Dream Interpretations by Katia Romanoff; 2012

Dream Interpretation 2012


Dr. Katia
Romanoff interprets symbols in dreams and co-writes an advice column with Dr. Lauri Loewenberg called The Dream Zone, appearing in several newspapers around the country and Sedona Magazine.

Below are dozens of Dr Katia’s interpretations of dreams, nightmares and waking visions people send in to her. The same symbols appear in paintings, songs, and religions of the world. Just start reading at the top and see if you find any symbols with a message for YOU.

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I am in a compound of some kind…are we captives? We’re going to get out, me and the grey kangaroo. He is massive, very large, and I am riding his back – odd, in that he feels huge and yet barely large enough to hold me (I must be large?). Difficult to hold on, precarious, I adjust myself a lot as he is moving. We are in the streets of Burlingame (where I grew up), it’s nighttime, streetlights. We are escaping it feels like. I sense a deep love and connection between us, though a strange apprehension as well. His fur is very distinct to me, he seems so delicate on the top part of his body and so stable on the lower half. – Kim  

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Life feels like captivity to you right now, but your magical and wise higher self is helping you break out. Grey is the color of wisdom, and the kangaroo represents your own higher wisdom and mind-body-spiritual energy. The kangaroo seems “large” and so do you to represent the importance and potency of wisdom and freedom to your psyche. You must have freedom of expression, absence of inhibition, no holding back. Part of this inability to express yourself freely stems from your childhood, thus the dream’s setting of your childhood hometown. Something in your past is affecting your feeling of being “captive” and needing to escape free. The wisdom of the ages is your faithful rescue. The deep connection is from your everyday self to your higher self, your god-self. You are slightly apprehensive because you have not fully utilized your higher wisdom-self before. This new personality has come to you like a dispensation and will never leave you. It brings earthly stability and surety to your situation, whatever it is, but also the delicate complexities of the heart. You will have stability and love, in other words as you succeed in breaking free from the “compound” that has been holding you back.


Very interesting! I am indeed feeling very ‘captive’ and ‘held back’ due to some financial/home issues building for years now (pending foreclosure, which is also creating stress on my marriage as we argue over what to do, etc. We have been in limbo, and I am a person of action). And while I actually have a deeply spiritual life and connection with my Higher/God Self, I have been going through a whole new level of opening up to my spiritual purpose and gifts (my work as an intuitive healer is taking off — breaking free! ;>), and it’s exciting but sometimes overwhelming as I adjust (“how do I ride this?”).

I am feeling pulled between the wisdom that guides me to let go and move on, to trust what we will find ‘out there’ if we have to move — and the situation at hand with my partner, wanting essentially to ‘not leave the compound’. Also, between expanding into the growing intuition and work I’m doing, and staying ‘safe and small.’ This dream and the interpretation reminds me that I need to continue to trust my higher wisdom as it will ‘carry’/show me the way, to continue to move forward,  even if I’m struggling to hold on, as it indeed will lead me through.

Also, the town in this dream is actually where I ‘came into my power’ and ‘broke free’ after some years of intense struggle as a youth: It mirrors the precipice I’m on right now! I didn’t see this connection at all before.  Thank you — very helpful!


Had a dream where I was paying for some parking lot vouchers, ( so I could park there) but I pushed a wrong button and ended up with too many. I shrugged it off, and thought, oh, maybe I will use them, or give them to someone ( even though it cost more!) along with the voucher-tickets, some candy came out, and something else that I can’t remember, but was like a prize. People were waiting to use this machine, so I had to move my car, and was having a bit of difficulty trying to arrange all the vouchers, candy, and get my seat belt on and drive a stick shift. ( which I can’t drive) I moved but had to still re arrange all the stuff, and get seat belt on, and was having a bit of difficulty getting the car to stop, though it wasn’t scary. All I could remember! – Kath, Bloomington, IL


We changed the word parking tickets to parking vouchers since we don’t think you mean parking tickets like a policeman gives a person that have to be paid like a fine. If we are wrong there, let us know quick because it will change the interpretation considerably since one if a minor misdemeanor so to speak and the other is buying a service, a privilege!

You got more than you paid for, more than you bargained for, and now you have too many things to juggle at once. However, they are all basically good things even if a little difficult (your word). Candy represents treating yourself, and the unknown prize could be something coming into your life as yet unknown — the “prize of life”. The other items you’re juggling are the privilege or service you have too much of (symbolized by the parking vouchers) and your seatbelt and stickshift. The stick shift you are also juggling symbolizes awkwardness and a need for extra dexterity, physical coordination. I feel compelled to mention that stick shifts can sometimes represent sexuality and the sex life since the stick shift is a phallic symbol, but I don’t think that is the case in your dream. Still, I mention it just in case you might find some correlation. So what did you “buy into” recently that got you wonderful things, the prize of your life, but also costs money to be shared? And requires juggling several possibly awkward or difficult elements? Did you get religion or some other huge realization / inspiration that you want to share but have to spend money to do it? Sweet surprises and physical demands came into your life recently after paying for some resource you can’t use all at once, and are tempted to save for later or to share. Despite all the juggling and “difficulty” as you describe it, you are not scared and are playing it safe (putting on your seatbelt). Interestingly, you sometimes feel you are in someone else’s way. Is there an impatient person, or situation in waking life? Or maybe you feel you’re holding up or impeding someone’s progress or ability to “move on”. A final intriguing and somewhat serious element of this dream’s message is you are experiencing some difficulty putting the brakes on some area of your life. Something doesn’t want to stop, but you are not too worried about it. Perhaps you should be! Cars can often symbolize our state of health, physical and mental. A car or other vehicle (including a horse) in a dream is often a direct reference to the body. So don’t let a health issue “get carried away” to the point you can’t stop something serious from developing. The setting of the parking lot can symbolize needed downtime, rest, or a feeling of being in limbo or “parked”. Your body needs to sit somewhere awhile and you have extra means to “pay” for it now!

RESPONSE FROM DREAMER: Wow! There is alot to take in! Thank you. Vouchers is exactly the word that should be used. This could relate to several areas of my life. I share a service business with my ex husband, but I basically do all the ‘heavy lifting’.. He is more or less ‘retired’. I personally like it this way, and he has no problem letting me handle all aspects, though at times I do get resentful, when it turns out that ‘I” am the one to make the final decision. However, it could also be in relationship to my trying to lose weight, by cutting down on empty calories. especially the alcoholic kind. I had also started a spin class which I call torture class, with my daughter. I simply hate it and feel like I am not getting any better at it! Others think I have improved.. It is still a horrible hour for me .. and I only go once a week! I also walk an hour a day. I am disgusted with gaining the weight, after I broke my foot last year and being that I am menopausal, the weight sure is slow coming off!

Finally.. It could have to do with my relationship with my boyfriend. We have been together for 6 years, and get along wonderfully. We are both almost 60, and have grown kids. He lives an hour away, which is great, and we get together often, although over the winter it was pretty sporadic due to his coaching wrestling. I am fine with our relationship, and after being married for 30 years, then divorced, hesitant in giving up my freedom. Perhaps that is also on my mind.

I was trying to remember what exactly was going on in my life at the time of the dream, and was surprised to see that you had answered it! I do feel it is a positive dream, but with some qualifications. Those qualifications is what I need clarity on.

Thank you very much for your interpretation, and I am sure, as soon as I remember what was going on in my mind on that particular time, it will definitely help me to further clarify the dream !


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