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Become An Ordained Minister Have you always felt called? Become an Ordained Minister legally perform weddings, accept donations for spiritual counseling, readings

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Religion, Metaphysics, Religious Studies or other religious Bachelors degree title.

Master of Arts or Science in Religion, Master of Divinity, Metaphysics, Religious Studies or other religious Masters degree title.

Ph.D. in Religion, Metaphysics, Religious Studies, Pastoral Spiritual Counseling or other PhD degree online.

Doctorate Degrees The Seminary offers Doctorate degrees in Divinity, Theology and Ministry, and Doctor of Sacred Music; which enable you to expand your spiritual horizons and teach others.

Holy Orders to the Priesthood Become an ordained priest with Apostolic Succession – for both men and women.

Rabbi Center Have you felt the rabbinical calling? Now you can use your experience and knowledge and become an Ordained Rabbi.

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ETS Homestudy Courses: Learn how to better the lives of others, thru online or telephone spiritual counseling lessons.

The Divine Feminine
The Goddess Rosary, The Lady’s Prayer and other prayers

Mary Magdalene Corner

Judeo-Christian Goddesses:  Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are technically Goddesses, &  despite the Church, have been venerated as such for 2000 years.

Sophia & Sophia Prayers: Goddess in the Old Testament, Mrs. God, Holy Spirit, Co-Creator, Bride of God.

Mary of Nazareth Who was she really?  Just a woman known by her sexuality — either virginity or reproductive ability as “mother of God?” Or more…

Hebrew Goddess Asherah, widely known Mother Goddess in the ancient Bible lands.   She was forcibly removed from the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures around 400 – 500 B.C.

Restoring the Christian Goddess
Online lessons: What kind of world would we live in now if the Christian Authorities had acknowledged the sacred union / sacred marriage of masculine and feminine?

Lessons: A B C D & E

Esoteric Mystery School of Alternative Christianity & Ancestral Traditions

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European Ancestral Spirituality

Celtic Clergy Become ordained as a Bard, Vate, Druid, Arch-Druid or other celtic clergy title of your choice.
Teutonic Clergy Become ordained as a Vitki, Gothi or Gythia.
Ancestral Bookshop A short list of must have books for those of you interested in your Northern European pre-Christian  heritage.
Ancestral European Living: Our emphasis here is on teaching Europe’s pre-Christian noble values.
European Teutonic & Celtic Prayers

How and Whom our European Ancestors Worshipped

Esoteric Parenting
– Spiritual Parenting Articles

Experience Mary As Goddess

Eckhart Tolle Teachings for Children

Spiritual Parenting

Ken Wilber Corner

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Christian Tarot & Rune Readings
What’s in the cards for you? Get a personal reading or interpretation.

Dream and Symbol Interpretations
by our co-founder & teacher, Katia Romanoff, Ph.D.