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Dr. Katia Romanoff
interprets symbols in dreams and co-writes an advice column with Dr. Lauri
Loewenberg called The Dream Zone, appearing in several newspapers around
the country and Sedona Magazine.

Below are dozens of Dr Katia’s interpretations
of dreams, nightmares and waking visions people send in to her. The same
symbols appear in paintings, songs, and religions of the world. Just start
reading at the top and see if you find any symbols with a message for

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January 7, 2006

This is something that has been going on for a few months now, right before
I go into a deep sleep, I suddenly am falling and I jump, literally jump
in my bed right before I hit whatever is at the bottom. At that moment
when I jump from hitting bottom, my eyes fly open for only a split second,
then they close and I am in a deep sleep as if I have been sleeping for
hours.. it is so scary, but I can’t stop from this happening. It happens
maybe every other night, or it might go away for a couple of nights, then
its right back..please help me! – Romaine, (female) 24

This is a biological thing, not mental, so fear not. It is called a “hypnogogic experience”, feels like falling and jerking awake, and always occurs at the transition between sleep stages 1 and 2. Everyone experiences it once or twice in their life, people with epilepsy or other neurological conditions more often. It has no symbolic meaning, since it is biological, so it really isn’t “interpretable”. However, it could mean you are having an abrupt time with your transitions, things aren’t going smoothly as they should. Or strictly biologically, your sleep stages are messed up. Do an internet search on stages of sleep. Are you on any new medications or have you been depressed or overly anxious lately? These things can increase hypnogogic experiences.

I constantly have dreams of where I grow angry with a family member or
a friend for no reason I started to hit them and basically try to kill
them, I have had most of them where I end up killing my brother. After
beating them up or killing them I hold them in my arms and cry and say
that it wouldn’t have happened if you just didn’t make me mad. I try to
blame it on them for me hurting them. I don’t know why I continue to have
dreams like that because I don’t feel any anger towards anybody like that.
– Timothy, 24

It can mean that you are suppressing some anger or frustration toward them in waking life so it has to come out in your dreams. Dreams always exaggerate in order to make sure they get our attention, so your dreamweaver makes it out to be worse than it really is. Whenever you get one of these dreams, examine how you might be feeling aggravated or resentful toward that person — or how you are feeling out of control regarding your relationship with them. Killing in dreams means killing off a part of yourself or your life that you might still be needing. Maybe that person feels suddenly “dead” to you in waking life, you feel cut off from them. So your subconscious thinks you “killed off” him or her and sends you this dream.

January 14, 2006

I was in a mall with a bar in the center, the bartender told me that he
can tell me my future. He said that my husband will die this year 2006
by a heart attack.
– Carmen, Houston, TX

This is not a prediction! This is an anxiety you secretly harbor. You are afraid your husband will have a “heart attack” — maybe stop loving you? — this year. Are either of you frequenting bars where temptation might be? Or you may be literally afraid he’ll die. Fears come out in our dreams like this and can seem like an eerie precognition, but never come true.

I was lying on top of the wing of a small airplane holding onto some sort
of a rope or bar. We were very high in the air, when the plane started
to veer to the side and I started to slip off the wing. I remember looking
down to the ground far below me and cried, please don’t let me fall. Then
l woke up. It was frightening. – Anna, 60

Ask yourself how in life you are “too high”, ungrounded or unsupported. This dream could have been triggered if you have recently felt overwhelmed by something you’ve just entered into which you have no control over. Airplanes and flight have to do with spiritual stuff as well as inspirations. Perhaps you were inspired by something (or someone) recently, but when you pursued the inspiration you ended up feeling unsupported and overwhelmed.


January 21, 2006

I had a dream that I was in a witness protection program although I am
not sure for what. I kept being moved around from place to place because
someone was trying to kill me. I was falling in love with the FBI agent
that was helping me. And he was falling in love, too. Can you tell me
what it means? – Brenda 31, Houston, TX

Sounds like an action adventure movie! Well. You should ask yourself how in your waking life do you feel pursued and a little afraid. What is making you frequently change your location or point of view (opinions, mindset, etc.)? Falling in love with your protector is a good sign indicating you are “merging” with the part of you that protects and preserves your sanity and psyche. He represents your “inner beloved” or the masculine soul-mate that every woman’s higher self contains. When he shows up in dreams it can be oh-so sweet! (Men have the opposite, by the way, and it is fun for them, too!).

Please tell me what this dream means. I am running uphill on a concrete,
curving path. While running, I am trying to carry a planter with plants
and flowers in the pot. I am dropping the planter and stumbling. All the
while, others are running past me on the path. – Kara, Greensboro, NC

The planter and flowers represent your body — your health. How is keeping healthy an uphill battle for you lately? Are you stumbling in your New Year’s resolutions to exercise or get the physical healing you need? It could also mean that some part of you wants to break out of “contained growth” (the pot) and be freer. However, I think the health message is more likely, so do what you gotta do — quit smoking, exercise more, take your calcium, or whatever you know you should do for your specific situation. Everyone else passing you shows that you are afraid of falling behind, of missing out. The concrete symbolizes how hard the path has been for you lately. If you resolve to discipline yourself and stick to a healthy routine, you will not feel this anxiety any more. You will reach the top and victory will be yours!

Hi Lauri and Katia!
I was excited to get your response about my dream! You certainly can use
my name in your column. My age is 33. I did find the information “right
on target.” I have been trying to eat better & exercise more
for the new year. However, I haven’t been doing so good at it. Thanks
so much for the information! -Kara

January 28, 2006

I had a dream that my mom is having her third child and she’s 48. I met
her at the hospital and saw her give birth. Then I snuck into the nursery
at the hospital. I stole the baby then drove to an adoption drop box in
DC. I told my mom that I went out to get food. The nurse came in and said
that the baby was missing. – Jessica, 19

Your mother must have recently gotten involved in something “new and precious” (newborn baby), that has you worried you’ll be getting less of her time and attention. And/or: what project or relationship has she embarked on that you want her to drop? There is something between you that you want to get rid of (take to the drop box) behind your mother’s back. What do you feel the need to hide from her? At your age you realize you don’t need her attention so much any more, so this is probably not as much about resentment as anxiety over something you perceive she’s “gotten into.”

I work 65 miles from home, and I always dream about having a blow out
tire and getting in a wreck…..is that guilt for being away from my twin
boys….one is a diabetic. – Desiree, Pahrump, NV

It very well could be maternal guilt, as you say. However, it is also a sign of good parenting(!) because it shows you are fully aware of your boys’ need for you. You know you have to leave to make an income, but you also (naturally) fear something could happen to you and deprive them of the most important person in their life right now, their mother. Get a nice life insurance policy on yourself, and rest easy knowing your anxieties are surfacing in your dreams, not in real life. Oh, I must say! Dream interpreters are always taught that when a dreamer speaks of car failures the first thing we must warn them is to check whatever’s failing. Check thy tires, woman, just to be sure it’s not an intuitively literal message. Tires also symbolize being grounded and mobility. How are you thinking you need to stay put, slow down, not go away so much? Obviously, it could be referring to the leaving of your boys each day. Part of you wants to stay with them and be a full-time Mom. Again, it’s a sign of good maternal instincts and the age-old dilemma/decision career women face.

February 4, 2006

I am racing across the ground, but on four legs like a large cat. I can
feel the earth tear up under my feet from the speed. Suddenly there is
an almost vertical incline but with bamboo like branches in a slide type
object. I am forced to stop. – Olwyn, (female) 44

This is a powerful dream having to do with your “journey of life” right now. Your catlike self — your independent modern-woman streak — has come out in your personality to help you thru some current situations. The cat self comes when we need to be “cruel to be kind” or are not saying no when we should. However, you are up against quite an obstacle. A vertical incline symbolizes an almost insurmountable problem or issue. Close your eyes and relax, then picture yourself standing there at the base of that incline. See yourself figuring out a way past this obstacle. You and the cat, or just the cat, manages to get up, over or around it. Picture yourself on the other side of this obstacle. What method did you use to get there? Did you climb, find a secret tunnel, go around or what? Whatever solution came to you in this exercise is your advice in real life. Climbing means doing it the hard way, but more satisfaction will come of it because it is the right thing to do. A tunnel would mean going to the heart of the problem and finding a short cut by using inner strength or hidden knowledge you forgot you had. Going around it would mean a sudden realization that this is not your problem, you don’t have to be anxious about it anymore, there is a workaround. The bamboo and slide object are perhaps part of the obstacle, but could be part of the tools you could use to solve this issue. The message is to use all your womanly resources and you shall prevail!

for your reply. Taking your advice, the solution that came to me was to
spring like a cat would and simply land at the top. Now why did I not
think of that !! A HUGE thank you for your help. I am actually from Cape
Town, South Africa but am presently living in North Miami Beach, Florida.
Also, I have no problem in using my correct name. Best regards -Olwyn


I keep dreaming about my boyfriend’s ex. I dream that I cut her eyelid.
– Krystal, 18

Humans are often very jealous
of their partner’s ex. She bothers you on a subconscious level because
you know he was with her before you. However, this dream also means you
are comparing yourself to her. Eyelids symbolize closing our eyes to our
mistakes, not seeing something we should. Eyes are also something jealous
women want to “cut out” of the other woman. You’ve got a nice
double meaning going here! The main message is a helpful one — this dream
is advising you not to make the same mistakes she did which ended the

February 11, 2006

I am on vacation and go to take a shower. In the tub are three blue angel
fish, a hermit crab and a gray frog that looks dead. I move the fish out
and they float to some glasses with flowers. I put the crab outside and
see an orange and red octopus there. I cannot move the frog. It looks
like it is dead but keeps moving. I walk out and my ex husband is there
talking to me. I ask him why he is there and walk out. – Kristinia, 36,
Virginia Beach VA

On vacation symbolizes in your
relaxed unguarded moments and the shower means you are trying to cleanse
yourself of old harmful memories and pains. The tub indicates your desire
to wash away what the critters in there symbolize. This dream is about
dead and gone things that still have a little life in them. The frog tells
us that perhaps you are glad your relationship with your ex is dead, but
still there will always be a part of you that remembers the good things
about your life with him. Also you may be worried he will come back and
try to talk to you when you want nothing to do with him. The blue angel
fish sound nice. You don’t want to wash them down the drain, you want
to “save” them and put them in a good place in your life. Did
you get three good things out of the relationship with him — children
maybe? or friends/relatives of his that you still like? They are still
alive and a good part of your life. (If not people, then the angelfish
symbolize something else productive you learned from your time with him
or otherwise “got out of” the marriage.) The hermit crab symbolizes
the irritation you still feel toward him or about the past. You want to
avoid relationships, but yet you don’t want to be lonely. Makes perfect
sense, but what to do about it?! The advice here in this dream is to relax,
cleanse and open yourself to the positive future coming your way. Avoid
thinking about the ex-husband as symbolized by you walking away at the
end of the dream.

so on the money. I have two boys from him and he is always trying to get
me to do things and talk to him when I do not want to. Also I have started
to date again and feel like giving up. -Kristinia

I have frequent dreams of getting chased by tornadoes. I have even dreamed
that I ran into a church and hid under one of the pews. Amazingly, the
tornado somehow came up the aisle of the church, stopping at each row
of pews looking for me…..meanwhile doing no damage to the church. Can
you help me understand why I dream about tornadoes so often and what this
particular dream meant? – Jamie, Murfreesboro, TN

Tornadoes symbolize mental torment,
anguish, or anxiety. How are you trying to take refuge in traditional
religion but yet are feeling pursued by tormented worries? You are having
a crisis of faith perhaps, having doubts about the religion of your childhood?
Remember that doubts about spirituality are not bad, but very healthy
and show you are moving into a more mature phase in relating to the Divine.
No damage to the church shows that this is about your spiritual advancement,
your inner development, not about “betraying” your faith or
damaging the mainstream church. You can’t hurt the church with your questions
and doubts. It is you that must move forward /upward on your journey to
illumination. If you were raised in the Christian tradition, I recommend
the book Inner Christianity by Richard Smoley to help you go deeper in,
to take spirituality to the “next level”.

for the interpretation of my dream. I am a 32 year old male raised in
a very small town in Illinois. My mother’s parents (my grandparents) lived
near us when I was growing up…..they where Christians. My parents and
us kids (5 of us) attended a Baptist Church; and my father’s parents where
Methodist……Grandpa being a Preacher. Needless to say, I was around
religion my whole life.
Your interpretation makes sense to me……although I could’t really see
it myself. I had been raised with beliefs of what is right and wrong…….and
I think that maybe the fact that I came out of the closet to myself, and
a few family members, has something to do with it. I was raised to believe
that being gay is wrong; however that could not change the way I felt.

I do believe in God and that he accepts people for who they are……..but
do question some faiths and thier ability to judge people. I just never
really thought I was dreaming about it.
Thanks for your time,


February 18, 2006

I dreamed I hiked a long distance into a wilderness forest. I came to
a village where hippies from the 1960s had come to drop out of mainstream
society, become self-sufficient, and develop their own culture. There
were lots of massage tables in a field — they had developed their own
highly advanced form of massage. I was astounded to see a 12 foot tall
gorilla lying on a massage table. The villagers told me it was wild and
lived in the forest, but they were able to tranquilize it with massage.
Next they showed me a book of photographs they had taken with a special
camera they had invented. The first photograph was of a tree, but it also
showed the roots underground, and you could see a Buddha meditating in
the roots. The next photo was of a boulder, and there was a Buddha sitting
inside the boulder. Then there was a photo of a distant mountain, and
a huge Buddha was in the mountain. I was stunned to realize that everything
had a Buddha in it. Then they started to teach me how to massage one of
the villagers, a white male with dreadlocks. I did not like this guy much
because he was too hippy-ish for my taste, but I did what they told me.
I started massaging his head and was amazed to realize his mind was growing
stronger. That is all I remember from the dream. – John, 50

You have tranquilized your “wild
side,” you baser instincts, your shadow self, in order to nurture
and “civilize” it. You are attempting to civilize all parts
of yourself — even the inner “yuck” that most people try to
ignore — and become a balanced being. The wilderness trek is you going
deep within yourself on this “healing” and self improvement
mission. You are a self-sufficient person — a do it yourself-er who is
working on enlightenment and nearly there (the Buddha and tree images
tell us that). Like all the characters in this dream, the dreadlocks guy
is another facet of your personality. But he is an aspect you don’t like
too much, so ask yourself how are you too “hippyish” sometimes?
The message is, if you apply proper techniques (meditation, contemplation,
study, laid-back attitude) your mind will grow stronger, healthier and
you’ll end up where you wanna be, enlightened, balanced, individuated
and integrated. This is a nice, potent spiritual evolvement dream showing
you are on the right track, facing unpleasant elements all by yourself,
not depending on someone else to “save” you or to hold your

interpretation is very encouraging to me. I was raised a Roman Catholic,
but even by first grade I knew this was not the religion for me. I was
an agnostic as a teenager, but once I heard about Carl Jung’s collective
unconscious in college, I started studying all kinds of religions and
philosophies, trying to understand the meaning of life. Slowly, over many
years, I found Buddhism to be the most satisfying for me, but I like “customizing”
it with American Transcendentalism and some New Age writings. I have studied
with several groups, but I have never felt comfortable with any ritual
or hierarchy or joining with others and saying, “I believe what you
believe.” I have had at least two dreams with God, but this is the
first dream I have had that contained Buddhist images. I am very pleased
to hear that you interpet it as making progress. I will have to think
about how I might be “too hippyish”. Nothing comes to mind right
away. Thank you very much for your interpretation. -John

I’ve had a recurring dream of my friend who passed away coming to me and
helping me move. In real life I’ve recently moved into a new apartment
and am going to school for my life long dream of vet. tech. Why am I now
having this dream of moving with my dead friend when I’ve already moved?
Have I made the wrong choice of apartments? I feel really tired after
the dream when I wake up. My friend keeps telling me to keep on going
in the dream and no matter how tired I am he keeps on moving the boxes
no matter what. I finally say no more. Then he sits back and smiles and
then I wake up. – Sandra, 42

This is a dream coming to encourage
you, not to tell you you’ve made the wrong choice. In such “visitation”
from the “other side” dreams we should always heed any WORDS
that have been spoken by the deceased. In this case the message is, though
you are tired and worn out alot lately, you must “keep on going”
toward your career goal and dream. Him moving the boxes is also a message,
saying that in waking life you might need to organize your thoughts (boxes)
and your schedule to help eliminate the fatigue you’ve been experiencing.
He is “visiting” you from the other side, yes, but he is also
an internal part of your psyche now. He is performing a function of moving
when you’ve already done so in the physical world. The message is therefore
to also keep “moving” forward, don’t get settled in the temporary
phase of student-hood, don’t let complacency deaden your edge. Your future
awaits! Your friend will be there (in your personality) to help you, even
if he is a bit confusing at times!

February 25, 2006

I dreamt I was in a parking lot full of cars. On my way to my car my ex
husband called so I answered and we talked (don’t remember what about).
Then I got in my car and went to leave but the car only went in reverse
no matter what gear I put it in. I tried the brakes and the emergency
brake, nothing stopped it. I finally stopped on a back road. There were
people all around me and standing off to the side was my ex and his new
girlfriend behind him. That’s it. Please help this dream is driving me
crazy to find out what it means. – Crystal 35

It means he represents going
in reverse for you. He is nothing more than a “back road” and
is “off to the side” in your life now. This is good dream symbolism
coming after an unpleasant divorce. It shows you are getting on with your
life, your perspective is balancing out again. The parking lot represents
all the other people just waiting to connect with you, to be your friend
–cars that can go forward — whereas if you deal with him, you can only
go in reverse, and things immediately go out of your control (brakes don’t
work). Even last ditch emergency efforts are ineffective against this
relationship! The people all around you at the end, while he and his new
girlfriend are off to the side, symbolize your present and your future
— people who are honestly good for you.

you so much! That dream has been on my mind since the night I had it.
You made a lot of sense, my divorce was ugly and I’m glad to be away
from him. I have moved on and have someone new in my life. So the dream
does make a lot of sense now that I think about it.

I knew I was having the gas man coming today but last night I had a dream
that he was going to be a black man and I was to have sexual intercourse
with him. What does that mean? He did show up and he was black but there
was no sexual intercourse. I am so lost. Please help me. – Elaine, St.
Louis, MO

White women often get dreams
like this, and black women dream of white men in similar situations! It
has to do with our body’s fascination with “the other” and the
old rule, “opposites attract.” Our naughty body sometimes influences
the subconscious dreaming mind with sexual urge dreams. This does not
mean you want to have sex with the gas man, he is only a symbol! It does
indicate your sexual energy is out of balance and you need to have some
fun — and pleasure — yourself, not just your partner getting all the

March 4, 2006

I was wondering if day dreaming is the same as dreaming at night? What
does a lot of daydreaming mean? – Carol, Lone Jack, MO

Daydreaming means your own past memories, or present musings and fantasies come into your mind distracting you to the point you lose awareness of your surroundings. So it’s not really the same as dreaming at night. However, if there are symbols and elements, objects, long lost relatives, friends showing up in these daydreams, they can indeed be interpreted. Even a fantasy has elements and characters that can be interpreted because they might be coming to your consciousness with a message specifically for you. The subconscious and higher mind can be “tapped into” when asleep or awake. There is a fine line between daydreams, dreams and waking “visions.” I tell people don’t get addicted to visions because they can lead to delusions of grandeur — thinking one is a prophet when really it’s your deeper mind trying to communicate with you. Now, real prophets and visionaries do exist, but a person has to beware of self-deception…the ego loves to puff us up.

I dreamed that the cable man was trying to poison me and everyone I know.
I walked into a home of people I knew and discovered they were skeletons!
They were sitting in the living room in their pajamas with their legs
crossed. They had saucers and forks sitting next to them and I knew they
had eaten chocolate cake that had been poisoned by the cable man. Suddenly
I am in my driveway and a white van with CABLE written on the side is
parked in front of my house. I know that my daughter is inside alone and
that my husband is not there. The lock on the back door is broken and
I fear for my daughter’s safety. I drive back down the street for help.
Neighbors follow me back to my house and then I wake up. I remember the
cable man’s face. What does this dream mean? – Jody, Elberon, VA

Wow, this is a new twist to the parental protection dream theme! You are wanting to protect those you love, especially the innocent in their homes and most especially you want to protect your daughter from the darker influences of the world, the filth and perversion that we don’t usually run into except in raunchy books or perverted television programs and movies. Part of you knows that cable TV brings things into the home — and into impressionable minds — that is downright detrimental. Permanent damage (turn whole families into skeletons!) can be caused by things seen that shouldn’t be seen, yet are put into movies and shows for the “shock factor” and horror attention-getting effect. Producers and directors are not the same as they were thirty years ago or even fifteen. It’s all about shock and horror to get an increasingly jaded audience somehow riveted to their program. The cable man in your dream symbolizes the entertainment industry; the chocolate cake symbolizes their seductively sweet “product” laced with hidden poison few realize is there. Lots of good stuff can be found on cable TV. But you’ve really gotta sort thru it all with a no-nonsense attitude, being very strict about what crap you refuse to allow your mind to take in.

March 11, 2006

My mother (now deceased) used to dream about weddings.
Every time she dreamed about a wedding, there was a death. The size and
how close she was to the wedding party was who would die. She once dreamed
she was in the wedding and she thought that it would be my Dad and was
very frantic for days. It turned out to be my Grandfather (Dad’s father)
who died. On occasion, I dream about weddings, myself. I’m wondering if
this is a common dream, or was it just a gift my Mom had? – Barbara, Knoxville,

Dreaming about weddings is very common, especially among women. But your mother’s unique pre-cognitive, downright prophetic ability to predict a coming death from a wedding dream, is not at all common. Everyday wedding dreams are usually commenting on some kind of merger or union of energies going on in your life right now. It can even mean a business merger or other kind of job partnership that’s on your mind. My own sister dreams of weddings alot. They can also mean a new beginning or a watershed event, realization, or situation is kicking in. They are generally a very positive dream theme. All I can say about your mother’s ability, is it’s totally unique. Perhaps the premonitions chose to come to her in a wedding setting because a wedding is a huge gathering of not only family but acquaintances, thus including everyone in her “circle”. Very fascinating — but no doubt frightening for her. In your case, look for the symbolic meaning of a wedding, and how it is giving you advice in your life right now.

I was riding down the road in my car eating pudding.
I went over a train track and somehow my spoon got struck in my throat.
I couldn’t get it out and wrecked my car trying. Next think I know, I
woke up in a hospital. – Tina, 29

Something is causing you to choke on your words. What is it you want to say but you keep choking up and can’t get it out? The pudding symbolizes how “sweet” you’ve been trying to be when you really want to be firm and speak your mind. If you don’t get this off your chest, your life will be a “wreck” and you’ll need even more healing (hospital). Right now you are still at a crossroads (train track). So if you can figure out what it is, you can resolve the situation (by speaking up) and can escape the coming damage (carwreck) and necessary down time (hospital stay). You can still be nice (sweet like the pudding) but must be firm and no-nonsense when you communicate this issue. You know what you gotta do!


March 14, 2006

I was about waist deep in water (dreamed of green
water the night before and wound up with nasty sludge in my mouth). It
seemed like I was in the Tennessee River, the Moccasin Bend part that
I used to drive by every day when I lived in Chattanooga, and you can
see it from my parent’s house. Anyway, I’m waist deep in the water and
there are several other people in the water also, scattered about. I look
down and see quite a few marbles on the bottom (Mike’s mom gave Jacob
some marbles when she was here last week and we have been playing with
them). They look just like some of the ones he has and I almost wonder
if they were his. So I bend down to get them. I notice one marble he doesn’t
have and am excited to get it and give it to him and I wonder if it is
worth anything (apparently there are some marbles out there that are worth
more than others). As I’m gathering them I also find a crystal (one that
has been polished and manufactured and that you would see on a chandelier
or hang in your window). I am excited to find it and as I am holding it
up to look at it some guy several yards away (also in the water) yells
at me that it is his. 🙁 But then I find another one. Not sure if it
was his either or if I got to keep it or what.

When I got pregnant with Jacob, Mike’s mom had just
visited so I was hoping maybe she’s good luck and that it will happen
again this time! Silly huh?

The childhood river reference connects you to your roots and the “river of life” that is your family line. This is about your desire of pregnancy and the process. The marbles could even represent sperm! Or fertilized eggs. Fish eggs, as you recall, are found lying on the bottom of bodies of water. The boy fish then come along and fertilize them. Also remember from that study/survey you did of pregnancy dreams that in the first trimester the dreams are about fish and water items. Only later when the embryo becomes a more mammal-like fetus do the dreams switch to puppies and kittens, etc. So. The water and reaching down into it for jewel-like items seems to be all about conception. The jewel-like items represent not only sperm or eggs, but SOULS. What is pregnancy but the welcoming of another soul into your life? Notice the value of the objects and how they are down in the “stream/river of life.” Way cool symbolism. You are worried however. This soul you seek might not be assigned to you yet (it might be somebody else’s). Success might not be yours yet, you won’t know for another 2 weeks probably, so your doubts and the uncertainty show up in the person of that man.

Interestingly you again dreamt of this area of the river. It truly must symbolize your “family line” and the continuation thereof. Very very cool.

March 19, 2006

I am riding a carousel. I can’t get out, yet there is a door. I know there
is a door but I decide to try and get out by jumping off. But I can’t.
Finally I give up — but I am now old.
– Sandra, El Paso, TX

Ah, this classic dream of riding the “carousel of life” comes to many people. You are caught up in the lifecycle, going round and round. You know there is a door — a way “out” — but you don’t want to take the easy way, you don’t want to just quit (suicide). You try to outsmart the system by rising above, by finding a short cut out of life’s seemingly repetitive, meaningless cycles. But life — and time — has a way of triumphing over us, and you become old during the effort. With age comes wisdom and higher awareness, however, so don’t give up! Achieving awareness and finding meaning in the universe may be the very reason human minds exist. You can rise above life’s mundane cycles by going within and seeking the spiritual side of things over the physical and mental.

We live in a house and I find an extra room. Every
time I dream this the house and room I find is different. I am very excited
about this secret room I found. When I go inside I find my husband’s ex-wife’s
clothes or jewelry. I get really excited and go through her stuff and
then plan on redecorating the room I find. My husband in my dream doesn’t
want me to wear her old things. I dream this a lot. – Stacy

This dream indicates that you are wanting to find some good in your husband’s ex-wife and put it to use. There is an urge to “get something out of it” which could mean you want to learn from her mistakes so that you don’t repeat them, or could mean you worry he still has feelings for her. But in reality your husband wants to wipe her from memory. Extra rooms and secret rooms are a fascinating dream element that many people experience. The different houses and rooms each time mean different aspects of your own personality and thinking patterns. The newly discovered room means a new exciting opportunity is opening up to you, some talent or skill or just plain good luck that is just arriving. Maybe you feel your husband’s bad experience with his ex is an opportunity for your own relationship to grow deeper and more longlasting. Notice you want to redecorate. You are the lady of the house, not her, and you have now added your “touches” to your husband’s life. I wonder if you harbor a hidden anxiety that he still has feelings for her? You seem to want to take on and make use of the valuables she possessed — the things maybe he liked about her. Remember he’s with you now. She’s the long-gone past. The dream is reassuring you that he wants you to be YOU — and not anything like her.

March 25, 2006

I was in a the forest on a winter night when all
of a sudden a circle of trees is blown away from me and their treetrunks
have ashes on them. I am a Timber Wolf (my favorite animal) and my worst
enemy is a gray wolf, looks starving, eyes bloodshot, snarling. He attacks
me, ripping my fur and skin, biting me. I’m trying to defend myself but
cannot. He’s too fast. (Whenever I wake up wherever he has stricken me
I begin to feel much pain or bleed.) – Taylor, 13

The timberwolf is your inner self or your spirit self — totem animal — in native traditions. He is you. But so is the gray wolf! The gray wolf is your shadow-side, the part of you that is “bad” and which you keep buried deep where no one can see. As children grow, they add more to their shadowself. Adults can add to theirs, too. The shadowself is uncivilized (wild but nasty like your gray wolf). The shadow actually needs to be treated nicely so that it will stop attacking you (it is actually “attacking” your subconscious mind). It is made up of not only your fears, but parts of you your parents and teachers have taught you to suppress, to not ever let out. That’s why he appears starved and vicious in your dream. The best way to stop this recurring dream is to close your eyes and picture the gray wolf and timberwolf making friends, eating a meal together and then running around playing. This visualization / daydream is totally created by you and works best if you do it while lying in bed before sleep.

I dream of a man I had an affair with a year ago
while my husband and I were split up. I am back with my husband now. I
miss the other man whom I’ve known for seven years. The dreams are so
real and take place at the apartment I had at the time. They include sex,
talking, just hanging out, but I always wake up crying. Doc gave me meds
but they don’t help. Going nuts. – Kay, 44

You are not happy with your current life and are afraid you’ve made some bad decisions which will make you miserable and lonely. You want romance in your marriage, and true companionship. But you are hankering over something and someone that can never be. It wasn’t meant for you to be with that guy, but your subconscious mind keeps longing for that kind of relationship. If the meds won’t help, you might go talk to a counselor. OR you could try reading some inspiring material right before bed and memorizing affirmations such as, “I am where I am supposed to be” and “I have everything I need and want at this moment in my life.”

April 2, 2006

I once had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night to get a
drink. Didn’t turn on any light or anything. After I got a drink of water,
I looked outside of my living room window and noticed a beautiful woman
wearing a pink, flowy dress walking bare foot down my block. I thought
to myself, “What is that woman doing all in the dark, alone?”
Then, she stopped walking and looked right at me, and started coming toward
me very fast. She walked right inside of me. Before she did, I saw her
real face, and it was all messed up, deformed almost. She possessed me
and was telling me to do all kinds of bad things, like to murder my father
and baby sister in the next rooms. I was fighting her temptations and
decided to try to get her out of me. I broke a light bulb and started
cutting myself open to release her. Then all of a sudden, the dream stopped
but it repeated the same exact dream five times, like it was being fast
forwarded. It really scared me and I had trouble sleeping for a few weeks
after that.
– Melanie, 23

How have you been feeling lonely and “in the dark” about something or someone? A once beautiful aspect of your own personality has now become “messed up” and manipulative, downright destructive. This part of you has taken over (possessed you) and is trying to convince you to cut off ties with your family and those you hold most dear (symbolized by your father and baby sister). “Murder” means ending a relationship or somehow hurting the feelings of that person, but not actually killing them. You are afraid this once beautiful (but lonely) part of you hurt the feelings of your father and sister. You are desperately trying to take control of your life again but are going about it the wrong way. Notice the several references to darkness and light. You even break a light bulb — thus destroying an avenue of light — in your desperate attempts to fix the situation. Instead of trying to exorcise her, to literally cut her out of you (which drains your lifeblood/energy) you should embrace her, welcome her and yes, love her. By doing so you change her from a negative force and integrate her back into a healthy, whole you. The dream repeated itself to get your attention, to make sure you didn’t forget or ignore this “message” from your inner guide.

I had a dream that I was sleeping and my three kids were beside my bed.
Two of them were trying to stab me with scissors and the third was at
the foot of the bed making growling noises. – Shawna, 24

Stabbing means taking energy. The growling noises point to some whining and complaining that’s been going on. Your kids have been draining your energy alot lately. Scissors mean getting rid of something, cutting it out of your life. Have you been afraid lately that your kids are wanting to cut you out of their lives? As children get older and become more independent, this fear can be triggered in a mother’s heart. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, so don’t be alarmed. You are a good mother and your kids are not out to get you!


April 6, 2006

I was house sitting for a couple of neighbors who were away on a trip.
I was tasked with feeding and caring for their pets which were a vole
(small, mouse like creature) and a cat. In the dream I did not know these
people and had apparently never seen them because I was surprised when
I located a family picture in the house and they appeared to be Ethiopian.
I was extra concerned about the job that I did since they were virtual
strangers. When I went into the house, I was never able to locate the
cat but knew it was around somewhere because there was cat excrement everywhere.
It was smeared on the carpet, it was on the walls. What a mess and terrible
smell. I spent a lot of time trying to clean it up and was using their
towels and rags to try to clean up the mess. It seemed the more I cleaned,
the worse it got. My father-in-law showed up unexpectedly and started
taking pictures because he said I might need them to prove that I was
not responsible for making the mess. (He is an attorney in real life and
was also in the dream). I was trying to hurry because I was late for my
twenty-five year class reunion and needed to get the cat poop off of me.
By now, I had it all over me, even in my mouth. Truly disgusting. What
is the meaning of all of this? Do I need a shrink? A vacation? – Michelle,

Okay, are you being anal retentive lately and need to release a bunch of “crap” you’ve been holding back? What situation has proved impossible to clean up? Excrement often has to do with repressed emotions, with negativity that needs to get flushed out and flushed away. This dream is also about shame and embarrassment. What have you done lately that has made you embarrassed? The class reunion is a clue as to what situation, issue, or relationship in your life this dream is referring to. House-sitting indicates this has to do with a temporary, seldom used part of your personality. The problem/issue is strange and unfamiliar (the surprising family picture), whatever it is, and causes you to feel out of your league. Feces in your mouth means there is something negative you need to say but have been holding back. Your father-in-law is a helper figure and symbolizes taking precautions and protectiveness. It is safe — you are in the right — so just let it all out, whatever it is! Then all the crap you’ve been putting up with will not only clean up easily, it will disappear!

I want to help a close friend of mine and thought you can help. She says
she dreams of having sex with her husband that eventually turns out to
be not him but her brother! She says she feels disgusted about it every
time she has it and wakes up in a sweat to switch the lights on to see
who she’s really sharing the bed with. What does this dream mean? – Gavesha,

Dreams like this can be very disturbing. A happily married woman dreaming about sex with her brother has to do with merging of masculine and feminine aspects within her own personality, not sexual desire. Please tell your friend the following: Your dream could mean you need to incorporate some of your brother’s character traits into your own personality make-up. What three words would you use to describe your brother? Well, those three things are what you need more of in your life. It also indicates your sex life has become too “brotherly” and needs to get back to how it was when you were first married. Your husband is your passionate lover and not one of the family. You love him differently than a family member. Even though incest dreams have a “natural” meaning, such dreams are annoying and always upset people. The theory is the more disturbing the dream, the more it will create in you the determination to find the meaning.

April 16, 2006

What does it mean when I dream about losing my daughter
in an airport and not being able to find her? I kept asking for help and
describing her to everyone and no one wanted to help me. – Melissa, Modesto,

No one wanting to help you in a dream indicates you feel like no one cares about you and your daughter right now. You feel all alone in your parenting situation. Are you a single mother or a mother with very little extended family support system? The airport setting symbolizes coming and going, but also power, energy and above all, saying goodbye. What is going on in your comings and goings and/or in your mother-daughter relationship that makes you feel you are always saying goodbye to her? You must feel there is a danger she will be “lost” to you, not physically, but emotionally. She must be getting more independent and doesn’t seem to need you anymore. Rest assured she does need you, and will for decades! Just think of your need for your own mother even at your age. Think about the chain of mother to daughter to mother to daughter that you are a part of. It is the female line of your people and cannot be broken, even by death.

A couple of nights ago I had a dream I was pregnant.
When I was first told, I was of course not believing because I was a male.
Well since it was a dream it wasn’t super unbelievable, so I looked down
and sure enough I was checking my stomach and there was something there.
I never felt it kick or anything. I was then asked if I wanted some pills
to make the contractions and to initiate labor, but I declined being a
little scared and a little confused at my current situation. There wasn’t
any indication of whose baby it was (I’m not sure if this is relevant,
but it seems like often it is a question)…. – Anonymous male, 38

Aha! Something wonderful is “in the works” for you, so wonderful it’s almost unbelievable. This element is already “growing” in your life and is about to burst into reality. Although a bit scared and confused by whatever this revolutionary change is in your life, you nevertheless are handling matters very intelligently and maturely. We see the good sense when you turn down an offer to artificially speed things up. You want this growth to come to a natural flowering, to come into being at the appointed time without forcing the issue. I wonder what the heck this “issue” is…! You aren’t sure where this blessing came from but origins don’t always matter, so you are going with the flow. Smart, smart.

April 22, 2006

Dear Cindy:

You wrote:

Just FYI I did attend a funeral last week for a 17 year old friend…don’t
know if this might help you in your interpretation or not!

This may have brought funerals to the forefront of your subconscious mind, causing it to use a funeral as a symbol in your dreams. But let’s dig into the specific nightmares you had because they are directly related to your mother and family.

Last night I had 4 nightmares…all of which consisted
of my elderly mother’s funeral. The first I only dreamed that she has
passed away…I remember seeing doctors and the hospital workers and of
course my dad.

Right away we see your natural daughterly worries for your mother’s health. At your age, and her age, this is very common. I myself am 41 and frequently worry about my 75 year old mother’s health. As our parents age, a slow realization begins to form deep in the subconscious — that we are next. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but the human dreaming mind is very matter of fact and down to earth about death. It believes the body is immortal as long as there are parents and grandparents still alive. When one’s parents pass away, there is nothing standing between us and that ultimate journey everyone fears. We are told there is no cause for fear, that death is “going home,” but try telling that to the subconscious mind. <smile> It gets an idea into its (your!) head and will send you several dreams or nightmares until you see the point. We want to look at how your higher mind, not necessarily your subconscious’ fears, is trying to communicate with you by using your mother’s funeral as a symbol.

Let’s continue on to the next phase of this night of unsettling dreams….

The 2nd was through the funeral planning stage, the 3rd was through
the entire funeral & the last was through the funeral & burial.

We see the dreams increasing in intensity, bringing more details and more completion to the matter. It’s as though you weren’t sure how much of this you could take and so had to deal with her loss in stages, one thing at a time. Sometimes we handle unpleasant things in gentle increments. Of course this was not very gentle because you called them nightmares! It’s as though your mind is trying to tell you, “Prepare yourself. Slowly but surely, this will come up. You eventually will lose your parents.” I can’t even FATHOM experiencing the loss of my mother, and having such a dream, and having a dream interpreter send me an email like I am sending you. I don’t allow myself to think about it very long. So, I can sympathize with you having to read my interpretation.(!) I am actually having a hard time choosing my words because I don’t want to upset you. The important thing to make clear is that these dreams are NOT precognitive in any way. They are not prophetically telling you your mother is about to pass away. Absolutely not. They are instead triggered by your deep knowing that someday this will indeed happen and a fear you may have had recently that your mother’s health was not as good as it used to be. Sometimes a parent or loved one seems “dead to us” meaning you feel cut off from your mother in your waking life, so your dreaming life sends you the symbolism of her funeral.

I remember seeing & talking with family members in the last 2…being
with my dad (he was taking it very well) but yet being alone (personally)
because I’m divorced & uninvolved.

This shows your feeling of being helpless — nothing you can do to change the situation. You feel cut off from your family for some reason, too. It is unfounded. Even though you are alone and divorced, you are still where you belong in life right now, you still have your parents and other support figures. You simply have to figure out who these other support figures in your current life are!

In the last one the funeral was at the local Legion
Hall…and a young (spoiled rich girl who I don’t really get along with)
was bringing friends in to paint one of the rooms in the back of the hall.
I was screaming at her, telling her that I would kick her butt if they
made any noise or played any music because it would be a dishonor to my
mom. I was very Rude to her & her friend. The last thing I remember
is walking back in to the hall at the end of the funeral.

This person you don’t get along with….What three words to describe her pop into your head? Think of the first three words that come to mind when you think of her. Okay, you have them? Three words describing this gal?

Those traits of hers are traits you don’t want to allow in your own personality.

In your report above you call her spoiled and rich, and then you worry she’ll do something callous and insensitive — dishonorable. So you call her spoiled, selfish, dishonorable. These are traits you do NOT want in yourself, which is why she is appearing in your dream. You would rather be emotional (screaming at her) and rude rather than be selfish and dishonorable. Good for you. So many people don’t stand up for what is right (for honor) because they fear being “rude” or hurting someone’s feelings.

Notice she is bringing in friends to paint a room. Painting a room means to change one’s personality. It could be a message to you saying don’t change your personality and become spoiled, selfish and callous. It could also mean you are afraid someone or some issue, symbolized by this woman, will interfere with your mother-daughter relationship. How have you been keeping yourself from “making a scene” regarding your parents? Do you hold back your own problems when you visit them, afraid to upset them? Do you think it would be dishonorable to let them know about a certain aspect of yourself? If you don’t know what the heck this could be, what you might be desirous she not hear or be disturbed by, it will come to you in time. There’s got to be something nagging at your conscience having to do with parental disapproval vs. approval. Remember, your mother has been your age, she has been through life’s ups and downs and acquired the wisdom of experience along the way. She might be surprised by some things you are avoiding telling her, but if you tell all, she will end up helping you rather than giving you a hard time.

Are you feeling guilty or “unnatural” because you are divorced and alone? It’s hard being partner-less in this world. Society and family pressure us to pair up, pair up. But you have to be YOU. Your mother knows that, and is on your side. Visit with her and just absorb some quiet wisdom. Everyone that age is a wise-woman even if they don’t seem very “smart”!

Your dream ends with you going back to the issue of loss after a confrontation with a potential interference. This indicates you are handling things appropriately and as best you can. Yes, you are upset (the screaming at her), but you are doing the right thing. What in your waking life fits that description — makes you upset but that and being rude are the only things you know to do to rectify the situation.

Whatever that is, you are keeping your focus, going back to the matter at hand, and all will be well.

I hope this sheds some light on your unsettling nightmares. Let me know if you have any questions. And do let us know if you have this dream again.


Dr. Katia

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Katia Romanoff, Ph.D.


April 24, 2006

I dreamed I was at my house and a tornado came. We all seek shelter. After
it was over we went outside to see if it was over and there came a small
black cloud, it had glowing eyes and then it turn into this person, an
angel or spirit? Then it told me “I’ve been looking for you”
She then came down and entered and took over my body, then lifted me up
off the ground heading towards the sky. I blacked out and when I came
to I was back on the ground and couldn’t speak. Then I woke up.
– Daniel, 31, Greensboro, NC

Wow. Tornados symbolize mental or emotional “torment,” or some kind of stress, such as high anxiety over a decision needing to be made. A recent stress has caused you to seek shelter from a different source. Maybe you are starting to look “up” toward spirituality for inspiration and guidance. It “looks for” all of us, trying to get our attention all our lives. But you fear spirituality — or rather religion, which is different from the spiritual life. Your fear seems to be that it will take over your body, your entire life. You don’t want to be consumed by too much inspiration and religion. You want to touch the sky, but yet feel safer in a grounded, down to earth, environment. This is good! It is very healthy to stay grounded no matter how much the unseen realms, faith, or religion want to take us up and away from our cares, relationships and reality.

I have had this recurring dream that my son and I are in a car and my
ex-husband is chasing us. He manages to get us in a dead-end street. He
comes to the driver’s side door and shoots me in the face and takes my
baby! – Melissa, 25

Shooting you in the face means that he valued you only for your beauty, you were a feminine object to him. Stealing the baby indicates your fear that he will take the one thing you value the most. If he has ever been violent to you in the past, OR has ever threatened to take custody of your son away from you, this dream is directly related to the anguish caused by those threats. However, if he has never been violent, nor doesn’t want to take custody from you, these dreams are being triggered by your own deep anxiety, fear, worry that he COULD get nasty. If he’s abused you before, you need to take steps to protect yourself both physically and legally. If not, you are probably fine, just fine — but are suffering very understandable worries and fears. It is never easy being a mother, much less a single mother, and your subconscious knows this. It is alerting you to possible dangers so that you can take steps to ease your anxiety. In addition, these dreams, though very unpleasant for you, indicate you are a good mother, aware of your son’s need for a stable, cheerful environment.

Yes, I met Him when I was 20 and he was all nice and sweet but as soon
as I married him the abuse started. He moved me from PA to TX From TX
to CA from CA to AZ back to PA then to Jersey. In Texas he beat me up
quite frequently. However, because I felt trapped I stayed with him. Before
I finally left him In Sept 2003 after my son was born he told me that
if I ever though of leaving him that he would Kill me and my family and
take my son Slitting our throats and Laughing at us while we lie there
choking on our blood! I am totally afraid of him and have been since I
left. I don’t sleep well as it is and this dream plagues me. He never
called me beautiful. But the whole violence in my dreams is so real I
wake up sweating bullets and I am so petrified that I literally have to
make sure all the doors and windows to my house are locked before I go
to sleep. I have taken proper precautions I have a Restraining order but
he has made it known in court that it is just a piece of paper and if
he wants he will break it. I am totally Afraid.

April 30, 2006

I keep having dreams about my husband’s younger brother. There is never
sex involved, but in my dream my brother-in-law and I openly flirt with
my husband present and my husband seems totally cool with it. In my latest
dream, my brother-in-law was laying on his back on the couch, watching
TV and I was laying on him with my head on his chest while he played with
my hair. I have never kissed him in my dream, but I am still very confused
about it. The funny thing is that I don’t really like him. He looks a
lot like my husband did when he was his age, but my brother in law has
such a negative view on life that he really turns me off. Please help,
what does this all mean? – Nicole, 22

These dreams reveal your unconscious attempt to warm up to your brother-in-law. He is kin to your husband so you want to like him, but he is so negative you can’t bring yourself to. Oh you’re nice on the surface (laying on his chest) but deep down you do not like this guy. So your subconscious is trying to “heal” you of your dislike, by showing the two of you together in intimate postures and unguarded moments. Also we see you with your head on his chest as if trying to find his heart. Does he have one, you wonder. Nothing is really implying romance — notice your husband totally approves. That’s because he would like for you to warm up to his brother, even though he understands why you haven’t yet. This dream is advising you to at least TRY to like him. If you are extra pleasant and a little playful with him in real life, he might lighten up. And — that behaviour in waking life will make these dreams go away!

I had a dream that there was a monster outside my house. My ex-husband
was there trying to find a place to hide. I sat on the couch thinking
if this is it then I’m going to die. The monster broke into the house
and was very sensual to me. Touching me, kissing me, etc. Then the monster
bit my hand, and I could actually feel the burning sensation (pain). I
said something to it like … so this is how it all ends . . . and it
devoured me. I mean devoured!! – Renee, 47

Wow! Whew, breathless. Okay, LUST. Yeah, we all need it. Your dream is warning you that if you don’t do something about your sexual tension it’s gonna devour you, eat you alive. Your husband was the last person you had regular physical passion with, but he is now “outside” of your life, no longer permitted to be intimate with you. Sexual energy builds up from time to time and you need to release it. It “burns” and will cause you “pain” if not allowed “in” to your life again. Note Lust had to break in, you are afraid of it, keeping it locked out. You are once bitten twice shy, indicating you’ve been “burned” in the past by sensuality. The crisis is over, relax and let the love — er lust — flow.

May 5, 2006

I am laying in bed and when I opened my eyes there was this dark shadowy
figure with white eyes really really close to my face. But when I looked
to the foot of my bed there was this angel in all white and very small,
like a small child size with an adult feel, she was floating there just
looking at me with a smile. After seeing my angel I felt a whole lot safer.
Then I woke up. – Kelly, 23

Wow, very cool. It’s as though you witnessed an exchange of the forces of good and evil, a glimpse into the battle for souls. This dream came to you because you needed reassurance that you are protected. Lately you have been worried that something dark, something shadowy, is trying to invade your life, even take it over. It could be anything “shady” — we’re not talking about real demons here. Maybe it’s a growing fear, or suspicion that is taking too much of your thoughts. Or it could be materialism, commercialism “invading” your peace of mind. You can resist. You have help, divine help. Great dream!

My dream is a recurring dream where I am floating (Third person view)
in the middle of a field full of daisies. In the middle of the field is
a cannon which fires one cannon ball across the field towards me. I wake
up before it hits. – David, 28

A field of daisies is actually a symbol of prosperity, though most people think of the daisy’s connection with death, “pushing up daisies.” You are too high above your prosperity, and can’t “get in touch with” the financial stability you need. The cannon means the situation could be dire indeed. What financial folly have you gotten yourself into lately? Have you spent too much money on something or someone? Or you might be feeling (not necessarily accurately) that your job is gunning for you (aka out to get you).

May 15, 2006

I was sitting on a dock with the bottoms of my feet touching the water,
my husband was standing nearby in the waist deep water when a pigfish
(it looked like a baby pig with fins on its back.) swam under my feet.
Since the pigfish was on its back, my foot was under its mouth when it
tried to bite me with huge fangs. My husband grabbed the pigfish and as
he was asking if I had ever seen one before, it lunged out of his hands
and bit me in the thigh. – Lori, 43

Wow. Ferocious critter, determined to take a bit out of you! A pig-fish combination symbolizes greediness (pig) and something is “fishy”. Is there a slippery situation going on right now that has you suspicious something fishy is going on? Huge fangs mean the dreamer has spoken unkind or vicious words to somebody. In your case, it could be your husband said something hurtful, not necessarily you. Did he recently say anything about your weight or stamina (it bit you in the thigh)? Or it could mean you are saying nasty things to yourself(!) about your weight or health. The whole dream takes place in the water, indicating a highly emotional situation. If the water was clear and somewhat clean, the emotions are healthy, but still may need to be diffused. If the water was cloudy, it means your emotions are clouding the issue and you aren’t sure how to handle confrontations and conflicts.

A jaguar or spotted leopard, very large and with a lot of fur, moreso
than average, and very plush, approached me. When I saw it I felt very
happy and excited. It came closer to me and laid beside me. I put my head
near its head inside the fur like I was cuddling, I felt very peaceful
and content. This dream was very vivid and upon waking I felt good throughout
the day. – Heather

You were contacting (and cuddling with!) an important part of yourself you forgot you had. Jaguars represent feminine power, as in woman power! Yours has arrived and connected with you. The plush fur and cuddling elements in your dream are a subconscious message letting you know that using your woman power is SAFE. You can do what you have to do now, you have overcome, or are about to overcome, all the obstacles. Let it all out, go for it, have at it!

May 23, 2006

Dear Dream Zone,
I dreamed that some gasoline started on fire and blew up my car and the
gas station I got it from. I tried to put out the fire but they had the
wrong kind of fire extinguisher. Could you tell me what this means? –
Chet, 25

Something or someone is getting on your nerves to the point of an explosive situation. Online we say “flaming” to mean inflammatory speech. Your mobility and your health has been compromised (car can mean your body). But the source of the problem (gas station) isn’t doing so well anymore, either. The message is to stay away from highly charged situations because it could damage your health, nerves, etc. since you don’t have the proper tools to stop this problem, to put out this fire.


Dear Dream Zone,
In my dream I am running down a red hall away from a crowd that is chasing
me. I pass a large picture on the right of an older woman. I get to these
Gone With The Wind type of stairs. As I go down the stairs they turn into
a slide. I wake up right before I am stabbed by the swords at the bottom.
– Meredith, 27

You are trying to avoid something. All those people chasing you are aspects of yourself or your life that you don’t want to “catch up” with you, don’t want to face at this time. Because you saw it on the right, an older woman is a symbol for what’s motivating and influencing you. (If you had seen her on your left, she’d mean inner hopes and fears.) You see a grand escape but it is going in the wrong direction — down. The message is, if you try escapism, if you take the easy-out in this relationship or situation (only you know what it is), things will go downhill quickly. You’ll slip and backslide and end up in disaster (swords). The swords also can mean intellectual acumen, so are you allowing your intellect and logic to skewer you in some way? Is your mind unable to shake something; do certain recurring thoughts cause you pain when you slip into that mode? This is a warning dream of sorts, telling you to stop, slow down and face whatever this is. It says have courage and be alert and the next time the easy escape route presents itself, you will be strong enough not to take it. You are on the verge of solving the situation, this dream came to you with advice.

Response from Dreamer:
That does make sense. I often am not confrontational in my life. I do
look for an easy out in terms of interpersonal relationships. Thank you!

I recently had a dream about my dog that I just lost 3 weeks ago The dream
was about her and who took her and it was my neighbor. Ever since this dream
I haven’t been able to sleep all too great. What should I do? Should I confront
the neighbor about it or just wait and see what happens ?? – Lenora, 35

It may not be your neighbor that stole your dog. It could just be that your subconscious mind is reaching out trying to figure out who might know something about it and you got the message mixed up. You should ask your neighbor if they saw something, know something, or might have an inkling who took your dog. But don’t go over there in a confrontational accusing mode. Feel them out, see what your instincts say to you after you talk to the neighbor.

I had just started dating someone new (who I really like!) a few months
ago and I dreamt that he was making me a black widow cake! I was there
with him helping him and he got into his fridge to get out some eggs.
Well he had run out of eggs, but not to worry, my boobs just happen to
carry two raw eggs each. So I started ripping open the skin to pull out
the eggs for the cake. I woke up after trying to get to the third egg.
When I woke up I felt sort of a ripping pain but in my sleep I don’t remember
it feeling or seeming strange at all. Happily I am still dating the same
person (even though now he thinks my dreams are crazy!) and apparently
the black widow cake did not mean death for me! – Rachel, 29

Remember it’s black widower, not widow! The male is the victim. In other words your boyfriend was making you the cake to appease you so that you would NOT “destroy” him! How have you made him squirm lately? As for the eggs, wow, that’s a big time fertility symbol especially considering where you got the eggs from! I wonder if you were ovulating when you had this dream — you know “releasing” an egg. When we dream, all the doors of the body come open and your mind can pick up on what the body is doing, including ovulating, hormone surges just before your period, and even conception.

Response from Dreamer:
Wow, I would have never thought of it that way but we have sort of an
odd situation we’ve been dealing with and it makes me emotionally crazy
sometimes!! He really has had to “apease” me a lot lately because
of the things going on!! That was right on the money, as far as the ovulating
part I’m really not sure because it was too long ago but that is really
an interesting insight and probably is true, especially because the things
going on are worse for me when I am hormonal! Thank you very much! Rachel


JUNE 4, 2006

I dreamt that my husband was cheating on me with another woman. I know
the other woman and in real life she is now pregnant. In my dream it was
my husband’s child and there was alot of yelling and fighting in my dream
between my husband and I. I was hurt and angry. She was there the whole
time while I was telling him to pack his things and get out. In my dream
it was like he had no feeling for the pain I was feeling and he treated
me very badly. – Jessie, 24

This dream indicates you have a subconscious wish to be pregnant, and that you fear your husband doesn’t want to have kids right now. But the dream can be revealing your anxieties about other aspects of your relationship, not just a pregnancy. You worry he doesn’t care enough about you and your feelings. What has he been “unfeeling” about lately? The hurt and anger are showing up in your dream because you haven’t expressed them in real life. I am not saying to do so — usually hurt and anger are best kept to ourselves! — but you might should talk to him about “things” in general, your feelings, desires, in an un-angry calm conversation.

I used to have variations of this dream when I was a lot younger. I would
be walking home from work (which was about a half a mile walk around the
back of a small strip mall onto our street) when I would sense someone
following me – a shadow, but no footstep sounds or voices. When I finally
turned around to see what it was, by then I was walking pretty quickly,
there was no person there. I would start at eye level but something would
make me look down. It was a frog! It’s eyes were glaring and challenging!
It was really small — so I stomped on it. When I slid my foot off it,
I expected to see it dead and smashed — it just got bigger but it was
still alive with the glaring and challenging stare! – Susan, 48

Sensing a presence is a common phenomenon experienced by many people. It’s quite freaky, the person viscerally feels someone there with reactions like goosebumps and hair standing on end. There are various brain science explanations for the sensing a presence phenomenon, and it’s quite fascinating. In your case your inner symbol mechanism (subconscious deeper mind) has chosen to show you a frog as that presence. This dream came to you any time you felt like someone was watching you (glaring) or challenging your very existence. Your prince was still in his frog form! Seeing that frog was an invitation to make a leap of progress into the future away from whatever glaring challenge was getting you down at that time.

JUNE 12, 2006

I dreamed that, for some reason, my husband and I decided to rent this
house even though we own ours. It was a pretty nice house. There was a
Siamese cat in the house that kept peeing on itself! Later in the dream
I went out to the back yard and there was a Koi pond, but there was a
young Asian girl, about 10 years old, walking underwater in the pond.
She was underwater for a while and I began to worry about her. But then
I saw her parents sitting in lawn chairs. They told me she does that all
the time! What???? – Sophie 34, Richmond, VA

You have moved away from your ordinary routine to experience something temporary (rental) but nice. There is an exotic element (Siamese cat and Koi pond) that has to do with emotions (pee and water) and their release. The cat peeing on itself means negative emotions are being released, and nervous tension, but it shows! It’s obvious. The young girl represents an aspect of YOUR personality that is submerged in artificially contained emotions. Normally we think artificially containing and submerging ourselves in our emotions is bad, but the exotic and beautiful element of your dream may mean you are doing the right thing to keep these items to yourself. (Whatever they are!). It also means you do this all the time and the wiser nurturing parts of your personality (parents) are not worried at all. However, it is hard to put up an artificial smiling face, a brave front, for very long. It can drain you. So if there is something that needs to be said, something in waking life that you have been keeping under water, be sure to get it off your chest.

Although my mom was only sick for four months before she died, she is
always sick now in my dreams (it’s been 2 years). Why is she always dying
in my dreams, never dead or healthy? – Jaye 43, Ravena, NY

She is always dying because that is the “episode” in your life that you are trying to grapple with. Your subconscious mind is still trying to adjust to her loss. It will keep showing you her dying phase until you come to grips with it, can heal from it. Her sickness was so short that you didn’t really start to accept her loss. So now you are going thru that grieving and loss-acceptance. I know it is unpleasant, and downright depressing for you. To make the dreams change — to kick into the next healing phase — you can try certain visualizations while awake. Go over in your mind (I know it’s painful) her illness and death. Read up about how and why she died. Mentally review everything that keeps showing up in your dreams. Try to put a period to it — an Amen at the end. In other words, you can acheive a certain amount of closure this way. Then as you are going to sleep, when all the lights are out and you will not be getting back out of bed, do some vivid remembering of her life, of something the two of you used to do together, something interactive. Hear her voice, healthy and strong, see her biggest smile in the prime of her life. Replay such things in your mind over and over as you fall asleep. This should jump you into loss acceptance and into the next healing phase, the more pleasant “visitation” phase where some folks even begin to feel the presence of the deceased.

You are probably right. Although I haven’t gone through any depression
after her death, I don’t think I deal with her passing during my awake
hours, at all. We went through the motions of her funeral and selling
her house but then went back to life as normal. I will try the visualization
process you suggest. I am looking forward to visiting with my healthy
mom again in my dreams. thank you! Jaye

JUNE 17, 2006

I have had this dream several times over the last year. I acquired the
house in the divorce (which is true) but in all my dreams there was a
secret room all boarded up which I had forgotten about. It is a very special
room. Once an eighteen car garage, once a second wing or third story to
the house. Each was known to be finished at a later date but forgotten
about and now rediscovered. All special rooms were ones my ex-husband
fought for but I was not totally interested in. My dream always ends with
me thinking oh yeah I forgot about this project and started making plans
to finish it. Why am I having this recurring dream? I have no unfinished
secret rooms in my home.
– Kristine, 42

Ah, but you apparently have unfinished forgotten secret talents (and missions to complete!) in your life. Now you are divorced and “free” you can rediscover these forgotten opinions, beliefs, skills and parts of your destiny. The eighteen car garage symbolizes expanded “wealth” and prosperity, not necessarily of the monetary kind. It means always having a “vehicle” to get you to your goals. He fought over that because he wanted to curtail your freedom of movement, your expansion. The second wing and third story additions also represent huge positive expansion, prosperity and growth. Notice he fought for all the “special” rooms, all the things that are uniquely yours, forgotten parts of you that got squashed in the unhappy marriage. You are having these dreams to remind you to make plans, to finish the wonderful destinies you were working on before your life got sidetracked by a bad choice of marriage partner. A mentally and spiritually expanded prosperous (albeit busy) future is yours!

I have been friends with a man for a very long time. In the dream he and
I were discussing paperwork and than we turned to look at each other and
as we did, we leaned in and we kissed. It was one of those lingering,
melting your soul kisses. Help! What does it mean? – Deborah, 38

Fear not, the kiss is a symbol only! You are not subconsciously in love or attracted to this guy, nor he to you. You are in true-blue agreement about something — an issue symbolized by “paperwork” — and your higher-mind wanted to endorse it, wanted to seal it with a kiss. A kiss cements an agreement, a commitment. Kings and Tsars used to kiss generals smack on the lips as a sign of ceremonial approval when reviewing troops. The lingering, melting, soul elements of your particular “kiss” indicate what a true friend this guy is. There is one small chance this dream is trying to tell you he has romantic leanings toward you. But if your intuition strongly disbelieves such romantic feelings exist, your intuition would be almost certainly correct. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, in other words. The harmless message here is you are of one accord regarding something or someone symbolized by the paperwork you were discussing in your dream. Only you know what that issue is, but paperwork often means legal issues, responsibilities and/or stresses.

JUNE 24, 2006

I was looking out the window and my ex-husband said to me, “Do you
see Jesus out there?” I said, “I love you, but no.” I saw
only a toddler at first and then Jesus in modern clothes came up to the
window. – Bonnie, 40

We have two separate messages in this dream. When you were married did your ex-husband try to point you toward the old fashioned Jesus? The “thou shalt not” form of religion? You want the new eternal Jesus (symbolized by the toddler) adapted for today’s day and age (modern clothes). Christianity doesn’t have to be limited to negative dogma. It is eternal enough with its roots in Judaism that it can be liberated and corrected for modern spiritual desires and needs. Just think of the truths revealed in the DaVinci Code. That’s Jesus in modern clothes for sure! Very cool imagery, your dream.

I had a dream that the killer from the movie Silence of the Lambs kidnapped
me and tried to drug me with some red pills by putting them in a drink.
During the whole dream my fiance was trying to help me get away. Every
time he tried, the killer caught us or walked into the room. Finally at
the end my boyfriend did get me away and I remember us driving away from
the house. – Rhiannon, 25

Something or someone has been hijacking your life, forcing your attention away (kidnapping) from your relationship into unhealthy, even dangerous areas (drug). Your fiance is on your side and wants to help you focus on your priorities and your future. It hasn’t been easy, though, and his efforts are constantly interrupted. However, this story has a happy ending because you shall prevail and all will work out in the end.

July 11, 2006

I very rarely come to the end of my dream, I find
myself waking up in the middle of dreams, why is this? – Tina 27, Hortonville,

Well, this depends on how you define “the end.” How do we ever know when a dream “ends” since they switch scenes so much. However in your case, this could be a sign you have unfinished business. If you tend to start things and not finish them, this is telling you to “stay the course.”

I dreamt that I was bitten on the back of my left
thigh by a yellow and black snake… I can’t seem to get it out of my
head. – Crystal 25

Amazingly, snakebites in dreams are always good. They mean you’ve been initiated into the next “level” of consciousness. Very cool. As for the little details of your dream….Have you been worried your thighs are too big? If not, thighs in dreams symbolize endurance and whether you can “stay the course”. Yellow and black mean caution, and even danger. This dream seems to be saying you have reached a higher awareness in your life, but warning, warning, stay the course.

July 16, 2006

I was in an unfamiliar house during night time. I hear something out back
and go out the back door, where I see a basset hound on top of a pile
of dirt, in a trailer. His mouth is taped shut and he is chained in the
trailer. I un-tape his mouth. Then I notice a big backhoe with an unfamiliar
man in it digging up the ground… (This is where I woke myself up) –
Donielle, Loveland, CO

Some issue or past mistake that you don’t normally show to the world (back yard) is being dug up. There are alot of unknowns, the unfamiliar man and house, indicating unknown parts of yourself are suddenly at work in your life. The dog and his disturbing situation means a friendly part of your personality has been gagged and trapped. How are you unable to speak up lately? How are you feeling trapped or confined? It is good that you untape his mouth, showing you are wanting to communicate regarding whatever this issue is. However, there is part of you that also wants to “bury” the problem (backhoe) where no-one can see (backyard). The message is, try to make openness and communication your philosophy in all things for awhile.

My granddaughter is six months old and she had fallen out of bed and fractured
her skull. Lo and behold she is okay, but I had a dream that she and my
daughter were on a roof while I was on a roof two houses away. They were
reaching out to me and they both fell off the roof. What could that mean?
I am so terrified.
– Elaine, 34, St. Louis, MO

Don’t be afraid, this dream is not predicting a disaster! It is your mind’s reaction to the horrible real-life injury your granddaughter received. Once bitten, twice shy. Your subconscious can’t understand how this accident could happen and you are afraid it will happen again. This sends your sleeping mind into worry overdrive, thus triggering a frightening dream. Note they were reaching out to you for help. This shows you are a good grandmother with a sincere desire to be there for them. Stay close and help your daughter as the baby recovers. Your involvement should stop the dreams from recurring.

July 23, 2006

I had a pie, went to go check on my mom, and when I went back to the pie,
it was cutting itself from the inside, and I went back to my mom screaming
the pie was cutting itself, and my mom was not there, it was my best friend
Hanna. and we got in the car and it drove us to the hill of our school.
And a spirit was coming after me. There was a cut on my waist above my
pocket and it wasn’t bleeding but stuff could get in it. The spirit was
still following me and Hanna said you go, I’ll stay. When we got back
into the school, my friend turned into the spirit. – Stephanie, 9, Bellevue,

Skin is a defense, it protects us from the world, and when broken, we are very vulnerable to the “filth” of said world. There is some force, something dirty and unpleasant, in the world (probably the culture war crap) that is trying to breach your defenses. It wants to “get in” you and will not only pursue you relentlessly, but even use your friends in order to penetrate your inner line of defense. The pie, a symbol of pleasure, cutting itself was letting you know that an unseen force (probably a diabolical dark influence from current culture) is at work in the pleasure department, the “intake” department. In dreams food is considered spiritual intake or influence. Yes you are vulnerable to bad things getting “in”, but the fact you are not bleeding is a very good sign indicating you are not losing life force or being drained of energy. You can beat this dark force, shore up your defenses, woman!

I was walking and I could feel that this bird was following me and it
kept coming up behind me. Then it clicked in my mind: this bird is going
to poop all over me! So I did the best I could to hide. But it got me
anyway. It was all over me, and was disgusting and I couldn’t get it off.
Please help me figure this out, ’cause it’s driving me mad! – Marina (I’m
pretty sure this is a teen)

You feel like something out of the blue is going to “dump” on you. You feel that someone or some situation is giving you crap you don’t deserve. How have you felt covered in crap lately? Whatever it is, no matter how hard you try to avoid a mess, avoid being dumped on, it targets you anyway. You are disgusted by something but unable to get loose from it.

July 30,2006
My daughter’s best friend’s mom had this dream that my youngest daughter
was hit by a car, and when my husband scooped her up she was limp and I
looked at him and he just shook his head. She had died. – Rachel, 35

This is not a prophetic dream! This is not going to take place. It is purely symbolic and shows that the other mother is worried in some way about your youngest daughter. Your youngest daughter may also be a symbol for something in the dreamer’s mind, perhaps she’s a symbol of children outside the family that this lady cares deeply about. Is traffic bad, is your daughter impulsive, i.e. is she the type to run out into the road or the parking lot at the grocery store without looking both ways? This may be what’s worrying your friend on a subconscious level, that the girl being younger than the others, has to be watched more carefully around cars. The dream is a warning to keep an eye on ALL the kids of both families. I emphasize again that it’s not something about to happen. Nay, nay, ’tis coming to keep you vigilant.

It is night, I am walking home from somewhere, as
I get close to my destination I realize that two black men are in my car
and going to steal it. I go over and ask what they are doing. They start
giving me a hard time. I am persistent. I ask them “are you really
going to steal a car with 226,000 miles on it?” That seemed to make
them change their mind. This is where I wake up. – Donielle, 33

Your dream shows what logic your subconscious mind has been using to protect you from worry and fear. You suspect that nobody is going to steal your car because it is not worth the trouble, yet still you fear loss. Fear of loss often shows up in dreams especially of people who are working hard to upkeep what few possessions they do have. There are lists someplace of the most commonly stolen cars, and your mind is reasoning thru your risk. You are apprensive of being a crime victim, yet you have logic and reason at your disposal. You are willing to reason with thieves, not just start punching. The fact that the men are black represents either your neighborhood’s ethnic makeup or more likely, the “unknown”. When we dream of people a different ethnic group from us it doesn’t mean we’re racist, but symbolizes fear of the unknown. Face it, if you are a member of one ethnic group you don’t always understand the culture and mindset of each other ethnic group. It’s a fact of life, not racism. So don’t feel bad when diversity shows up in your dreams. It’s actually a good symbol in your dream since you reasoned with the unfamiliar as opposed to giving a violent response. Another more surface meaning of this dream is you are tired of your car and all its problems! Nobody wants it, not even car-thieves, and you are losing respect for this vehicle!

August 7, 2006
I dreamed that I was sitting across from my mother at a small table, and
we were screaming and yelling insults at each other. I was so angry that
I said, “I’m going to bite your finger off!” I had this incredibly
aggressive urge to just bite off her finger, but I didn’t actually do
it in the dream. Then my mom took a big bowl of glitter that was mine,
and started blowing on and pouring the glitter out of it, wasting it.
I begged her to stop! – Meridith, 22

Hee hee, that means you were not, under any circumstances, going to “get the point” of what she was saying. Her finger symbolizes not only her authority, but the point she was trying to make. You obviously disagreed with her on something even though you may suspect she was right! You refuse to let her direct you, dictate how you’re going to behave. It could be about some accomplishment or ability. The glitter is your “image” falling in her eyes. You want her to be proud of you, but you feel like she doesn’t even try to celebrate your accomplishments. She is “wasting” your glittery image of yourself, the surface shallow things which, though you know aren’t very “deep” or permanent, you still value. In other words, it’s okay to lose the glitz and the glitter, you will still be you, and your mother is always going to celebrate you.

You were exactly right when you said I was not going to “get the
point” of what she was saying! My dream strongly resembled the screaming
matches my mother and I used to have when I was engaged to my now husband.
She was against my decision to marry him, but I never understood why she
wouldn’t support me. I refused to let her stop me from marrying him (we’ve
been married now for about a year). Although my mother and I have a great
relationship now, I think the horrible fights we had still haunt me in
my dreams, perhaps partially because when my husband makes me angry, I
often think or say that my mother was right. I think that I expect him
to be perfect since I always had to defend him when we were engaged, and
when he’s not perfect, I don’t want to admit that to anyone because I
want that “glittery” image of a perfect husband and marriage
to prove that she was wrong.

My mother is proud of my educational
and occupational achievements, but I have never felt that she is proud
of my marriage or the person I married, which are two things that I value
very much. Thus, like you said, in my dream she was “wasting”
something that seemed silly and frivolous to her, but was very important
to me!

In other words, your interpretation was right on. I guess I need to forget
about impressing my mom and just live my life, knowing that she supports
me in my marriage now. I need to let go of the deep-seated resentment
that I’ve been trying to suppress for the last year and quit worrying
about my image! –Meredith

I have been having this dream since I was a young girl, I am now 54
years young. Here it is. I am coming home (to my childhood home) very
late at night. The streets are empty and I am alone. I start to go up
the front steps to the porch and notice the door to the house is wide
open — not normal! Also there is no light in the house at all, we always
left a night light on. I am terrified and won’t go in. I usually wake
up at that point really frightened and feel like crying. I am such a baby!
– Laura, 54, Nashville, TN

You are not a baby, no, don’t be embarrassed by that powerful urge to cry emotion. Something happened back at the time you first had this dream, which hasn’t yet been resolved. It could be you were abused (physically, verbally, emotionally) or your identity, or your sense of security were suddenly shot to heck. A place of safety and refuge, a place of happy times, was darkened, the lights went out, and you felt insecure. Now whenever you feel insecure or vulnerable, you get this dream again. Whatever caused it hasn’t been resolved, so you will probably get this dream again. If you know what caused it, if you were abused by someone for instance, write them a long letter (which you don’t have to send) even if they are deceased. Describe your hurt and anxiety, let them know how you feel about the terrible thing they did. This will indeed do something about this issue, reassuring your subconscious mind that closure is possible, and the dreams will stop. It’s amazing how this technique works. If nobody specific hurt you, but you think you know what it was that caused your sense of security to suffer a blow, then write about that issue — or tell a current loved one all about it. Go into every detail, especially trying to recall how you felt back then and why. This brings the hurt to the surface and shows the inner deeper you that you have healed and found closure. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

August 14, 2006

I had a dream I was in my house looking out at my
front yard. There was an elephant out there! I called to my family to
come see. We went outside and I called the elephant to me, like you would
call a dog. it came to me but it had angry eyes and I got a little afraid.
When it got to me I put my hand up to it. It began sucking on my hand
with the end of its trunk! I was still scared but I tried not to let it
see my fear. I noticed the zookeeper across the street looking for it.
What do you think this is about? – Leeana 35, Richmond, VA

An elephant is usually a message saying, remember, remember… It’s trying to get you to recall something perhaps painful to you. You are afraid to “contact” this memory, don’t want to get up close and personal. The dream is reassuring you that this powerful, huge, potentially unpleasant memory will suck on you a little bit, but won’t bite. The fact that you are actively controlling your fear of the situation is a good sign. This memory is no longer suppressed, your inner zookeeper isn’t watching over it as vigilantly as before. That means it’s okay, you’ve had time to come to terms with the past, you can face it, even “touch” it. Things will go fine as long as you manage your anxieties on the matter.

I’ve had this dream twice that I can recall. I am walking with a friend
– we have some destination in mind, it’s a pleasant experience but when
we get there, I’m shocked to discover that there are crocodiles hiding
there. The dream ends with this discovery. The person I’m with in this
dream has been a friend of mine for many many years and I don’t feel that
she is a threat to me in any way – quite the opposite in fact. So I wonder
what is the significance of this dream. – Louise, 49

It probably comes to you when you have been “snappy” with her, said harsh things, relayed shocking criticisms, or vice versa. OR, and this is very interesting, the dream could be triggered whenever one of the two of you acts like a baby, sheds “crocodile tears” wanting the other to think you’re worse off than you really are. Crocodiles can also mean unknown threats, but your friend is not a danger to you, because you say she isn’t. So you could be fearing some hidden, surprising danger at the end of the road/journey of life. Maybe you are worried one of you will end up ill and confined, stuck at the mercy of loneliness and decline? Eat right and exercise, get annual doctor exams for women troubles and you can keep the health anxiety under control.

August 21, 2006
I was wondering what it meant when you dream about walking through
darkness and not being able to turn any lights on? – Tara 23, Mesa, AZ

This means you feel “in the
dark” about something or someone. Worse, you feel there is nothing
you can do to enlighten yourself, all the tried and true methods (symbolized
by flipping on a switch, trying to find electric lights) are not working.
Darkness often symbolizes ignorance, lack of knowledge. Are you frustrated
with trying to learn something? What has you feeling “ignorant”
or unenlightened? When you figure out what it is, visualize flooding the
situation with blazing (but not blinding!) light. Reassure yourself that
you are not ignorant or somehow lacking just because you are not in the
know about this topic, person, subject. This nagging feeling of unenlightenment
is there to cause you to strive for the answers. All answers, ultimate
and mundane, will come to you if you can symbolically “turn on the
light”. You might consider checking into spiritual systems that emphasize
visualizing light, such as Kabbalah.

I dreamed about my deceased
(1 month ago) grandmother. She was in her own house cooking. There were
alot of pictures of her all over the house. She was smiling in them, but
I don’t understand because she hated to take pictures. – Jamoy 29, Orlando,

The pictures symbolize your memories
of her, memories of a happy grandmother, which is how your subconscious
is trying to “store” her in your mind’s “archives.”
You are accepting her loss, her absence, via your dreams, something that
happens to everyone who loses a loved one. Dreams help us figure out this
puzzle of life and death, why someone is suddenly just gone from our five
senses. That’s why your dream shows her in her house cooking, as though
she weren’t really gone, because again, your deeper mind is trying to
understand this shift. Your sixth sense however can still sense her presence
and probably always will be able to, because she still exists in higher
dimensions. Don’t worry about her dislike of photos in real life, the
photos in your dream are symbols of the snapshots of her life, not her
opinion of photographs. You want to think she had a happy life, and you
are probably right, your deeper mind is simply confirming that by showing
her smiling in all those symbolic life episodes.

August 28, 2006

I had a dream I was with Matthew McConaughey on a beach. I was smoking
and he was commenting on my weight, saying I had a fat stomach. Then he
looked at it and said I didn’t have a fat stomach after all. He told me
we would work out together and then we kissed! – Mary, 37, Onaha, NE

McConaughey is a hunk, an Indiana Jones type and makes the female heart pound. He symbolizes the masculine attention you sometimes want, the romance, the adventure. The question of whether you are fat or not, shows how conscious women are of the standard Hollywood sets for our appearance. You are painfully aware that if you’re not slim and attractive, relationships with certain goodlooking men don’t “work out”. This dream is reassuring you that you look just fine and that it will indeed workout, your “relationship” with romance and adventure. Fat stomachs in dreams can sometimes symbolize pregnancy, so if you’ve recently been wondering am I showing, am I pregnant or am I not, you must interpret the dream that way! In that case it would mean a hunky adventurous soul like McConaughey wants to come into your life as your child!

If you have Mexican midgets in a dream, what does it mean? My friend had
a dream that I thought that my husband was cheating on me. She saw me
go to a bar where a lot of Mexican midgets ended up dancing and having
sex with me! What does her dream mean? – Kathy, 41, Murray, UT

Is your friend suspicious of your husband in real life, does she perhaps not approve of him all the time? The midgets, Mexican or otherwise(!), represent doubts about him, suspicions. They are small but numerous, and oh-so hot — hot like south of the border! All they want to do is dance and have sex in a bar, representing no goals in life, just a party hardy mentality. Your friend (the dreamer here) wonders if that’s all he cares about, partying, and she may even think you don’t really want to know of her doubts regarding your husband, you just want to have fun, too. Now if YOU had this dream, how different the interpretation would be! It might even mean your intuition was pricking you to inform you he really is cheating!


September 3, 2006

I dreamed I was getting married to my boyfriend. We are walking down the
isle but we never make it to the priest. I am wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
After that someone comes up and tells me I am not married yet, so I run
and change clothes. But the dress I put on is not mine so I holler for
my dress. We start down the isle again but we still never make it to the
altar. What does that mean? Whenever my boyfriend and I have discussed
the topic of marriage in public, he always says we will never get married.
But behind closed doors he tells me how much he loves me and that he wants
to spend the rest of his life with me. – Jennifer, Modesto, CA

I hate to be blunt, but talk is cheap. Ask him why he says one thing in
front of his friends and another thing when only you can hear. Ask him
if that’s just bedroom talk since he won’t back it up in public. Now let’s
look at that wedding scene. The Jeans and T-Shirt outfit means your relationship
is only casual, not serious enough to lead (down the aisle) to marriage.
You want that to “change” so you run to the dressing room. The
dress that doesn’t belong to you means you feel he is not actually yours.
When finally you do get your own dress on, it still isn’t enough to get
him to the altar. He likes you, maybe truly loves you, but doesn’t want
to commit to marriage. This dream shows you are afraid he never will.
Many men won’t, especially if they are already getting all the benefits
and pleasures of marriage but none of the responsibilities. He’s getting
regular sex, has an attractive companion to go around town with who laughs
at his jokes, makes him feel good about himself, etc. And if you are living
together, he’s got someone to clean up after him, help do shopping, errands
and the laundry — all with no strings attached. Some guys even get use
of the girl’s house and car since many women become homeowners before
marriage nowadays. Most men in such situations have no reason to want
to change a thing. They are afraid the M word might complicate things,
might change their easy lifestyle.

I keep having a dream about having sex with my ex-husband and my current
husband catches us. – Jessica 28, Cedar Fork, UT

You are afraid your sex-life with your husband
is becoming too much like your sex-life with your ex. You don’t want your
new husband to notice you are not really getting the same amount of pleasure
he is in the bedroom. Liven up your current sex life, make the effort,
read some of those how to drive your man wild in bed books and articles.
By the way, I wish men would read how to drive your woman wild in bed
instructions since statistics say women only reach climax 5% of the time
during sex while for men it is 100%. Anyway, make it totally different
from the way you related to your ex, and the dreams will stop. However
if you’ve got kids and a fulltime job, you might not have the energy to
“kick up” your sex life a notch. That’s just the way life and
the cookie crumbles.

September 18, 2006

I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were getting married at a beautiful
house with a beautiful back yard. As I walked along in my dress through
the front yard the grass was covered with melted chocolate. Then I progressed
to the back yard where the grass was covered with a beautiful silver lining.
To my right was my mother taking pictures and my boyfriend standing beside
her. All of a sudden the scene switched to Josh (boyfriend) standing beside
my mom who was now sitting behind me at the tables with everyone else.
Josh starts to gripe, complain, rant and rave. So I got tired of it and
said forget it, the wedding is off. Then I left the house. – Destiny,
Salt Lake City, UT

Does your boyfriend complain and gripe alot? It sounds like you want to marry him, you can see that in your future, but are fed up with his attitude. You fear his negative attitude will derail your relationship before you ever make it to the wedding stage. The fascinating thing is that he is standing by your mother. Does she agree with some of the negative things he says about you? She likes him, yes? The front yard is the part of our life we show the whole world, we want it to be presentable. So the chocolate you walked thru represents how sweet and pleasurable (chocolate is an aphrodisiac) your relationship appears in public. The back yard is private space and since it is covered with a silver lining reveals you are looking for the bright side of things, the silver lining behind the negativity that sometimes plagues your relationship.

My friend and I were in her car I was in the passenger seat. We stopped
so I could look at some kittens. As I was getting into the car one kitten
ran under the car. Just then my friend stepped on the gas and ran over
it. The kitten was bleeding from its stomach and could not breathe because
its lungs were swollen. I was very upset, thinking it would die of suffocation
first. I rushed the kitten to the ER where they saved it. The kitten had
stitches down its belly and I ended up keeping it. (Note, there is a cat
that needs to be adopted and I don’t know if I should because I already
have three dogs and a kitten. When I asked for guidance this is the dream
I had) – Angel, 28

Your friend doesn’t think you should take on another responsibility, symbolized by the kitten. She is very strong in her opinion, believing you have your hands full enough. The kitten could represent the cat you are considering adopting, but also any new responsibility or project you might be thinking of committing to. You are worried if you don’t adopt the cat or this project, it will die of suffocation. This indicates you feel hemmed in, out of breathing room in your life right now. The dream shows you keeping the kitten, perhaps meaning you should adopt the cat in real life. But the brush with death symbolizes the pain involved in making yet another commitment.

It sure does make sense to me. Just so you know I did not adopt the cat,
she went back to her original owners. But I did rescue a stray from streets.
The sweetest kitten ever! -PJ

September 25, 2006

I dreamed I was brought to a place in the woods and
left there by someone I trusted although I don’t know who it was. The
people there (I didn’t know them either) wouldn’t let me leave. My boyfriend
finally figured out where I was but couldn’t get to me. What does this
mean? – Rachel, 22

Something or someone got you disoriented lately, brought on some confusion and uncertainty regarding where your life-path is pointing. You trusted this person or situation, but ended up feeling lost and surrounded by the unknown. Outside forces (or more intriguingly, aspects of your own personality!) want to keep you in that disoriented state. Your boyfriend, a steadfast ally, not being able to rescue you shows you fear no one can help you solve this one. Fear not, there is always a way to navigate yourself out of confusion! You are not a damsel in distress, but a strong woman who will get where she’s going with or without her boyfriend’s help. Go forth, soldier on, prevail!

I keep having dreams that I’m in school and my legs
don’t work. Sometimes I dream that my backpack is too heavy that I can’t
walk. – Ali, 16

This dream indicates you fear your school load is too heavy. Your freedom and mobility are hampered (legs don’t work) and your workload is at times overwhelming. Lots of students, including college students, get similar dreams, so don’t worry, you are not alone. Try some de-stressor strategies and deal with your school career one subject or class at a time. You’ll be fine. The mere fact this is on your mind shows you’re a serious hardworking adult in the making!

October 2, 2006

I have a recurring dream where my fiancé, whom I’ve been with for seven years, walks in with our four children. As I go up to greet them and kiss them, he says, “Excuse me, do we know you?” I then realize that I am not their mother. They look like me, they are dressed in the clothes that I picked for the next day, but they don’t acknowledge who I am. Then as I’m walking away I realize that I came with another man, who doesn’t have a face so I don’t know who he is either. – Antonia 29

This dream shows your identity as a parent is currently being re-defined by adding a step-father to the picture. That man without a face is the masculine part of you that is unknown but has been the “father” to your children since their biological father left. Even though you’ve been with this fiance seven years the kids must not call him Dad yet, you must not be acting as a cohesive family unit. This dream shows you are wanting to take it to the next level and make his step-father status official, so your subconscious is beginning to grapple with the question, just who is who, mother, father, or both in these kids’ lives? This is a very healthy dream and may indicate it’s time to make it official, it’s now or never!

I’m trying to find a working shower that is not in public view. I end up using some half-way working shower and feel like I’m being suffocated by the water or the shower curtain. – Karen 40

You have some cleansing to do, probably some emotional or nerve-wracking issues, maybe some negativity that needs to be cleansed from your life. But you feel like everyone is watching. You want to deal with your issues in private, out of the public view. Your emotions (water) are suffocating you as is the very privacy protection shield (shower curtain) you have created. This dream seems to be saying you are feeling exposed and fear all your options are half-baked and counterproductive. Your solutions end up suffocating you instead of removing the negativity and providing privacy protection you need.

October 9, 2006

Often in my dreams it is as if I am looking through
someone else’s eyes. Even to the extent of looking in a mirror and seeing
a different face look back. In my dreams I know the people with me but
when I wake up, I realize I do not know them. – Jaye, 44, Ravena, NY

They are YOU! Parts of yourself that hold special strengths, skills, abilities and messages for you are known to you during dreamsleep. That’s when your mind’s doors and gates are wide open and higher awareness comes upon you. Higher awareness speaks in symbolic language so we don’t always understand its messages. Because you are not making use of them, these helpful parts of your psyche are unknown to your waking mind. They appear in your dreams and illustrate how to look thru their eyes, letting you know you can “reflect” their strength (mirror) because they ARE you. Great dream!

Thank you for the interpretation. That’s really wild! It really inspires
me to be more diligent about recording these dreams in my dream journal,
maybe I’ll learn something about myself.–Jaye

I am driving feeling extremely exhausted. Suddenly I am dizzy and car
goes out of control. Hitting an object I go up in the air thinking I hope
I don’t feel anything and prepared to die. – Anne, 43

This dream is very common to people, I’ve had
it myself. It comes whenever we feel our life is out of control. Often
it can mean a health issue since cars represent the physical body. The
exhaustion could indicate your stamina is low, causing you to perform
below your normal levels in waking life. The dizziness symbolizes feelling
disoriented, confused; which is why you fear losing control of a situation,
be it health, financial or a personal situation. You are resigned to whatever
comes, as is shown by your being “prepared to die” instead of
fighting to regain control. Sometimes there is nothing we can do, it’s
true, but other times you gotta fight for what you want. We have to choose
between “gearing up and giving up”. My advice to you is, fight
the good fight, sister!

October 22, 2006

I dream that I am in the house with my wife and kids
and outside there are cougars. I am running around trying to keep the
kids in the house so that they are not attacked by the cougars. I keep
looking out the window and the cougars are still there…then I wake up.
– Dominic, 48

The cougars represent outside forces that want to attack and harm your children. Cougars can sometimes mean a female aggressive person. Is there a powerful but potentially harmful woman threatening your kids’ health, especially their emotional health? An ex-wife, grandmother, female boss, neighbor, who? The kids aren’t so sure there is danger, this is why you have to work to keep them “inside” (safe). Your wife is not at risk, she evidently is not under the influence of this person or energy. The danger lurks in your life, just outside the window, symbolizing it won’t go away unless you figure out what (or who) it is and neutralize it.

I’ve had recurring dreams about grizzly bears. In
each of them, I kill the bear, or the bear dies. In my latest dream —
last week — a bear was killed and a large dog (a wolfhound) was also
killed. I’ve been going through personal transformation in the last few
years. Are the dreams about bears related to this transformation? – Kent,
Alberta, Canada

All the bears represent parts of you that you have “killed off” in order to move to the next level of evolution. The wolfhound then is yet another “you” that you want to put an end to. These dreams indicate your personal transformation is more painful than you realize. There are parts of you that don’t want to integrate or evolve; parts of you that you might be killing off too soon. Close your eyes and relax, then visualize the bear or the wolfhound. One at a time. Ask them what message they have for you. Get them to talk. If they won’t, then imagine their answer. What might they say? What is it you need to know from these disenfranchised parts of yourself?

October 29, 2006

I dreamed I saw a peacock and a cobra on a tree at night. I was with my
sister who already died four years before. Monika, 36

Both peacocks and cobras are symbols of high initiation in the eastern spirituality. They are very powerful totems and have come to you bringing their strengths and ancient “magical” attributes. The peacock brings you enlightenment, feminine divine grace (“goddess” power!), and the cobra is representative of masculine divine energy (god himself). Wow. What a great dream. The tree symbolizes a link between both worlds, the living and the dead, the past and future. This means you can contact your deceased sister using the spiritual realm. But be careful. On the flipside, the peacock and cobra also represent false arrogance and death. Both are also used as meditation tools. This dream may be telling you to “be still and know” — in other words spend time meditating and contemplating and the answers of the universe, life and death, will gradually come to you. You’ve been initiated!

I had a dream that my daughter and I were driving down and all of a sudden
the road stopped. We were surrounded by very tall dirt mounds and on top
of one of the mounds was a guy, his face was all bloody and he was pointing
down at something on the other side of the mound. He just kept looking
at us so we got out of the car and walked up the dirt mound. When we got
to the top we looked down and saw his body laying there up against a tree!
We then walked down the road to a nearby house to call the police. He
followed us the whole way. Then I woke up to the alarm, so I never got
to finish the dream. – Jennifer, 25

How have you come “to the end of the road” in your current life? You are facing a big obstacle having to do with the basics (dirt, earth) and energy (bloody face). Is there a health issue with you or your daughter? Luckily you get over the dirt mound obstacles, and even manage to call for help, showing that you have not completely come to the end of the road and have positive options open to you. The bloodied man and his dead body represent your own energy that has been inappropriately lost. He and this dream are also delivering a warning that you can’t walk away from (he followed you). Whatever this issue is — job, health, something having to do with your daughter’s situation — you have the tools to call for help, but need to prepare for obstacles and persistent problems.


November 5, 2006

I keep dreaming that I’m getting shot in the head with a gun and actually
dying. Everything seems so real about it. When I can’t breathe any longer
I always wake up. – Karen, 34, Roy UT

There is a new you coming up that wants to take over your life and run the show. So it keeps killing off the old you. You are getting shot in the head as if to say this involves your thinking habits, your opinions, thoughts. Also ask yourself what might be going on in your waking life that makes you feel like dying, or makes you feel “shot dead”. Who or what is “killing” you. The fact that you can’t breathe indicates you feel suffocated by whatever issue this is. Luckily the suffocation, the feeling of being trapped, makes you wake up. That is symbolic of “waking up” or coming to realize something. If this dream keeps recurring, visualize yourself taking the gun from the shooter and asking them who they are and what their message is. Listen with your inner ear and wait to “hear” their answer (it will just sort of pop into your head). Whatever you hear or sense is your wise guidance from this dream.

This has been a recurring dream for most of my life– I usually start
the dream in a big old house. I am very comfortable there, but not familiar
with the layout. Before too long, I find myself being chased by someone,
sometimes by many people, and I know I must get away, or else! I ALWAYS
find a trap door that leads to a series of secret tunnels, passageways,
and hiding places. I may not always get away from whomever or whatever
is chasing me, but I am always able to at least stay one step ahead. I
have not been caught yet! The interesting thing is that I never feel afraid
during these dreams, and I do not consider them nightmares. They feel
more like an action movie. I often wake up tired. I have these dreams
about 2 or 3 times per month. – Shawnette, 37

The big old house is you. Whenever you are feeling
unfamiliar with life’s “layout” you get this dream. You are
comfortable with yourself, yes, but when things are uncertain, you feel
like something or someone is going to catch up with you. Yet you are not
that worried because you always have a way out of whatever situation this
is. The secret tunnels are skills and back-up plans you have but don’t
tell anyone about. Is there something from your past you’d rather not
face, that has you weary (you wake up tired) but yet isn’t that big of
a threat because you are still one step ahead of it? It’s like you know
you’ve got it under control, you won’t have to face and solve this issue
whatever it is, but yet it still causes you some anxiety. Turn and face
your pursuer next time and say, “Why are you following me. What is
your message?” See if you can “hear” the answer. Very fascinating
twist to the being chased dream, I must say!

November 25, 2006

Three years ago I bought a car and since then I dream over and over that
I die in it by falling off a cliff or crashing. Sometimes my son gets
run over in my driveway by this car and dies. What does this mean? – Ashlee,

It does not mean any of these things will come to pass. It is not a prophetic dream, but a warning dream. It comes to you because there must be a real threat of backing over your son while he’s outside playing in the driveway (this tragedy happens thousands of times a year, parents or grandparents running over their own kids). Crashing off a click dreams come also to warn us our brakes need checking, and as a spiritual warning to stay on the “correct road.” Crashing in dreams symbolizes going to fast and furious thru life, needing to slow down or you will “crash and burn.” The fascinating part about such dreams is that they can be both literal and spiritual warnings. This means that every time you get this dream you have to check your car’s brakes and tire pressure and also must ask yourself, how am I on a dangerous road? What is happening in my waking life that puts my life, health (or soul) at risk, and/or my son’s?

I had a shared dream about a year ago. The person (male) whom I spoke
with in my dream gave me a 4 digit number and I gave it back to him when
we spoke the next day. What does this all mean? – Rachel, 35, Virginia
Beach, VA

Shared dreams are a documented phenomenon. They do indeed happen and it makes sense when we remember that our brains emit waves, just like the radio and TV broadcast towers do. Although invisible, these waves nevertheless contain information, music, even images. Your mind does the same thing. Your dream came to you and to him in order that you might have “proof” such unseen abilities exist. One or both of you are scientifically minded, so the dream used numbers for the evidence in order to convince you. When dreams remind us of the psychic realm it is like a special message from the Universe saying, “Hey, pay attention to the unseen hidden things in life. I have a special job for you.” Tune in carefully to thinks like your dream messages, intuitions and spiritual inspirations, and you will be able to figure out that task, that destiny.

December 12, 2006

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I dream I’m at sea
with my newborn. I’m on a boat and the sea is rough. When I look at my
baby it’s just a flat peice of plastic!!!! – Jody, 18, UK

Pregnancy dreams are fun because
they reflect not only what’s going on in your body (the baby is in a watery
environment, therefore you are at sea in the dream) but also what’s going
on in your mind (you are tired of the antiseptic sterile approach of medical
care, as though your baby is not alive but a piece of plastic). The sea
being rough also indicates you are emotionally involved here and suffering
some natural anxiety. The boat is your life line and illustrates that
you are an air-breather, unlike your unborn who is still an aquatic creature
a little while longer! Good luck, you are on the homestretch. This is
a good dream and shows you can have an easy labor despite your anxieties.

I was walking in a cemetery.
Everything was dark blue. The moon was out and full. I was crying so hard
my stomach burned. I stopped at a headstone. It was small and plain but
seemed to hold a large part of me. I touched it and it turned into ashes.
The ashes formed a mirror image of me and I looked at this ash form of
me for a long time. I was bawling as the ash form of myself wiped away
my tears shaking it’s head. I fell to the ground weeping. My boyfriend
picked me up, held me close and smoothed my hair and kissed the tears
running down my cheeks. He picked me up, soothing me. I looked back and
over his shoulder I saw a younger me, crying on the ground next to a pile
of ashes. My boyfriend put me down on a couch, and wiped away what was
left of my tears. – Kender, 16

This dream, believe it or not, is a passage into
womanhood dream. The girlish you is dying off, soon to be “ashes”
forever. The new woman that you are becoming has arrived and even has
a man already who apparently makes her feel complete. Your boyfriend represents
your future and the masculine side of reality. Part of you, however, is
mourning for the girl who is “lost” forever, or so you think.
The truth is, that ash image of you is still vibrant and alive within
you and always will be! She ain’t ashes to ashes and dust to dust! You
can activate her whenever you need to. Don’t let adulthood “carry
you away” as your boyfriend does in this dream. Yes, leave the sorrow
in the past, embrace adulthood (and him!) but please do the following
exercise real quick. Close your eyes and feel yourself being carried away
from the cemetery again. Reach your left hand back over his shoulder and
magically draw the younger you, ashes and all, back to you thru your hand.
Feel her enter your body thru your outstretched hand and travel up your
arm and down to your heart. Clasp your left (receiving) hand over your
heart now. She is you, she is eternal. Therefore you are eternal.

December 19, 2006

I dream of standing outside a house, other family members were inside
the house when all of a sudden, a 1969 yellow mustang with dark tinted
windows drove up in front of the house. I felt I knew this strange visitor,
as I approached the vehicle and I open the door, a stranger whose face
I could not see, but had flashing eyes as of lightening, asked me to ride
with him, but I told him No! He replied, that he was “father time”
and there will come a time that I will take this ride. “HELP”
– Daracius, 49

Aha! You have faced the fear of
death (or death itself) lately and it triggered this dream. The family
members being present causes me to ask if there was a death in your family
recently, or are you or someone you love, ill? Sometimes dreams like this
about facing the inevitability of death, come to people about to turn
50 or who have just done so. I see you are 49! When you double your age
it now comes to 100, unlike when you were 18 and 25. For most people this
brings a dreaded realization that time is running out (your stranger said
he was Father Time, not the devil). We realize no matter what we do, we
are going to eventually take that ultimate “ride”. This realization
is the common catalyst for the so-called mid-life crisis many people get.
Since you are encountering these powerful realizations and fears in your
dream life, you might avoid a mid-life crisis. So good for you!

December 31, 2006

I had this dream where my friends and their parents
and my parents were all being crushed in this giant death machine. It
creeped me out and it haunted me for days, like, I couldn’t focus or anything.
– Allie, 11

The giant death machine is the realization that you are not immortal, that death will come to every single person. We are all food for worms Robin Williams says in the thought-provoking movie Dead Poet’s Society. Your subconscious mind has looked around and realized, oh my god, these bodies don’t last forever. This is common for people around the age of 12 and then again at 25. You are 11. Guess what will happen — you’ll forget all about this death thing all the way thru adolescence and it won’t hit you again until you’re 25! Then you’ll get over it again, hopefully, and it won’t return until the mid-life crisis. The important thing is not to fear death, it happens, but not now, not yet. You are ALIVE, you are the FUTURE. Walk proudly toward it, wrap yourself in it. Happy New Year!

I’m puzzled by a recurring theme in my dreams —
aliens. I dream about them quite often. Sometimes they look like us and
sometimes they don’t but they are always benevolent. It’s clear in my
dreams that they’re here to help us — giving us new technology, taking
us to a better place, or even just teaching us how to be peaceful. Sometimes
they’re protecting us against other aliens. I dream about them three or
four times a month and have been doing this for years. What does it mean?
Brio, 50

These are higher parts of your own self! They are almost like spirit guides. Notice they are benevolent and bring much wisdom, knowledge and know-how to you and the world. This dream comes to you to say use our intelligence, learn from us! Let these beings “speak” thru you in your waking life. They will keep nagging you in your dreams until you let them “out” and into your waking life.



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