Read the Introduction of the book Born in Blood, then answer the questions below…

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1. What was the year of the Peasants Revolt in England?

2. What is the only connection that links Freemasonry with the Peasants Revolt?

3. Who was the supreme commander of the rebellion during the Peasants Revolt?And what was the meaning of his name?

4. What happened to the people in England after the arrest of the Templars?

5. Complete this sentence:  “That dilemma called to mind the central tenet of Freemasonry, which requires….”

6. What are the ancient rules that still govern the conduct of the fraternity in Freemasonry called?

7. Fill in the blanks: The Charge says that no _______ should reveal the_______ of a _________ that may deprive him of his _____ and property.

8. Fill in the blanks: Among those lost _______ were the meanings of words used in Masonic rituals, words like ________, ________ , due-guard and _______.

9. What year did the English courts officially change the language used for court proceedings from French to English? And why is this a significant to Freemasonry?

10. A deeper analysis of the Old Charges of ancient Masonry defines what?And just what was the “lodge” doing?

11. Exercise: In 1884, the Papal bull “Humanum Genus” is issued by pope Leo XIII. Do an internet search, find a copy of the “Humanus Genus”, paste it into your answer. Also do a little world history research,and find what other events or historic documents are tied to the creation of this “bull”.

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