface VIII was the grandest ________of the papacy or the most ___________ of all the popes.

3.  What was Pope Boniface’s historical bull that he issued, and what did it say?

4.  In April 1303 the agent of King Philip of France proposed to a council in France that Pope Boniface should be proclaimed unfit to sit on the Throne of St. Peter. Why?

5.  What were some of the 29 charges against the Pope Boniface?

6.  T/F:  King Philip had many supports for removing Boniface as pope, and the Knights Templar were one of these supporters.

7.  Fill in the Blanks: Without fuss or argument, the successor of Boniface was elected within ____ days, and the new pope selected the name of ___________XI.

8.  Multiple Choice: Pope Benedict XI rein as pope was short lived,and next Philip placed yet another pope on the throne, one who would do his bidding, who was this new pope?

A. Pope Nicholas IV

B. Pope Clement V

C. Pope Celestine V

D.  None of the above

9. Multiple Choice: Pope Clement invented the fees based on percentages of the first years revenue from benefices. What were they called?

A. annates

B. bills

C. papal annuities

10.  Fill in the blanks: Ego defines _________ and the church demanded for itself every conceivable right, priviledge, and gesture of _________.

11.  Exercise: The author tells us that the Crusaders brought home from Persia a game board which we know call Chess. Go to the internet and find descriptions of each of the pieces. Based on the way it moves, looks and its name, decide which chess piece best describes you.  Copy and paste a picture of it and tell us why or how that chess piece relates to you.

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