Authority and Accreditation

Accreditation in the USA
Institutes that do not have such accreditation can exist legally
by meeting the state requirements, and are known as “state
licensed” or “state approved” universities. States
also exempt institutes with a religious charter and offering theological
degree programs as a constitutional right.
— From a Distance Learning FAQ page:

Please keep in mind that most Bible Colleges and Christian Universities
do not have secular regional accreditation.

State of Florida Department of Education

In the United States of America, jurisdiction over degree-granting
institutions rests with the individual state governments. Compliance
with state regulations is the necessary condition for offering a
legitimate, legal American degree. The Esoteric Theological Seminary
grants degrees under the authority of the Florida State Board of
Independent Colleges and Universities in compliance with Section
1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes. The state of Florida does not require
regional or theological accreditation.

Accreditation and Recognition of Credit Concerning seminary accreditation;
the value of any accredited university, accredited bible college
or accredited online seminary degree is subjective, depending on
the amount of work that went into earning it, the student’s attitude
and aptitude, and external circumstances related to the school itself
or to the graduate’s working world. You should be aware that many
Christian Private Schools, Bible Colleges and Seminaries elect not
to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education and do not seek
Regional Accreditation, which is more common among Secular Colleges
and Universities. Christian Educational Ministries are automatically
exempt from the dictates of both the Government and secular accreditation
agencies. Esoteric Theological Seminary, like other Christian Education
Ministries, has full theological accreditation which is recognized
and respected as an acceptable form of accreditation for those in
pursuit of ministry related avocations. Most accredited universities,
accredited seminaries, accredited Bible colleges and accredited
colleges have their own criteria for recognition and acceptability
of online educational credits. The individual should always address
specific questions to selected institutions in determining their
particular criteria concerning accreditation. Northwestern Theological
Seminary is an educational outreach ministry of Christian Alliance
Ministries Worldwide. Our ministry, established in 1980, has branch
seminaries, evangelistic ministries and approximately 400,000 members
in over 40 countries including: the United States, Latin America,
Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. United States Government
Approval We are recognized by the Government of the United States
of America, as a 501 ( c )(3) Religious Organization with all rights
and privileges as provided by law.

State of Florida

State of Florida Department of Education
Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary operates under authorization,
as a degree granting institution through exemption, by the Florida
State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under Section
1005.06 (1) (f), FLA Statutes. The state, like other states, does
not require accreditation or theological accreditation for our religious

State of Arizona

State of Arizona Department of Education
Northwestern Theological Seminary operates as religion based degree
granting institution, as such the State of Arizona has no jurisdiction
over such religious programs. .Reference the Arizona State Board
of Private and Post Secondary Education under A.R.S.32-3022 (E).
The state of Arizona, like other states, does not require accreditation
or theological accreditation for our religious education as they
have no jurisdiction.

We are a Theologically Accredited Biblical Seminary
As a theologically accredited biblical seminary, we are not required,
by the U.S. Dept. of Education or any other agency, to have regional
accreditation nor are we subject to governmental or secular oversight.
As such, our educational programs are not required to qualify our
students for either governmental or secular certification. However,
legally, our degrees are classified as theologically accredited and
state authorized as exempt, which fully qualifies all degrees from
Northwestern Theological Seminary to be recorded professionally both
on your resume and in personal employment records. You can be proud
of the legitimacy of your Degrees from Northwestern Theological Seminary.
Our ministries are recognized by the Government of the United States,
as a 501 ( c ) (3) Religious Organization. Since we are considerate
of and obedient to all of the laws set by our government, as a Christ
centered biblical education ministry, our ultimate authority is God
and as such we choose to remain free in our rights to teach degree
programs based on the word of God as found in His Holy Bible. However,
Because of our legal position based on the U.S. Constitution, NO outside
agency has any authority over our educational content regarding our
right to teach Bible based educational programs leading to the award
of appropriate certificates and degrees.
And the authorities said, “We gave you strict orders not to continue
teaching, in the name of this man Jesus, behold now you have filled
all of Jerusalem with your teaching and you intend to bring the blood
of Jesus upon us.” But Peter and the Apostles answered and said,
“We must serve God rather than men.” (Acts 5: 28-29)
“And the things which you have heard from me in the presence
of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able
to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)



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