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1.  List at least three things King Philip of France owed the Templars for.

2.  What was the proposed plan brought forth at an earlier time by a Dominican friar named Ramon Lull?

3.  T/F:  After the arrests of the Templars in France, Pope Clement V hears the news and is furious with King Philip of France.

4.  T/F:  Even to this day there is little proof that fear of punishment actually prevents crime, but it is quite certain that fear of punishment motivates men to take almost any action to avoid being caught.

5.  T/F:  On April 3, 1312 the pope promulgated a new papal bull,Vox in Excelso which formally disbanded the Templar Order without actually proclaiming them guilty of the charges.

6.  Essay question: We have read here about the gruesome tortures of the Templars and the Grandmaster de Molay.  Since the Order was disbanded without being proclaimed guilty of the charges, and since the Order was actually exempt from torture, do you think the Pope could have ultimately let the Templars and Grand master go?

Pope Clement V

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