Dream Interpretations by Katia Romanoff; 2008

Dream Interpretation 2008

Dr. Katia
Romanoff interprets symbols in dreams and co-writes an advice column with Dr. Lauri Loewenberg called The Dream Zone, appearing in several newspapers around the country and Sedona Magazine.

Below are dozens of Dr Katia’s interpretations of dreams, nightmares and waking visions people send in to her. The same symbols appear in paintings, songs, and religions of the world. Just start reading at the top and see if you find any symbols with a message for YOU.

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January 1, 2008
I have been divorced for 10 years from a physically abusive man but I
keep dreaming that I go back to him. I find myself leaving him earlier
in the relationship and serving him the divorce papers. I don’t understand
why I dream about him when I am afraid of him. But he is always there.
I’m married now and I am safe so why would I dream about him? – Tamara
37, San Diego, CA

You are not really going back to him in the dream, but are mentally revisiting the awful situation in order to resolve it. You are doing now in your subconscious world what you wish you had done back then in the waking world: leaving him right away once the abuse started! Very good! The dream empowers you (while in waking life he stole your power) by showing you serving him those divorce papers. This is actually a wonderful healing dream, revealing that your psyche is moving into the bright future by resolving the old wounds those ten years created. Your fear of him does in part trigger these dreams, but your feeling of safety and wanting to kick that marriage out of your life is more responsible for causing the dreams. You are healing yourself — making way for bigger and better things — one of the perks of dreamlife!

January 7, 2008

I could not find the room that I was to be working in. I kept walking
down the sidewalk through grass that was dead. I came to a room where
I found an Asian man who was the custodian. He was lying there with a
young girl. I was not sure how old she was and thought about that for
some time. I noticed she was bleeding from either her head or pelvis.
He looked at me and smiled like he did something wrong. J, 38 (female)

Oh dear, it sounds like you have been dealing with some inappropriate sexual advances, harrassment or other loss of your life force. It might be work related since the dream opens with you searching for the right job (“room” to work in). You are uncertain about where you are supposed to be in some situation, either work or a relationship. The dead grass means your path currently leads you not beside the still waters, but thru a dead (no-growth) situation where nothing is coming up green. No money, no harmony, no growth. The “custodian” is no help and may even be a symbol of the “perpetrator” in your life right now. Who or what is causing part of you (that young girl is you, believe it or not) to bleed out your life force? This entity or person is gloating smugly about getting away with this inappropriate behavior toward you. Best thing to do is search your life for anything or anyone taking advantage of you, causing you loss (of “blood” aka energy). Immediately distance yourself from that situation or relationship.


Four men came from an apartment
in tuxedos and got onto skateboards. Then out of the same place came a
stampede of horses coming right at me. – Pauline, 49

The four men represent aspects of your personality that want your attention. The tuxedos mean there is some special occasion either past or future on your mind, OR this is about something “formal”. The skateboards tell us this issue might have to do with a need for balance and traveling “light”. And to a certain extent, the skateboards can indicate a bit of immaturity or adolescent attitude. Now as for that stampede — what in your life is running you over, flattening you? How are you feeling stampeded, bulldozed? Since they are horses, not cattle or wild animals, it may have to do with your health. Horses in dreams have long been symbols of the human body and our “noble strength”. Is your own health about to trample you? Is there some formal testing you need to get done?

January 14, 2008
I had a dream in which I was with a few friends at a coffee shop and all
of a sudden a man was on fire and the emergency crew and fire dept. had
to cut his legs and arms off. What does that mean. – Janette

That man having such a drastic emergency is YOU.
He represents a part of your personality, a masculine part since you are
a woman, that suddenly is in danger. How are you at risk of losing life
and limb? All four limbs are lost, making this part of your psyche completely
immobile, frozen, stuck in place. The fire tells us this is about your
nerves. Is part of you feeling like having a nervous breakdown? How have
you given an arm and a leg lately? What in the world is going on in your
life causing such loss! Hopefully he represents just a small part of your
current situation! The good news is that the emergency crews are also
part of your personality, the part that does damage control, that puts
out fires in your life. Unfortunately your damage control feature is pushed
to take drastic measures lately — amputation is a last resort! But since
the ultimate goal is of course to save your “life”, you have
been successful. It is a mixed success and you are not sure if you shouldn’t
have just given up, but you are determined to go forth and survive whatever
crisis this is.

I dreamed that my co-worker was the owner of a swingers club and she propositioned
me to meet one of her clients. Once I agreed, I met a man from the church
who said don’t be nervous, everything will be alright. – Jujuan, 39

Although a swingers club in a dream might symbolize inappropriate sexual behavior going on, in this case I think it is a play on words, a pun. It sounds like you may be “swinging” back and forth on a decision or deliberating some kind of “proposition” having to do with your career (symbolized by your co-worker). The man from church represents the decision you are trying to make, hinting there is some kind of moral overtone to it, maybe an ethics issue, something to do with right and wrong. Even though it seems like you are walking on the wild side, says your conscience, don’t be nervous. Or… on the flipside!… This dream could be triggered by a need to balance sexual energies in your system, perhaps you are not having enough these days! Such a lack of “fun” could be caused by guilty feelings or worry co-workers and fellow churchgoers will disapprove. The man from church is your conscience saying he is not offended, so therefore it can’t be that inappropriate. Don’t be nervous about sensuality and the need to pursue it. All is well.

Thank you so much. The interpretation hits the nail right on the head.
It will help me make the right choice with a big decision.

January 21, 2008

I dreamed about my grandmother who has been deceased
since 1994. I took her to the hospital to have her teeth pulled, but instead
it appears that her legs were cut off from her hips. A nurse told us to
take the elevator to the 10th floor but the elevator kept going to the
12th floor. It seems like it would go up and down then in a circle, sort
of like an amusement park ride. But it wasn’t scary. In fact it was quite
funny and we enjoyed it. However, we never got to the doctor because I
woke up. I feel in my heart this dream means something but I don’t know
what. – Charlotte

Dreams of deceased loved ones come as part of the healing process and sometimes they are messages from the spirit of the departed. Your subconscious mind wanted to make a minor adjustment to its relationship with your grandmother, but instead suddenly realizes half of her is cut off from you, taken away! Your deeper mind has begrudgingly accepted she no longer “walks among us”, symbolized by losing her worldly legs. Notice she is only half gone because spiritually and mentally she is still with you, the dead never really leave us. Physically however she is “gone”. The hospital and medical science can do nothing more, she’s chosen another destination, a “higher” place. Trying to get to the doctor will only send you in circles. But. She’s telling you that death is not scary and wants you to know she is actually enjoying herself in the realm beyond. There is also some advice for you: try to look with humor at things that at first blush seem fearful, and you too will enjoy the amusement park that is life. The 10th floor symbolizes the earth, the physical realm, as in the 10th sphere of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah and Judeo-Christian mysticism. But your grandmother doesn’t want to stay on this earth, she wants to go beyond, over the top, to a “higher floor” of ultimate completion — the 12th, an ancient symbol of the highest heaven (Twelve gates of heaven). Twelve is considered the perfection or completion of Ten, as in “better than ten” such as a dozen, the 12 hours of the clock, 12 houses of the sun (Zodiac). The message is, “I go to a better place, a higher realm, and I had fun doing it — especially with you in my life.” In yet another way, a very profound way, she is still on this earth. You are literally her future. Live it. Live HER.

January 28, 2008

I have had a similar dream three nights in a row. I am on vacation at
my family’s summer home with my domestic partner, his parents who do not
know he’s gay, and a long lost friend who doesn’t know any of them. My
lover says he doesn’t love me or even like me, and leaves with my old
friend, but not as lovers. They are heading back to the house we just
bought in a truck with a totem pole. I have an argument with his family
as he’s leaving and tell them he’s gay.

What does all this mean. I usually do not have long dreams or remember
much about them, but I have had this one three nights in a row and remember
more about it each night.

The relationship is going well. We bought a home together 6 months ago
and have been together for 3 years. – Steve

You may subconsciously long for the normalcy of
coming out of the closet. Your relationship is going well but lacks the
one thing of family acceptance. Part of you wishes his parents could know
of your relationship and you harbor a touch of anger that it can never
be. In the dream your anger seems misplaced because it is directed at
your partner, not at his parents. But when secrets are jointly held for
years at a time we do tend to subconsciously blame the one in cahoots
with us, the one who also knows the secret or who is pressuring us to
keep it. The totem pole symbolizes family heritage, the clan or tribe.
Totem poles contain one archetypal character for each family member. You
want to be a “normal” member of an extended family, part of
his clan. The truck means that’s a heavy issue. Being part of a family
made up of people who are homophobic is weighty and almost impossible.
The old friend is part of your personality, a part you need to bring out
more to solve this dilemma. Describe your friend in the first three words
that come to mind when you think of him and those three things are what
you need to bring to bear on this problem. They are tools you can harness
to conquer this issue and haul away that clannishness you crave, to “take
it home”.

In my dream I was told the man I’ve been seeing for three years had died.
I didn’t believe anyone so I went to the funeral home to see for myself.
The staff wouldn’t let me in but my aunt, whom I never see, was working
there and let me in to view him. He was on a table naked and gray and
cold, but suddenly he moved and looked at me, acknowledged that I was
there. I demanded that two men who worked there hold him up to see if
he could stand, but his feet were all withered and just dragged on the
ground. Everyone was trying to explain to me that he was dead even though
I could see the signs of life. After I left him I went to his parents’
house, (whom i’ve never met) to tell them how much I loved him. I talked
there with his mom and we looked at artwork he had made and hung on the
walls. Then I relaxed and tried to fall asleep in their basement… –

Your boyfriend seems “dead to you” lately…cut
off, distant. The relationship is cooling in some area, perhaps having
to do with family. You are surprised at the cooling and don’t believe
it is happening. You associate your aunt with problem solving, with opening
up opportunities to find answers. You are like her in making things happen,
and that is why she appeared in this dream. It could also mean you should
call her because she might have some “life advice” for you on
this matter. Your boyfriend’s withered feet indicate you fear he is not
able to stand on his own two feet either financially, emotionally, or
just generally speaking. Parts of your subconscious (symbolized by all
those people) think the relationship is dying to a more severe degree
than your waking mind believes. You still think the relationship has life
in it and are willing to work to keep it going. You would like to meet
his parents in real life, be able to talk to his mother, hear about his
childhood, but he is reluctant to take that step. You also are nervous
about meeting them, which is why in the dream we see you relaxing finally
and getting down to earth (the basement) where things are informal and
you can “rest easy.” It’s as though your dream ends trying to
reassure you that there is no need to be anxious about meeting his parents,
the time might be right.

February 3, 2008

I had a dream that I was in a house of some sort with about 20 other people.
I didn’t know any of them except for my friend Madison. We were just hanging
out when something strange happened. Something had gone wrong and people
were getting these particles on their skin which caused them to spontaneously
explode. Everyone got them on their bodies except for me. I started running
away from it all and passed all these people blowing up around me. Then
my friend, Madison, said that if we didn’t do something she would blow
up in an hour. She grabbed me and started running. She then stopped in
a room where I quickly jerked away from her and asked her if she was going
to blow up too. She then got a troubled look on her face, said yes, and
exploded — Danielle 18, Orem, UT

Suppressed emotions often “explode” in our dreams. What have you been holding back, keeping locked inside? Those little “explosive” particles are misunderstandings, hurtful words and criticisms. They hit you and make you explode. You are all those exploding people, they are parts of your personality that have simply had it with whatever’s going on in your life. Your friend is actually playing herself in the dream and ends up exploding in front of you. Try to determine how in real life she might be ready to emotionally blow up at you. Is there something you are freaking out over but don’t want to tell anyone except Madison? Are you perhaps afraid to tell her because she too will freak out? The skin indicates this situation started out as just a surface issue, but look how deep it runs! Some things are more than skin deep in your life and they are causing you a bit of anxiety. Once you figure out this surface issue that is now blowing up in your face, so to speak, you will be able to cancel its effect in your life. The dream actually comes to help you deal with it, to inspire you to a solution.

My father passed away 10 months ago I dreamed that I was in a place the
people had no faces , the people were surrounding me,the place was dark.
My dad was seated on a chair nodding his head in an approval motion, wearing
all white clothing and smiling. – Sharon, 45

White is the color of death and the “great beyond”. This is such a nice dream because he is letting you know — communicating with you on some level — that he approves of whatever you are up to in your life right now. Parental approval is a big deal to all of us, no matter how old we are. He knew you needed some encouragement on some issue or situation so he came and gave you “the nod.” The people having no faces and the darkness represent the unknown. Death is an unknown realm to you. You don’t know its inhabitants nor what it is like and so your deep inner mind conjures up a setting symbolizing a little confusion. But this dream is all good. The fact that he is smiling is also heartwarming because it shows all is well like the old hymn, “It is well with my soul.” This dream also indicates he is starting to be able to connect with you. Although there are rare exceptions, typically we don’t dream of a deceased loved one until at least a year after their death — sometimes more. Lucky you, the healing process and acceptance of the drastic change in your “relationship” with him are starting early. Leave a lit candle or any light for him in the window whenever you want to dream about him. It is a technique used by our ancient ancestors that supposedly works quite well.

February 10, 2008
I was wondering if you can interpret some of my husbands dreams that are
bothering both him and I. He has had 2 dreams where I am cheating on him,
he catches me with other men and I blow him off and say things like who
cares or we will talk about when I get home. He tells me he wants a divorce
and I don’t care I just say fine and walk off. The other dream was
about us being separated, he came to my place because my kids called him
to say my boyfriend was being abusive to them. When he arrived my boyfriend
was there and I had on lingerie and he said he was taking the kids away
from me and I wouldn’t see them again. As with the other dreams I
said whatever and blew him off – shut the door. As far as I know
these are the basics. He has been having trouble with his partner in business
with him and has decided to end the partnership and we are moving back
to where both of our families live. Do these dreams have anything to do
with that or is it me? What can you tell me? – Jackie

Ah, you have provided the interpretation. Your husband’s dreaming mind is using one kind of “partner” to symbolize the other. His business partner is cheating on him and they are “divorcing”. This has been weighing heavily on your husband, thus triggering upsetting dreams. It is not about you or your marriage except perhaps that he may be having some spill-over anxiety in all his relationships. Dreams of adultery often symbolize some kind of unfaithfulness going on in the dreamer’s life (in your case we know it is the business partner) or the dreamer’s fear that such a thing will occur. Your husband may be subconsciously questioning (and having anxiety regarding) his relationships and the concept of trust. In these dreams his wife-character is behaving as though she doesn’t care and is cold-hearted. Does your husband secretly worry you don’t care about the break-up of his business partnership, or that you don’t know how painful it has been for him? Maybe you have communicated to him that this loss of partnership is a good thing because it has led you back home to your roots, where all your family live. Good luck with the upcoming changes, I suspect these disturbing dreams about unfaithfulness will cease.

I dreamed I was God and I was making some
girl trip for the better of her life. Like I was telling her you can get
right back up after you fall, don’t give up. She was going to this house.
It wasn’t old, it wasn’t a mansion. It also wasn’t just built, the house
had been there about two years. So she made it, she got right back up
and she wasn’t going to do something to that house she just went and rang
the doorbell. – Ashley

The girl you were “tripping out” is an aspect of your own inner self! Part of you is playing God to another part of you, which is often a good thing. Consider your uplifting advice to yourself: don’t give up, don’t let ’em keep you down. You trip yourself up in order to get your own attention. Hey, listen up, you are saying to “her”. The house is your personality. It’s not old, it’s not a mansion, nor is it newly built. It’s about your age, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been acting like a two year old. When a house is 2, like a dog, it is a new adult. <laugh> Good thing you are not going to hurt yourself (the girl), but rather go up and ring the doorbell — another attention signal — and “enter” your new life.

February 17, 2008


Someone I had an affair with was walking down a hall looking very scruffy,
unshaven whiskers, long coat. He had a hard time walking, walked with
a limp. He could only make it from window seat to window seat. I asked
what happened and he said he buried the big guy. I asked, “Your brother?”
He answered, “No, my dad.” Then he cried, and I did too.
– female 54

The man either represents himself (the guy you had an affair with) or represents someone or some entity (institution, job) you had an inappropriate, covert connection with. The long coat indicates a cover up, the scruffiness and limping means rough around the edges, “dirty little secret”, and inability to move forward. The hallway symbolizes the array of opportunities available to you, but the doors are not your focus, rather the resting places, or windowseats catch your eye. A grave is a resting place. You have recently “buried” (put behind you, or covered up) some part of your past, possibly the thoughts of the affair itself. This dream could be closure for you, getting beyond any guilty feelings you may have experienced. We see both of you sad about a “loss”, indicating the presence of an ending, a “sad parting,” a death, a closure. It’s actually a very good sign you will soon be able to move forward.

I had a dream I was on a reality TV show. The house was really messy and
dirty and it was bothering me a lot. I went to sleep and when I woke up
I looked in the mirror. I saw all these black spots on my cheeks. When
I went to wipe them off, I had to pull them out of my cheek (similar to
pulling a feather out of a pillow or jacket) – well when I pulled them
out, they were badminton birdies and I had to pull them all out of my
cheeks. My cheeks hurt just thinking about it! – Jennifer

Oh wow. You are feeling exposed and scrutinized. Your mental state is cluttered and you don’t like a “messy” life. You are proactive and able to take a look at yourself (mirror) but want your privacy while you make any self-improvements or corrections. The black spots are “blemishes” of character that you probably don’t even have, but are afraid people will see. These character traits, these blotches on your public “face”, go deep and spread out. However, they are a bit feathery, meaning light, not so heavy, not as bad as you fear. It is painful to remove them because working on the self is always unpleasant. But you are doing it bravely, dealing with the disarray, and successfully solving your issues. Good job.

February 26, 2008

Yucky. Well I was at some sort of zoo or water park zoo and I was standing
in front of this large nasty looking pool of absolute yuck! And somehow
I had instructions to go into this pond and get out some of the sponge-like
material that was floating around in it and put it in my mouth. I was
supposed to suck all the yuckiness off of it and put the sponge-like thing
onto a pedestal. Suddenly a slimy creature came out of the yuckiness and
ate the piece of spongy material, then immediately turned around and let
a raisin-like piece of poop out on the pedestal for me to eat! As terrible
as that is my daughter called me the next morning and told me she had
a dream about a lot of poop-filled toilets all around her. Her young daughter
woke up crying about her own dream in which her brother flushed a toilet
full of poop. In my granddaughter’s dream some got on her brother’s face
and he was crying because it was on his face. All three of these dreams
happened on the same night! My dream and theirs has weighed heavily on
my mind for a few days. I need to know “What the “!” heck
is going on with me and my family. I am truly disturbed by this. – Elma,

You guys are dealing with a lot of crap right
now, that’s what this means. There is some kind of “crap” you
the grandmother fear you are being asked to “digest”, to “take
in” and process. Somebody or some institution/situation could be
pressuring you to “eat crap”. The water park setting indicates
it could have to do with emotional issues. The zoo and the presence of
animals and critters tells us your instincts are being aroused and perhaps
you are afraid of getting sucked in – or sucked off of. Do you feel like
you are being asked to glorify (put on a pedestal) something lousy or
disgusting? There could be a slimy character in your life that has you
confused. Is somebody sponging off you and/or making you clean up the
yuck in their life? You may not even recognize this disturbance in waking
life so the dream used these strong images to get you to look for hidden
“slime” and “crap”. Your daughter’s dream indicates
she feels surrounded by filth, by overwhelming (overflowing) waste that
won’t go away. Her little girl seems to be picking up on her mother’s
worries. She fears the crap is rolling down hill onto her and her little
brother. The strain is beginning to show – we see it on his face. Something
is stressing him (and your granddaughter) to the point of frustration
(tears) and a little fear. What issues are you guys dealing with? Financial
worries, a powerful family member, landlord, legal issue or boss “giving
you crap”? Shared dreams are always very significant, so you might
want to brainstorm with your daughter (leave the poor kids out of it!)
and see if you can determine what needs flushing away in your lives, what
filth is threatening to overflow and drain the resources, both emotional
and physical, of the entire family.

I have had this same dream over the past 5 years:
It’s a fight between me and my mother. It starts as a disagreement then
into a serious brawl. This has to mean something. I have never had a continuous
dream like this before; please help me with this. – Candace, Dallas TX

You are in some kind of below-the-surface conflict
with your mother. It is not unusual for mother-daughter relationships
to have unresolved issues carry over from teenage years into adulthood.
Everyone craves their mother’s approval, mother’s unconditional love,
even if only subconsciously. You are suffering an inner struggle, a “brawl”
over something you and she view differently. Is there an issue of conscience
bugging you? Something you know your mother would frown upon if she knew?
There may be a serious disagreement you once had but never resolved. It
is now haunting you, forcing you to figure out what it is so that you
can get over it and move forward. If there are no obvious battles between
the two of you, the conflict is more subtle. Think of any time either
you or your mother were disappointed in the other. Try to look at any
painful memories and/or disappointments in a detached manner, and figure
out what message such a memory might have for you today. Once you get
that “message” the recurring dreams will stop.

March 4, 2008

I have never been so afraid of my dreams before. I recently within
a week had a dream my house has been broken into with us home. No one
really gets hurt. In the dream I am not able to see or know if my family
is okay. What can this mean? – Madonna, Lithia, FL

You feel your personal space has been invaded. Something or someone has inappropriately intruded into your life, threatening perhaps your very identity, shaking your sense of security regarding things you hold dear about yourself. You have been caused to question even the basics of your psyche. This is not hurting those around you, but you are disturbed by the unauthorized access to your personal inner space and worry if your loved ones might be upset. You are afraid your inner distress will eventually affect your family. Good for you thinking of others. It is time however to build some inner safety boundaries around your self-identity, and work on increasing your self-esteem. Anxieties and insecurities (lack of “security”) are being brought to your attention so you can fix any chinks in your armor, so this is actually a very helpful dream. It makes you worried (you said you were afraid of your dreams) in order to make sure you pay attention and work on this. And so you are! Good job.

I dreamed I was in a million dollar home that overlooked an ocean. The
view was beautiful. The home had large windows. Friends and family came
over and kept closing the blinds saying the sun was too bright. I went
back to open the blinds at least ten times before they stopped. My spouse
was there and so was my sis. Why were people trying to close my blinds
when I asked them not to do that? – Marcia, 47

The fabulous home and ocean-side setting show you have great potential, are going places. Sunlight represents some kind of inspiration, ultimate knowledge and success that you worry your family would rather not look at, and is even trying to keep away from you. Is anyone jealous of your success? Do you feel lately that your friends and family don’t want you to “let the light in” about something? On the other hand, sunlight can also mean harsh reality coming in. What are your family members smoothing over, trying to shield you from? And perhaps they think you are being too transparent in your life, letting it all hang out to your detriment. Lately your loved ones may have encouraged you to reduce your vulnerability and exposure (windows), to behave in a more private, subdued, low-key manner. Sometimes it is good to look at the shadows and darker places of one’s self, but we don’t want to live in ignorance with blinders on. You must examine your life and decide for yourself what’s needed at this moment, retrospection and shielding or seeking the Light! (I lean toward the latter in your case…!)

March 11, 2008

I dream about every 6 months that I have braces on
my teeth and the braces start to fall apart. The metal breaks and the
brackets fall in my mouth and I get a mouth full of metal and I have to
spit it out. I go the dentist and tell them and they don’t want to give
me more braces. I’m sitting in his chair and he looks in my mouth but
just says I can’t give you more. – Teresa, 44

Teeth often represent our speech and you are wanting to straighten yours out. But it’s not working. Are you trying to give up cursing or some kind of harsh or hurtful speech? Trying to straighten out the words you say? Also there might be something you need to say but you are afraid to because things will fall apart and you’ll be left with a toxic resentment (mouth full of metal remains). What heavy issues (metal) are you stuck with every six months or so and forced to spit out of your life? That will give you a clue about this dream’s message.

I was in an old house that was well maintained. It was very large and
had a large mirror in the living room. I looked into the mirror and saw
a set of green stairs with no handrails kind of floating there. They did
not exist in the living room only in the reflection in the mirror. I remember
wanting know what was upstairs and how to get there, but was afraid at
the same time.

The house is you, an “old soul” who takes care of yourself, maintains a balanced personality and emotions most of the time. The largeness shows your potential for success and the mirror tells you there is something about yourself you need to look at, to analyze. The green stairs symbolize an important choice about to face you – things can go either up or down and there is risk involved (no handrails). But as long as you are well balanced you can move upward safely. Up is the way you want to go and the green tells us this is either about financial choices or some kind of growth. The staircase is floating, indicating you may be up in the air about this, in a state of suspension as you try to decide. Floating can also mean “unreal”, not really existing yet because this choice, this opportunity (whatever it is) has not yet manifested. It will come into your awareness — you will “face it” in the mirror — as soon as you take a long, serious but non-judgmental look at your life and how things have been going.

March 24, 2008


The first dream is always different but always with the same person. I always dream of my Ex. We had a child together but this was 6 years ago. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since and he is now married.  Every time I dream of him it’s of us trying to do something romantic but can’t because his wife is always somewhere nearby. Like I said I haven’t seen this man in over 6 years. Why would I always dream of him?   – Nathalie

Your subconscious mind is probably caught in a loop thinking he’s your man because you had his child.  Deep down you may still have a few romantic longings regarding him, wondering how things “might have been.” You are doing this wondering while you’re asleep, a time when logic is a bit shaky to say the least.  So all you get are contradictions between your subconscious saying, “Let’s dream about him, isn’t he supposed to be our love partner?” and your ordinary mind saying, “Uh, he’s married now, a relationship for us is impossible.”  The dreams are a natural part of moving on after a loss, of getting over something in your past.  Once your deep inner mind realizes he ain’t the one for you, despite the biological connection of sharing a child — once your subconscious gets the message there’s somebody else out there for you — the dreams will stop.  You can hasten the healing, so to speak, by thinking about all this while you’re awake.  Imagine how your life with him would be right now if you two were married and together. Don’t gloss anything. Think in cold reality terms. Remember all the faults and flaws of your relationship, those elements that made it weaken and not survive. Congratulate yourself on getting you and your child out of an undesirable situation and into your bright future.  Such breakups are usually meant to be; you are exactly where you are supposed to be for this time in your life.  Spending your future is your choice.

I always dream my mother and I are fighting.  It’s not just verbal fighting it’s physical fighting.  She and I get along pretty well, and yeah, we fight sometimes.  But when I have this dream it’s always at a time when we are on good terms.   – Candy

This may point to an unresolved or hidden conflict between you two. The physical fighting is an exaggeration to let you know there are strong feelings at work here. Probably something you don’t talk about, certainly never fight about, in waking life. Is there an issue, a wound, or past disagreement you secretly want to discuss openly with her?  Or is there something you feel is worth “fighting for” but are afraid to bring up?   Additionally, you may feel you have to fight for her approval.  Parental approval is a powerful driving force that affects us even as adults.  I suspect there is an underlying conflict lurking in your mother-daughter relationship. Once you get it identified and can think about it from all angles, perhaps even talk about it with your mother, you should find some resolution and the dreams will go away.

April 1, 2008
A dreamt I was on top of an overpass bridge (the Marcom) in Portland. I was with my wife and somehow I was elevated off the ground and I was letting go plastic baggies (probably the gallon size baggies) like they were balloons or parachutes. They were simply floating away. My wife was getting mad that I was wasting them. Then I was below the underpass on a walkway alongside the Willamette River. (The river played no part of the dream that’s just the location of where I was – if that helps.) I didn’t realize there was this walkway. I started walking and I saw this man in a hoodie approaching. I felt uncomfortable with his presence so I went around him. He turned and followed me. Then he and two other men started to close in on me. I forget if I started chasing the first man or if he started chasing me – but ultimately I pulled a knife and repeatedly stabbed the man and I could feel the knife stabbing him as he lay on the ground. Andrew, 34
— Oregon

You’re exhilarated about something.  You’re high on life, not as grounded as you could be, but happy. The bridge tells us you are in a state of transition – in between two phases but you are “on top of it.” Things are under control, but you might be wasting a little time here and there on empty pleasures – those empty “airbags” you are letting float out of your life.  Is your wife aggravated with you about any wastefulness, any slacking?! Walking along the river means you are moving forward at a leisurely pace but don’t know the turf as well as you could.  An unknown, obscured part of your personality (the hoodie) makes you feel threatened.  Normally you avoid this part of yourself, but this time other factors working with “him” are making conditions impossible to avoid confrontation.  You are finally ready to face this, whatever it is that’s been dogging you, but a certain amount of confusion causes you overreact at the crucial moment.  Is there anything going on right now that you destroyed before you were able to identify it, before you were quiet enough to hear its message?

I had this weird dream last night… it started out as a movie in my dream and then I became part of the dream.  Vampires were involved. I would see disturbing things here and there such as body parts being buried and lifeless bodies left behind. The dream became worse and worse as the night went on.  The vampires were taking people and killing them in a small town, mothers, wives, fathers.  Everyone who had someone near and dear were affected by these vampires. Before I knew it I was one of them. I became part of the movie and a vampire also, but like a double agent.  I was respected, feared but mocked.   I was summoned by the main vampire… As I was walking into the hotel where he was staying all of his henchmen were there to greet me with sarcastic remarks  as if they knew that the main vampire was upset with me for something. As  I walked into his room I saw female clothes and shoes as if he had had his way with someone and then killed her. The place was beautiful, but with one wall covered in blood. He startled me but he greeted me, and he was saying something to me.  But I became distracted by with what he was watching on TV… porn. (Not because I am a porn watcher but because I felt sad, As if  I would never feel the pleasure of making love or simply ever having someone just touch me).  As he was approaching me I felt fear, but I did not show it and as he reached for my arm he yelled  and… I WOKE UP!   – Ruby

You become a double agent because you are trying to find a solution to an impossible situation, a situation of loss and conflict that has been raging in your life for some time now.  What are you up against lately?  What is draining the energy, the very life force (blood) out of you to the point of losing your values and strong beliefs?  It may be some form of entertainment or seemingly “innocent” pleasure that is sucking you in.  Sex or something “sexy” as in sleek and enthralling may be part of the lure, holding you transfixed even when you know you are losing (blood loss). You seem to be wise about it, almost fatalistic however and that’s a bit worrisome.  Analyze your life right now and cut back on any inappropriate energy drains.    Eliminate all distractions and elements that might be “seizing” you, “capturing your attention,” drugging or enthralling you, so to speak. This dream could point to an internal conflict, but I think it has to do with your environment.You seem to know something’s gotta go, but are afraid to directly take it on.  Courage does seem to be present however, and it’s enough to make the enemy howl in rage when you oppose it.  Sounds like a habit-forming bloodsucker in your life that are both afraid of and fed up with.  You are protected by anonymity right now (double agent) so you can safely draw on your inner strength to fight back and get this monkey off your back.

April 8, 2008
My dream was:  I entered into my boyfriend’s room and I found him on bed with somebody else.  I was able to see her face, but I was not able to recognize her.  I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the floor, and I also slapped her.  My boyfriend had a smile on his face while all this was happening.  Then I jumped on top of him and we start making out. Isn’t this weird?  Hope you can help me interpret this dream.
Evelyn Castro, Age 30 years, Miami, Florida

This is a fun dream with two messages for you.  Your boyfriend secretly wants you to fight for him, to show how passionate you are about maintaining your relationship. He may be a bit childish in this desire, but it is not unhealthy. The other possible meaning for you (and both can be true at once, as is the unique nature of dreams) is that the woman is an aspect of your own personality.  There is a man-stealing desire within you, flirtatiousness toward other men, which you don’t like, that you want to slap around and get rid of.  You know it will please your boyfriend if you conquer and neutralize this behavior pattern, probably because he is a bit jealous when you smile or are otherwise friendly with other men.

My name is Gina, 32 from Ceres Ca.  I have this dream at least twice a month. It’s a little different each time but almost the same. In my dream I have a baby I wasn’t expecting. Like I was pregnant but didn’t know, and then all of a sudden I have this baby. And I’m trying to gather things to take care of it. In my dream I keep saying how happy I am but I am hurrying to go buy everything for the baby. But the weird part of the dream is that I keep forgetting to feed it. And the baby is crying. I bring it close to me and keep telling it how sorry I am for not feeding it. I tell myself in the dream why do you always forget to feed your baby and what a bad mother I am. Please HELP! This dream really bothers me after I wake up because I can’t seem to make sense of it.

Aha! The baby is a beloved but vulnerable part of your future, a long-term goal, a cherished project, that you feel bad about not seeing through.  What future plan or vision for your life are you unprepared for? Every now and then an opportunity to nurture this vision comes suddenly and unasked into your life but you have never acted on it.  You can’t keep focused enough to “feed” this wonderful thing.  Is it something educational, some kind of occupational opportunity or other calling you keep passing up?  The dream is trying to tell you you’re going to regret and feel guilty about this, so it’s time to take the plunge. Stock up on “food” for this great endeavor; prepare for the new and wonderful  life that you very much want to give birth to. Next time this opportunity whatever it is, literally falls into your lap, you will have plenty of life force (baby milk) to energize it. The guilty feelings will be gone forever.  Hard work and constant attention will be required, yes, as with all “babies”, but you are up to it. Good luck and get going!


April 20, 2008

I constantly have dreams of slapping or lashing out at one sister in particular. I say horrible things to her and I don’t care if I hurt her feelings. She is what you would call the perfect sister, she is intelligent, outgoing, has a lot of friends, attractive, just a together person. Whereas, as a child I was sexually abused by my father when he drank and because of that I am unhappy, depressed a lot, introverted and have an anger problem. She always tells me I can change these things about myself like it’s so easy. I have never told anyone in my family about what happened to me and I have been holding it in for 50 years. Could this be why I’m lashing out at my sister in my dreams? She doesn’t know the real reason I am the way I am and I feel I can’t tell her and she’s thinking whatever my problems are can be solved so easily?
   – Colleen, Milwaukee, WI

You are really tuning into yourself in a healthy way and have hit upon the reason for your dreaming pattern.  Your sister represents all that you wanted to be but were tragically deprived of becoming. The pain of your abuse makes you want to scream at the world, scream at God, scream at fate – even though you feel nobody is listening.  But your dreams provide you with a potential listener:  your sister, who remains ignorant of your suffering.  This recurring dream is a message that it’s time to tell her.  Write her a letter if you can’t do it in person.  You need her to know. Healing for you may begin just by telling her the horror that was your childhood.  There is no telling how she will react, but the important thing is to get this tragic secret out of the dark place of pain and into the sunshine so that it can be burned up.  The light of knowledge, in this case your sister’s knowledge of the past, will actually chase the dark into non-existence. Even if she doesn’t believe it, even if she never speaks to you again, your healing process depends on getting this off your chest. Be brave, keep your anger in check, you are about to let go of this pain and the closure process has begun.  And if you can, read the great advice to victims and suffering humans in general in Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth.

I have had a few dreams where I am bashing someone or a few people. To be honest I have no idea why I’m fighting with these people but in the dream I absolutely know that there is a problem between myself and them. One dream that sticks out was of a guy I was fighting with.  I was beating him up when he somehow became a mannequin!  I was in a mall and threw the mannequin off a high level of the mall and watched it drop about three floor levels to the bottom, almost floating down.  When it landed there was basically no impact as if the thing were a light piece of paper or something. That’s weird, I thought to myself … sheesh all that beating up and no satisfaction because I was beating up a fake person.   – Jerry, New York City, NY

You are creating artificial parts of yourself and then expending lots of energy to beat them up, energy you later find out is wasted.  Sometimes we construct enemies that don’t exist, usually out of anxiety or feelings of being out of control.  What are you fighting that doesn’t even deserve your attention? There is some conflict in your life you are trying to get rid of by targeting it with all your aggression and focus.  You finally succeeded in throwing this thing, issue, relationship or situation away. But when it was gone, you suddenly realized it had never existed; it was a fake.  “You got upset and bent out of shape for nothing,” is basically what your dream is trying to tell you.


April 27. 2008

I have had a recurring dream for several years now. I am back in High School, and I cannot remember the code to open my locker. I also cannot remember which classes I am supposed to be in, and I am frantic. I always wind up in the office trying to get the information I need, and while the lady is looking for it I wake up every time.
  -Cara 29, Calhan CO

Aha, this is a very common dream had by adults long gone from school…but lost in the school of life. You get it whenever in waking life you are feeling locked out (your locker) or unprepared, uninformed, uncertain of “where” in life you are supposed to be (can’t find the class).  Lately you feel lacking in know-how, like if only you knew the code you could find success.  Here in the information age when information is God (Google is God, dontcha know!), we believe if we just had more info all would be resolved.  But actually, by waking you up unsatisfied in the school office, this dream is telling you to go deeper.  You won’t find what you need here on the surface.  Go thee within to access your inner knowing, the wisdom that goes beyond knowledge, beyond mere “information”…

The last few months I have been having a dream where I am going along the highway or just a city street in my vehicle and I see a woman lying on the road dead, I think. I look at her and keep going. I don’t turn around. Others keep going past her. The one I had this morning, a truck was turning right where she was and almost hit her again, but he didn’t stop. The person in the car next to me that happened to turn left at the light did stop. Someone always does stop eventually.
Nancy, age 50 – Wisconsin

Someone eventually pays attention, but not you?  This dream sounds like the story of the Good Samaritan.  Everyone passes by the beaten left-for-dead body alongside the road until one dude finally gives a darn enough to stop and help. In your case I think the person that may or may not be dead is part of YOU.  Is there some aspect of your own self that is dead to you, that you may be denying, ignoring? There is something you should be acting on, something you should not pass by.  Because you have ignored it so long, avoided it, this part of you -vitally needed — seems dead and may “die”.  Ignore something and it will go away, even if you really need it…

By making a truck almost hit it, your subconscious is trying to grab your attention, add some urgency to the matter, to make you act upon this thing. Just by getting your dream interpreted you are paying attention, so relax and let the message, whatever it is, come to you. You don’t wanna be hit by a truck! Unleash your compassion for yourself.  Give your heart permission to love all of you.


May 5, 2008

I have been having this dream for such a long time now…at least a few times a week… My son is 29 yrs. old, and I have been dreaming that he is a little boy…around 3, 4, or 5 yrs. old. I love seeing him as a little one and I enjoy the time I spend with him in my dreams. We are very close, and he only lives about 10 min. from me. We talk on the phone every day, and see each other quite often. I would TRULY appreciate an answer from you…   – Patty, Syracuse, NY

Well now this is an easy one – he will always be your little boy, is the message of this dream.  Because you still have a close mother-and-son relationship well into his adult years, the dreams remind you of how it all began, those precious years when the bond was forged. Sometimes it could mean you are treating him like he was still under your protection, maybe coddling him too much, so be on the lookout for that.  Above all, don’t over-identify with your role as “parent”. Don’t let parenting define who you are to him – you are two adults with a special eternal bond, yes, but no more “Mommy-knows-best” or the approval/disappointment “game”.

Why would I have dreams of Murdering people? In my dream the deed is already done and I never see whom I have killed. I am always cleaning up after myself, wiping fingerprints, etc.  I have no desire to hurt anyone; these dreams are very disturbing. And I always have (in the dream) the knowing anxiety that I will be found out and I will go to prison.    – Melody, North Carolina

You are killing off vital parts of yourself, possibly skills, talents and personality aspects that you need.  You don’t want to hurt yourself like this, but things are no longer under control.  Your ego is afraid the real you will figure out it’s been eliminating these valuable aspects, and is trying to cover its tracks.  Your false self (ego) doesn’t let you see just who or what it is destroying, hoping you won’t care enough to stop the damage. You however, are onto it, and are concerned – you “have no desire to hurt anyone”.  Just recognizing the false self is at work is half the battle.  Be on the alert, realize it’s not you doing this, that the real you is above all  destructiveness.  Those realizations magically give the usurper inside your head no choice but to stop the killing spree.

May 12, 2008

I had a dream last night that I beat the heck out of my 17 year old son.  He would hit me back but I just kept going and getting my frustrations out on him. Slapping, punching anything I could do.  I felt so awful when I woke up. This is the second one that I have had, except this one was worse.   – Angie 38, Syracuse, NY

This dream may come to you whenever you fail to express your frustrations with your son in waking life. Teenagers can drive parents nuts, but mothers especially often don’t let on. We suppress telling our teen off even when they are clearly out of line because we either don’t like conflict or are afraid the almost-adult will not like us, be ashamed of us, think we’re “not cool”.  Do not feel bad for these dreams! It just means you are human and you are a good parent struggling to treat your teenager as an adult, but to respect him as such.  Occasionally he is going to do things that do not earn that respect and you are going to get mad as heck.  If you can merge your mama’s love and good-naturedness with the tough-love approach, you will not suppress your frustrations and therefore not produce these “kick-butt” compensatory dreams. But don’t worry about it if one does return, just vow to “let him have it” with reason and conversation – in other words talk to him.

I have a recurring dream that varies in it’s specifics, like location or destination, but has common threads running though it…  In these dreams, I am on vacation, typically with my wife but sometimes alone. I get the feeling that I’ve had a fun, relaxing vacation. It has come to the point where it is time to pack up and go back home. I am filled with anxiety regarding the journey back home. This journey usually involves a long drive to back home, but sometimes is accomplished via air travel.
   – Aaron 36, Fort Collins, CO

“The journey back home” is a metaphor for death.  Your anxiety about it is therefore normal.  Your dreams are full of symbols, representing life as a vacation, some of which we spend with our soul-mate, but not all.  Some secret part of you fears you are unprepared to die.  You don’t want to “pack it up” and get ready, and worst of all you fear the actual dying, the actual “journey home.”  You don’t want to go out violently or painfully, but as all humans, would rather not think about it.  But if you must think about it, you wish for a peaceful passing.  Are you dealing with heavy issues weighing on your conscience? Something life-and-death has your inner attention and is causing these dreams.  It may be an inward shift in your consciousness, a maturity of the soul as you face ultimate life questions. So, actually a good thing!

Thanks for your reply. I think your interpretation was maybe a bit more literal than you know. For the past year and a half, my wife and I have been wrestling with the determination about the quality of life for our beloved 16 year old dog. Though all of the signs pointed to it being her time to go, I wasn’t convinced she was ready. Finally, after a great deal of mounting anxiety, two months ago we decided to give her peace. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think I’ve had the recurring dream since. However, I have noticed that I’m no longer waking up with a heavy feeling. I never doubted that we loved her and would miss her, but this has helped me to realize how much she was a part of our lives. Thank you.

May 20, 2008
The dream began with me in a group of people including a former boyfriend.  We started running and the boyfriend became my daughter’s husband!  We began climbing a hill, and then encountered this huge pig like creature trying to get leaves from a tree. The pig turned into a warthog and my son-in-law grabbed my hand and we ran until we came to the end of a cliff and had to jump.  When we got to the bottom, there were lots of people.  We turned around to escape.  There is where I awakened.   – Joyce

Your former boyfriend and your daughter have some similar trait that causes you to imagine them as married.  Hopefully he didn’t have the hots for her when you were together, but that is also a possibility.  The hill represents an uphill battle you were engaged in with your boyfriend personally, or the circumstances around your relationship. The pig symbolizes selfishness and being greedy. The warthog means that what started out as selfishness turned into stubbornness and even some concerns for physical safety. We see your son-in-law “guiding” you to safety.  Did he help you out in real life or give you some advice? We see him in the dream leading you to jump off a cliff, however, so there is a lot of frustration you are carrying around. It looks like you jumped into a worse situation than you were fleeing since you ended up having to escape from the escape, too! Have you jumped out of the frying pan into the fire lately? If so, analyze the situation and decide whether you must calmly exit, change it or accept it. Those are basically our only three options in any situation.

I dreamed that someone was outside my house always looking at me like they wanted to kill me. I could not get anyone to believe me not even my husband. He thought I was crazy and took me to the police.  The police acted as if they believed me.  I was scared, flipping out and about to have a breakdown. I was so stressed that I literally yelled out my sister’s name in the dream. That woke me up, but I soon fell back to sleep and started the whole dream again, picking back up where I left off.  This happened all night long.  I was very stressed and didn’t feel good when I awoke.  It felt as if I really went through this dream for real.  I am very disturbed by this dream.  What is going on?

You feel threatened by some thing or some one.  Your husband thinks it is just your imagination and may tell you to stop over-reacting.  You cannot get him to agree with you about this issue, whatever it is.  Ask yourself what it might be – what your husband calls you crazy about. You believe your sister would be your ally, if only you could get her to listen. Being taken to the police indicates you don’t trust your husband’s opinions or motives regarding authority and the facts (symbolized by the police). You are intensely frustrated with him, and feel like he always minimizes your fears, your concerns.  You also may fear he will betray you — “turn you in” — to get you to accept that your stress and anxieties are normal. The dream repeated itself to make sure you noticed, hoping you would get the message. You have indeed paid attention and sometimes that’s all it takes to get past a temporary disturbance in your psyche.

May 31, 2008
I too have a recurring dream.  I go for long periods of time without having the dream then I will have it a couple of times in a row.  I dream I’m hearing knocking, I don’t actually see myself in a dream hearing the knocking, it is just the sound. Usually the knocking is so loud that it wakes me up.  When it first started years ago I used to get up and check the door to see if somebody was at the door.  I can’t think of one time when there was somebody there, so now I don’t even get up, but lay there awake with my heart pounding. I have tried to figure out what it means or what purpose is served by waking me up.  I’ve tried to equate it to something going on in my life.  Perhaps you can shed some light.
Thank you,
Eileen F
Naples, FL

This dream pattern has happened to others, and although it causes heart-pounding distress, it is not about something scary.  Sometimes it means there is an unknown opportunity knocking that you don’t know how to take advantage of.  But knocking dreams can also be triggered whenever in waking life you start to feel the weight of others’ expectations.  When someone expects something of you, either in a relationship or work situation, it is figuratively like they are knocking — expecting you to answer, in other words to respond.  Who or what occasionally wants a response from you that you are uncertain how to give, or unwilling, perhaps unable to give?  Are you ever reminded of certain “failings” (we all have flaws) that trigger guilt because you fear you didn’t live up to expectations? It may be you have set too high a standard for yourself and simply need to give yourself permission to forgive yourself. Ain’t nobody perfect. Sometimes people want something we don’t have.  If you or others are expecting some impossible response out of you, some kind of answer to problems, or a solution you don’t have, it is not fair.  These dreams are waking you up so that you will pay attention.  They could represent a fear in you that you are missing something, some vague opportunity that comes knocking, but I still think in your case it has to do with expectations.  The knocking dreams come to show you the unpleasantness of feeling unable to respond so that you will not be guilt-tripped into falsely or dishonestly responding.  It is sometimes okay to just do nothing, to not answer an external summons to “do something”.  Do not, say the sages, only BE.  Greater awareness does not come from do-ing, but from simply be-ing.

I dreamt that I had taken my two children, ages five and eight to a water park.  They were strapped into swings that went over the water. I looked away for a moment and found they had disappeared.  I went looking frantically and found my son who had been five in the dream and was now his true age of twenty-two lying face up in a canal.  He started blinking his eyes and came out of the water.  But there were two more boys about his age in the water and they were not moving.  We started looking for my daughter and I woke up before we found her.   – Joan

Water symbolizes the dreamer’s emotional state. When your children were young, they were strapped in (no choice, restrained) and riding above your emotional life.  They were unaware of your emotions, especially the strong parental ones like approval and disapproval.  Now however, you open up more about that side of yourself, but since they are older you often feel you have “lost” them or are losing them.  That is just an illusion, so don’t let it worry you. They are grown now, not like when they depended on you for everything.  Your son got immersed recently in your current feelings about some issue.  Perhaps you let him have it about something, or you confided something to him that has been making you upset or feel artificial. A canal is an artificial conduit for water, aka emotions. Have you been trying to talk to your son about something going on in his life that worries you?  Other people his age are stagnating and appear dead.  They are “going under”.  Your daughter has been absent for this particular issue, either because she is already too far “lost” to the matter, or more likely because it doesn’t apply to her.  But you want to talk to her about it to get her opinion.  Is your son not moving up and forward in his life? The water park setting suggests an unnatural fantasy world (video games?) or entertainments.  Do you fear that like other young men his age he is getting lost to entertainment or other “fun” but not successful things?

June 16, 2008


I rarely remember dreaming but when I do it is always a busy dream that makes no sense.  My most recent was me running around what seemed to be from plateau to plateau trying to find the right bear suit.  I remember being told not to put on the red suit because they would catch me.  I was jumping to plateaus of differing heights and then putting on a bear suit and jumping to the next all the while also running.  There were others in the dream but I can’t recall what they looked like or who they were.  The bear suits were all different colors but the red one stood out so much that I can’t recall the other colors.   – Vikki, Columbus, OH

It sounds like a competition of some sort, the “game of life” where we try to avoid hazards.  This is the bear race, not the rat race.  Life is a bear, the market is a bear market – in other words things are looking “down”, frustrating and irritating.  You were also in a kind of maze, symbolizing confusion and some situation in life where you are exerting a lot of energy but uncertain of why.  There is no specified goal – just guidelines of what to avoid.  The plateaus are high points of life, the ups of the ups and downs. You are trying to move from up to up without having to deal with the inevitable downs of life – a very normal human attempt! Colors are various emotions.  The color red symbolizes frustration, perhaps a touch of anger, and those emotions are blocking out your ability to experience all other emotions right now.  You may be searching for guidance, for the right role to play (the right bear suit), or for someone to just tell you what to do regarding a frustrating situation.  It’ll come to you, just hang in there and if you end up in a down cycle, know that there’s nowhere to go but up.

I was alone in the dark, but I stood in a circle of white light roughly 10 feet across. I knew something was wrong and as I turned to look over my shoulder a shadow creature silently and violently charged out of the darkness at me and crossed the circle of light back into the darkness. I narrowly dodged the shadow creature, and I awoke 3 steps shy of crashing (running in my sleep) through my bedroom window, which was on the second story, as I tried to escape.   – Wade, Massachusetts

Oh wow, it is very rare that dreams propel us into physical action! Very rare indeed.  It only happens when part of your brain wakes up while the rest of it is still asleep in the dreamworld.  Other rare phenomenon such as night terrors and the scary dark “visitations” you hear from relatives and friends also occur in the waking-up state, but usually we don’t get up and act them out.  There is a big ol’ profound message for you here.  The shadow creatures represent your baser desires and potential violent streak that you have been trained you must deny in order to be “polite” and civilized.  We all have these elements in our psyche because we might need them to fight off an attack. The trick is to somehow not deny our shadow instincts and nature, but acknowledge their presence as tools that we are in control of.  Notice the creature crosses into the circle of light, the part of you that is protected and accepted.  It wants to be civilized and enter the light of your awareness, of your life.  We can call upon our animal nature only when needed, like an obedient, well-trained but deadly beast.  We shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.  When you can remove the fear of your “nasty” self and thus tame it, when you can control the urge to run, to escape from your own “dark side”, you suddenly become very Zen.  You’ll be a way-cool character.  It is the ultimate maturity, very rarely reached by humans even after middle age.  This realization and acknowledgement of ALL of yourself, has been variously called gnosis, enlightenment, individuation and integration.  Many of us wish we could get there, me included!  Your unique dream shows you are on that path, too. Lucky you.


June 26, 2008

Recently I have had a recurring dream that I start to peel skin (like you do after a sunburn, but I am not sunburned) usually it is near my ankle.  As I begin to pull the skin off, it comes in larger and larger pieces…turning into pieces as large as 4×5 inches and bigger. I am not at all upset by this, I think it is rather enjoyable.  I think that I show this to someone else, but I’m not really sure.   – Lynne, Ewing NJ

The fact you are not bothered by it tells us this is not about literal skin, but has a symbolic message. You are going deeper than skin deep. Your progress on this issue, whatever it is, was gradual at first and lately has picked up momentum.  The ankle is a vulnerable place, symbolizing some area or aspect in your life that is a potential weak point.  Ankles also have to do with support and what direction you are headed. You are peeling away the layers and going within to your very foundation. Your support system may be obscured by layers of burn-out. Remember there is no anxiety here. The primary message is that getting to the “meat” of the matter can be enjoyable even though on the surface it might appear to be painful, unpleasant or even dangerous.

Last week I dreamt I was eating a lettuce (fresh from the garden), as I ripped each lettuce leaf off and put them into my mouth I came across giant caterpillars, the bright green type almost cartoon like.  I might have even eaten one but as I realized the caterpillars were there I pulled them off the lettuce leaf one by one and stuck them on a cactus.  I remember thinking “Oh no, the cactus spikes might hurt the caterpillars,” but I continued to do it. I woke in the morning remembering this dream and thinking it was significant but not knowing why, I still think of this dream, it happened only last week.  Can you help me ?  – Rebecca, Warwickshire, England

Caterpillars represent huge coming change and raw potential.  Green means life itself, growth, and also harmony. Cartoons are “animated”, another pun in your dream meaning life. The fresh picked lettuce symbolizes bringing into your life healthy new elements.  But such a big change has you wondering if it’s going to be for the better.  It seems like a change for the better, but yet you are doing something that’s going to harm you (putting on cactus).  Your brain is saying you think this is good for you, but you worry (or are at least considering) its potential to jeopardize or hurt you.  Remember, a cactus can also be used as a “life-saver”, but only when appropriately accessed, since one must go to great professional lengths to get the life-giving waters from it. The message here is your small steps will obtain your greater healthy change, but you still have to overcome some concerns or reservations.  However, such fears are only “natural”, just like your dream!

July 7, 2008

Last night I dreamt I was in my deceased aunt’s house and there were all kinds of turtles hatching out.  There were painted turtles that I would pick up and put in a bowl that I found on my aunt’s counter.  Then there were snapping turtles I wouldn’t touch and little piles of sand here and there in her living room. That is it, nothing else, which I thought was weird. Doreen K, 52 yrs, Wisconsin

What are the first three words that pop into your head when you try to describe the kind of person your aunt was?  Write ’em down real quick.  Those three things are aspects of your life, which you are either sheltering yourself from, or you need to bring out and accentuate.  Turtles in dreams represent “portable” shelter, yet also the need to slow down and re-focus one’s efforts.  This is a new situation, just hatching out. The snapping turtles indicate you are trying to avoid snapping at someone or perhaps more likely, you don’t want to be snapped at.  Who is trying to bite your head off, lately?  The little piles of sand are part of the turtles’ habitat starting to form in your mindset. Don’t hide from reality, but do reassess your current waking life, pacing yourself rather than running ragged.

I dreamt of an old boyfriend who was with this other woman, a very lovely young woman.  I found myself following them around the city.  I realized I was holding a full length mirror.  I wasn’t sure why I was carrying it around with me but still didn’t put it down.  I followed them until I realized I was lost.  I had also lost my purse and my luggage.
I hailed a taxi and told him that I was lost and I had also lost my purse so I had no money.  I got into his cab and we drove around the city looking for my purse and anything that looked familiar. Then I woke up.
Bonnie Garrett, 56

The mirror was telling you to look at yourself, and treasure yourself as the “fairest of them all”.  Your inner self is immortal and untouched by age or ego. It is that lovely young woman.  The old boyfriend tells us you have some past issues, perhaps regarding relationships and loneliness weighing on your mind lately.  You feel bewildered sometimes, disconnected and “losing touch”.  Purses and wallets in dreams symbolize our personal identity.  How have you “lost” yours recently?  Luggage is your worries and troubles weighing you down.  What problems have you been dragging around for years but now are “losing”?  The mirror was full-length, so the advice of the dream is to look to your whole self for a solution to whatever this problem is.

Your diagnosis of my dream has merit.  I am lonely and am missing several valued relationships. I lost my Dad (we were really close) to cancer in January and am currently losing a real close friend and mentor to dementia.  My sister and another dear friend are fighting lymphoma.  I do feel that I am losing myself in all this trauma.   I have always been a very positive person that others look to for a fresh idea or a positive thought.  The luggage scenario are those troubles and worries weighing me down.  I do feel bewildered sometimes, disconnected and “losing touch”.  The numbers on my scale continue to climb, as my self respect and the ability of selling the services my business provides continue to fall. 
And I do need to look at the whole me (body & soul) and pull things back together. 
Thank you,


July 22, 2008

I was somehow being cornered in a spot between my cousin and a fish tank full of mice and rats when all of a sudden a big black snake (I am deathly afraid of snakes) came crawling out of nowhere, right in front of me.  I couldn’t move to get away from it; I was trapped.  I was so frightened that I was whimpering and could hardly talk to tell my cousin to get it out of here, get it away from me.  When I tried to move the least little bit the snake turned, looked me in the eyes with its mouth wide open and GROWLED – it sounded just like a cat!  My cousin ignored me, he just kept playing with the tank full of rodents when finally the snake turned back around, headed up the tank and away from me.  I’m not sure why I ended up touching the snake (because I would never do that) but I did and it turned into the softest, silkiest, furriest, feeling snake but that didn’t matter, I was still really freaked out and wanted to get away!  I have no clue what in the world this means or how it pertains to my life situation right now.   – Anita

In certain parts of the ancient world, before embarking on a serious undertaking (such as marriage, childbirth or an important journey) pagan women would go to a local temple and touch a snake.  It was more than for “good luck”.  Touching a snake means initiation, but also a supernatural overcoming of obstacles, and getting the endorsement of Mother Nature.  Snakes in dreams symbolize ancient wisdom, immortality and spiritual initiation.  Rodents symbolize undesirable elements of the personality – vermin, filth and the gutter.  You may feel that other family members (represented by your cousin) are absorbed with the dirty side of life and don’t notice, or don’t care, about your pain.  You are going thru a major transition, a whole new mind-set is coming over you, and it scares the the life out of you. Yet you go forth.  Good for you!  Notice that when you did touch the snake you realized it was a good thing, it was the softest, silkiest thing.  Now some might say this symbol has to do with sex.  That if you would just go ahead and touch that phallic thang, you’d find out it was harmless and even enjoy yourself.  So you may have a fear of or aversion to sexual intimacy right now for one reason or another.  The snake growling like a cat symbolizes the intense desire you are afraid someone or some thing has for you.  Something is trying to eat you alive, you feel. You are feeling cornered about some issue or another, perhaps sex or perhaps something else. Whatever it is, you are in avoidance mode and could probably benefit from relaxing and coolly evaluating the situation. Once you can find some stillness, however brief, you will find the answers to how this pertains to your life situation.  And, since we’re talking about the ancient wisdom, maybe some other cosmic answers, too..!

I have had this recurring dream for at least 15 years:  I’m at my parents’ house when suddenly we hear the scream of a jet engine.  My parents and I go to the front door and see a passenger jet crash just blocks away.  Next, I’m standing on their front lawn, looking in the direction of the crash and I see a GIANT fireball that is rolling up and down the neighborhood, very organized (up one street, then down the next, so on and so on), burning and destroying everything in its path. I stand there frozen and watch the fireball rolling down my parents’ street.  It is at the next door neighbors’ house, then suddenly jumps over my parents’ house. My dad is standing in the doorway.  The fireball continues on its destructive course, rolling out of sight.    – Joyce Barber, 50  Oakdale, CA

Fire in dreams symbolizes extreme nervous tension or incredible anxiety, and crashes mean an explosion of anger or tension.  You may get this dream whenever you feel like your relationship with your parents or your family’s relationship with the world is about to crash and burn. You worry that cataclysmic change will come into your lives, destroy your world, your family.  The fact that it jumps over your parents’ house shows that you instinctively know you will be spared this fiery anxiety and raw fear. The nastiness will destroy everything else however, and all you will have left is the basics, your very origins, symbolized by your parents. Are you dealing with any other destructive, crashing and burning relationships such as with a spouse, partner, adult child or boss?  Ask yourself if anything is threatening your bond with your parents.  What enflamed highly-charged situation comes up occasionally that might be triggering this dream? It may simply be your fear of losing your parents, but I suspect it is more encompassing and there is something else helping to bring on this recurring dream. Is there any alcoholism or other destructive addictions involved?  As soon as you figure out what the trigger is, a recurring dream will magically stop coming.

July 29, 2008

I frequently have a dream where I am back in school can’t find my classes or my locker (I know this is a popular theme) but the part that really bothers me is that I find myself in course of trying to find these places in a large stairwell and as I am going up the stairs they are getting further and further apart so I am trying to jump up to the next stair and it’s like the 4th floor with nothing below. Scares me every time- honestly I really don’t like stairs because of this dream.

What do you think?   – Shannon, Chicago, IL

You are right, being lost, confused or unprepared in a school setting is a very common dream theme, usually triggered by feelings of unpreparedness or inadequacy in waking life.  The stairwell means that you also have some anxiety regarding upward mobility. You fear your goals might be getting further and further away, thus hard to reach.  The path to them is becoming increasingly more treacherous. The 4th floor symbolizes making it to the top, but yet you fear there is nothing below, no ground floor, no support. So, how in real life are you treading on insecure footing? How are you up too high, unsteady, ungrounded and without support, perhaps making it to the top with no ground floor?

My mother died 10 years ago. Since then I’ve had several dreams about her, and the odd part is she never speaks in them. I talk to her, and she acknowledges me, but never says anything. My mother did talk to me a lot, so this was not like her.  Yes I was close to her even though she lived several hundred miles away and I didn’t see her much.    – Yvonne

She is “not herself” anymore, she has transformed.  That’s why she doesn’t act the way she did in waking life.  Your mother is coming to you from the other side to let you know she is still “around,” still a part of you, but now a silent part.  Consciousness never dies.  Also, your subconscious mind has noticed your mother can no longer “talk” to you, she seems “gone” and you are adjusting to that loss.  The absolutely beautiful thing about your dream is that although she isn’t talking, you instinctively know she can still hear you.  How reassuring such dreams can be!

I love the response you gave. It makes sense to me and now I understand the meaning more.  It used to upset me that she never spoke to me, but after reading what you said it makes me feel much better, and now I can be at peace with these dreams and look forward to them.  Knowing she can still hear me!!  That was a wonderful thing to read.  Thank you so much for the response.  You don’t know how much that means to me.


August 9, 2008

My question is simply this: why when I dream are all my dreams so vivid and real? I actually wake up some days tired because I am constantly active in my dreams.  Everything in my dreams no matter what type of dream I am having, is like real life.  Is there a way to turn it off so I can sleep better? Keep in mind that my life is active and I am constantly on the move.   – Shawn, Syracuse, UT

Dreams reflect our waking life, especially what are called residue dreams.  If you are very active all the time, that residue carries over into your dreams.  The only way to stop it is to take fifteen minutes a day and practice complete stillness.  Just sit there, in other words, with nothing stimulating ANY of your five senses.  The idea is to WATCH your thoughts during these sessions. Watch them, not try to stop them or think about them. Just think of them as flitting fleeting wispy things going across a large movie screen in your head.  Eckhart Tolle and Zen teach the sitter to keep asking yourself, “I wonder what my next thought will be?” and then be very alert like a cat watching a mouse-hole for a mouse / thought to emerge.  This simple (but ancient) exercise will turn your mind into the lean, sleek machine that is really is and iron out all those frenetic wrinkles therein that are making you unable to rest at night.  Your mind is just too active – like your body it sounds like.  But your mind is not you, it is a fabulous tool or a loyal employee.  And tools can be sharpened, enhanced, while employees can be trained to excellence.  I suggest reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.  It is the user’s manual of the over-active human mind.

It was a hot day so I had my back door open, but the screen door shut.  Two little girls kept trying to come inside. I refused to let them in and accidentally shut the door on one of the little girls’ face. It didn’t phase her at all and she said “we have something to tellll youuuu”…. I covered my ears and said “I don’t want to know” but she screamed and pointed inside my house, “I lost my daddy right there!!” A scene flashed in my head of the previous owner murdering her father.  There was blood everywhere, and then I saw the previous owner using a knife to cut the carpet in pieces and rip it out to get rid of the blood.
Then I woke up, I was sooo scared!  Everytime I’d fall back asleep, the dream would pick up where it left off and add more to it.
When I woke up for the day I called my dad to tell him about it.  It seemed so REAL.   – Jennifer

Wow, thriller writers get saga dreams like this that continue through sleeping-and-waking taking up where they leave off.  Romance writers saga dreams, too, in fact.  So this actually might be something from your creative mind perhaps triggered by hearing about murders or watching them on TV or film.  The violence you saw in your dream could also be overactive fearfulness and anxiety within you that needs to spill out.  Have you recently felt that something seemingly innocent (symbolized by the little girls) is going to harm someone you love because you damaged their “face” – their reputation?  That fact that you told your Dad about shows you may have need to voice some anxiety or hidden violence. Are you worried about your father? The carpet strips of course represent another surface “cover” that someone is using to coverup a “crime” – probably a violent emotion or desire. How are surface layers being peeled back in your life right now to reveal scary or untamed aspects?  Blood symbolizes the raw life force, and since you saw a lot of it, this means you are feeling an incredible loss of energy, a drain on your life.  I wonder if you caused someone to “lose face,” by accidentally insulting them.  This person or entity / institute (again, symbolized by the seemingly innocent little girls) didn’t act offended at first, but then they started to creep you out. Now you are afraid there is a dark history you’ve been unaware of, and you are anxious this person or institute you offended is turning murderous.

August 18, 2008

I had an awkward dream last night. I was in a familiar environment but weird place. There were a lot of people in this house. It was all family except this one guy sitting in a room nobody else can see but me. Then these two (British) men come in and one of them had an extremely exaggerated chin. Like reaaaaallllly long, sort of like the nose of Pinocchio. The other man was holding a tiny dog in a paper bag with his head and legs sticking out.  What in the world does this mean? – Ivelisse

The chin represents character and resolve.  The British are often known for “stiff upper lip” and “take it on the chin.”  You are dealing with some exaggerated but insincere resolve.  Some show of noble courage in your life right now is based on dishonesty like Pinocchio’s nose.  The small dog represents a big, vocal ego that hides small-mindedness and meanness. The paper bag means this “disguise” is thinly veiled. You are seeing thru to the false bravado. The familiar yet weird environment of the dream setting tells us you are uncomfortable in your skin or your opinions right now.  The room nobody but you can see symbolizes a set of beliefs you are not trying to push on others, but which you feel are being overlooked or even ignored by your loved ones.

Someone came into my home while I was asleep and cleaned out my garage.  It was nighttime.  I sensed a ‘spirit’ had been in my house and went to see if the garage door was secured.  I feared someone had broken in.  I discovered that all of the boxes and other items that filled my garage for the past twelve years had been removed and brand new bicycles of different types were hanging from the ceiling (as you would see in a store).  It occurred to me that my cousin, who has been dead for over 40 years, had cleaned it out.  I opened the garage door and saw where a roll-off had been used to haul away the garage contents and left tracks in a pile of dirt.  I thought I would have to smooth the dirt out so that my neighbors would not complain. I was not afraid but secretly pleased because finally I would be able to use my garage as an extra room.
Thank you,
Veronica, 50, Nashville, TN

In the dark of the night without you even realizing, you’re cleaning out your life.  It’s a stored-away part of your life you didn’t even know was messed up.  It’s been that way for what, 40 years….    The bikes mean a healthy movement toward a goal you’ve been wanting to pursue but couldn’t because of a specific blockage for the past 12 years.  Now at last you can bring about this healthy endeavor, whatever it is. The neighbors: you’ll have to do some damage control, but oh well, it’s worth it.  It ain’t that big a deal.  The “dirt” anyone might have on you can be smoothed out.  In the end you are better off, you tell yourself. Perhaps these issues started back when you were young and playing with your cousin.  The cousin now represents a part of your very own personality.  She/he is a spiritual buddy of yours now.  You sense there is something from the past, a ghost or spirit.  You fear intrusion, change.  It’s an instinctual fear – you don’t even know what it is.  The garage, your catch-all storage place of old baggage and emotional clutter, is clear now with new space to “live” your life.  Very good symbolism here!

August 27, 2008


My girlfriend dreamed that I shot her kid, then shot her! What’s up with that?
   – Sandon

First be reassured that shooting in dreams is pure metaphor!  Your girlfriend’s dream indicates she was afraid you were angry at her child and her.  She went to sleep with a nagging worry that there was an unresolved conflict or confrontation (could even be a mild disagreement) between you guys, perhaps something that the child was part of.  Often when we dream we’re being shot by a loved one it’s because we are afraid that person has hidden anger toward us.  In some cases it is “triggered” by some kind of aggression from the shooter, or a fear of being taken advantage of, being a victim.  It could be as simple as you having hurt her feelings without really knowing you were doing it.  What you can do is examine any behavior of yours toward her or her son/daughter that might be considered intense or a bit aggressive, and reassure her that you are not ticked off at anyone. Also, apologize if you think you might have said or done something hurtful and tell her this has nothing to do with real guns or real shooting!

For the past year or so I’ve had recurring dreams that I’m either running late for work or I’m on my lunch break and I cannot find my way back to work.  The dreams are never exactly the same, but I am always frustrated and nervous about not being able to get back to work.  Sometimes I’m driving around or walking around trying to find the building but can’t.   – Joanne

Running late, can’t find your way back, frustrated and nervous are the key words here.  And work.  This is about your career situation and the occasional suspicion of yours that you’ve been distracted or sidetracked from an original goal.  Also, these dreams could come whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed or even “lost”.  What are you not able to get back to…something you have started but haven’t finished?  You are frustrated because you can’t pay as much attention to something as you originally intended.  Driving and walking “around” symbolize a fear you are going in circles, either  directionless or biding your time waiting for conditions to favor the pursuit of what you really want to do.  Instead of biding your time, figure out what that postponed or back-burnered goal is, and go for it.  These dreams are telling you it’s time to “get back, get back to where you once belonged,” as the old rock song says.

September 8, 2008

Since I was a child I have had a dream of trespassing through other peoples’ homes in order to get home myself (although I don’t really consider it trespassing –  just taking a short-cut).  The other people are usually strangers to me but have also been current or former neighbors.  Sometimes I am somewhat lost and can only find my way home by passing through the house.  At other times I am not lost, but use the trespass in order to take a short-cut home.  I am always concerned with being discovered by the inhabitants of the house I am passing through and have sometimes hidden around a corner to avoid discovery.  I am usually not discovered and pass through the house unnoticed.  When I have been discovered, I am treated amiably and not questioned as to why I am using this short-cut through their home (almost as if they are not surprised to see me there).  The dreams always end after I have left the other house but before I get home.
   – Adell 50, Coral Springs, FL

You may get this dream whenever you feel you are “just passing through” in life, on your way back to your own space or comfort zone.  It may come when you feel lost and unable to find your way “home” to your own beliefs and opinions. Do you sometimes feel insignificant or like a wallflower, left out of your own life?  Houses represent our personalities and their contents represent our thoughts and opinions. Another insight into this intriguing dream might be you like to please others so much that you use the thoughts and opinions of other people, even strangers, as short-cuts to form your own opinions. It could indicate a certain shyness about exploring opposing viewpoints, preferring to just get back to your own comfort zone as quickly as possible.  You also may be intuitive, even a bit psychic, because you are able to “get inside” other peoples’ personalities, private zones.  This is not about status, not about keeping up with the neighbors, but rather shows a secret (though not illicit) entry into other peoples’ personal space. Your recurring dream has also probably been triggered by an occasional bout of low self-esteem symbolized in the dream by the hiding and trying to remain unnoticed.  Then again could mean you are a reluctant but empathetic advice giver to other people.  You don’t want to step on toes, don’t mean to “trespass” into private thoughts, but you nevertheless are ending up in the middle of private situations, ending up behind the closed doors of other people who don’t seem to mind at all.  A very fascinating recurring dream, with several possible interpretations.  I don’t think I’ve actually encountered this dream theme before!

I am in church and for some reason we are ushered outside to a huge rocking ship full of water and as it rocks more and more people are swept in, I try not to get swept in but there was nowhere to go.  I try very hard to hold onto my daughter but she goes under.  By the time I am able to get her back up she has drowned as have most of the other people. I am now surrounded by bodies in this rocking ship full of water, I lose my grip on my now dead daughter and am searching through the other bodies to try to find her.  I actually woke myself up crying.
   –  Liz 29, Decatur, Indiana

Wow, as a mother of three daughters, I feel this dream’s intensity.  You poor mama having this nightmare.  Let’s look at it metaphorically because dreams are never literal.  Drowning in dreams means drowning in emotions, not real death.  Ask yourself if there is anything going on in your lives in which your daughter is being swept up, overwhelmed by (possibly religious) emotion.  It is quite a powerful momentum you may have found yourselves in because she ends up “losing it” becoming emotionally numb, “dead to you.” We see parts of your personality (all those people) swept up and swept along by some kind of a movement, by something big of seemingly cosmic proportions.  But you and they end up in a ship of fools, in a dangerous mode of transition to what you thought was a new life.  Maybe you are drowning in promises of change, promises of your ship coming in.  Or something abruptly rocked the boat of your life causing you to lose trust in what you previously thought safe. Have you switched churches or religious practice lately? Or political alliance?  Perhaps you have felt betrayed by something or someone in leadership and you fear it will threaten your mother-daughter relationship or otherwise cause you to “lose” your daughter.  This dream could also be triggered by your daughter going to a new school this year, or big changes at her existing school, and the anxieties you both might be feeling as a result.

October 1, 2008


My male co-worker has had more than a few dreams about me.  One that really sticks out is that he said we were in a desolate forest and I suddenly appeared there with a horn growing out from my back.  I was desperately asking him for help in removing it.  He kept insisting that he didn’t want to because we were miles from a hospital and he thought I’d bleed to death. But as I kept begging him to remove it, he finally did and I ended up being just fine.  What does this symbolize?
Ali, 31, Salt Lake City, UT

Apparently he has been afraid to help you “take care of your back” which may be similar to watch your back and get a monkey off your back. He was afraid if he intervened in some area at work or your personal life he would only make matters worse.  The forest symbolizes a magical area of growth and sometimes represents the feminine current of life, the “mother nature” that is often unknown to us.  This can give clues as to what issue he was afraid to intervene in. Perhaps he realized recently that intervention is not dangerous and that he won’t make matters worse by helping get this thing off your back, whatever it is. You may be allowing your life situation and details to get too involved with his. Ask yourself if you were actually “begging for help” in any areas and if so, were they appropriate. He is the dreamer so we must realize all the symbols in the dream have messages for him, not really for you.  All you can do is get a glimpse of what is in his thoughts. He may be a person whose work life is more important than his personal life and that is why co-workers show up so often in his dreams.

I was in a hair salon trying to get my hair trimmed.  My hair was long and pure white (my real hair is brown).  One after another, stylists would come over and start trimming, then get distracted and leave me sitting there.  Finally, I just picked up the scissors, and finished trimming the ends myself.
Trish 44

There are some loose ends in your life, some uneven areas, that need trimming, neatened, evened up. You may have an area of “overgrowth”, some kind of excess that needs to be eliminated. It has to do with your cover story, with how things appear (symbolized by your physical appearance).  The dream is talking about the personality and personal details you show the world, not really the deep inner you. Others can’t help you with these issues because they just aren’t interested.  Life is one distraction after another and people, even those whose profession is related to your uneven issues, just can’t focus on you.  You realized recently that if you focus for yourself on yourself, you accomplish things much more quickly and efficiently.  The whiteness symbolizes wisdom, both wordly (as in old white haired wisdom) and spiritual (as in magical white hair like Merlin, Gandalf and other legendary wisemen wizards have).  The dream has a nice taking care of business message.  We see you recently took matters into your own hands and settled the matter, whatever it is, once and for all.

November 15, 2008

My name is Becky from Lewisville, TX. I have had several recurring dreams where I am driving a car in a large city. Many times I am crossing very tall bridges at high speeds and the bridges have no guard rails. This last time I had the dream I am crossing it, again, at high speed in the rain and I pull my foot off the gas because somehow I know that I will crash. The car slows down as I am approaching the bridge but this time, it is as tall as a skyscraper.
I think this is somehow related to my work but I don’t know how they are linked.

The large city represents your whole self and the car is your body.  Your body is a “vehicle” that helps you navigate thru life toward your higher Self, your awakened whole Self.  The bridges are transition points in your life, segues leading to something new.  You probably get bridge dreams whenever you are transitioning into something new or unknown.  You tend to go too fast in life sometimes, make snap decisions perhaps or fly along without taking safety precautions (no guardrails).  The tallness of the bridges indicates that you may be converting your “crossing points” into obstacles. This dream may come to you whenever you are going thru any changes or unknowns in your work situation. The rain symbolizes emotions coming at you and a dampening force on your morale.  Knowing you will crash tells us there is a fatalism in you, a realization that your career’s future is not looking good. Did the stock market crash affect your career field or business?  This obstacle is skyscraper tall.  Skyscrapers represent everything from phallic masculine energy to earthquakes, arrogance or success.  Is success itself somehow standing in your way?  Stranger things have happened.

November 18, 2008

It started out with my grandpa, me, my brother, and another person that I don’t know.  We were driving in his old tan pickup to go hunting.  We traveled up a steep mountain road with water running down it.  When we got to the top we were in a meadow surrounded by quaking aspens that were starting to turn to their fall colors.  I asked my grandpa what we were hunting and he tore off his skin and said, “You!”  He was a sickly grey color with gaping wounds all over him.  He grabbed the other person with us that I didn’t know and started to eat him.  I grabbed my brother and started running through the trees with him.  We could hear my grandpa in the back tearing this person apart.  We came upon a little camp trailer and we snuck in there to try to think of a way out.  When we got inside my grandma and my sister were in there.  I told them what had happened and that we needed to get out of there.  My grandma ran out with my brother and I was trying to get my sister to come with me but she said she couldn’t leave yet. I asked her why and she was trying to get a box of granola bars out of the cupboard.  I kept yelling for her to hurry up but she still kept trying to get them.  Suddenly there was a loud bang and something was hitting the side of the camp trailer.  Then I woke up.
Krista Woods, 21
Salt Lake City, Utah

Your grandfather represents that side of your family as a whole.  Is there cancer on that side?  Some “devouring” illness, possibly skin cancer?  All forms of cancer fit the bill of a devourer and “attack” family members for no apparent reason.  This dream is most certainly about illness and health (if not physical, possibly mental health).  Notice your sister trying to get a nutritious health food item – a granola bar, a longtime symbol of healthy eating!  The dream is using vividly frightening imagery to get your attention.  It is imperative that you change your eating habits to healthful ones, get at least 7 or more hours of sleep per night, get exercise at least 3 times a week.  Get out in nature (the trees, the meadow in your dream) drink mountain water as symbolized by the mountain stream.  In other words quit the soda, drink it only on rare occasions, maybe once a month if that.  Try “mountain” pure water to properly hydrate your body and not put chemicals in your systems.  You can avoid cancer or other horrible hereditary illnesses.  Your grandmother and brother seem to be “out of the woods” so to speak, but you and your sister are at risk. Very intriguing dream.

December 15, 2008


I have had several dreams about my father since his passing a year ago but one in particular has haunted me. He was in my bed (in a home that I do not know of) in his deceased state and I slowly witnessed him coming back to life. As he slowly rose up in the bed I was on my knees shouting prayers and thanking God for his resurrection. His body was stiff as he tried to get up and walk and I saw him stumble across the floor in cut-off blue jean shorts. He then looked at me and began to urinate 3 separate streams of urine on my bedroom floor. He jumped out of my bedroom window into a clear, river bank and swam away. I seemed to have followed him into the water. I then walked into the unknown house that had a cafe attached. The cafe was empty and I found my mother sitting on the couch watching television. I told her what happened. Then I woke up. Watching him “come to life” really scared me and I couldn’t shake the dream.

Melissa-29 Frisco, TX

Having such dreams about a deceased loved one is very common and is part of the healing-after-loss process. It is quite healthy. Your deeper mind is not sure he is gone, not sure what happened, and wants him to be back and active in your life again. “It” (the deeper you) also knows on some level that he is immortal and is not really gone, but only transformed out of your physical realm. The physical transformation is hard for the body’s inner automatic intelligence to grapple with because it is dedicated to the physical realm and keeping a body (yours in this case) alive. The setting is your bedroom, representing your subconscious mind doing all this. We see it resurrecting your Dad’s physical body, indicating the process of coming to grips with all levels of his passing is going on in you. It’s a very healthy thing, so don’t worry about your sanity. The cut-off jeans indicate your belief that his life was cut-off and you acknowledgement that you are cut-off from him now. You know “somethin’ ain’t right” about a body coming back to life and this is why it scared you. The urine streams are intriguing because they can represent many things such as cleansing and elimination of anxiety, including the first thing one does upon “waking up.” But urine in dreams also symbolizes rejected feelings and even more intriguing: when someone urinates in front of someone else in a dream it usually means they have some kind of apology or confession to make! Is there something you feel your Dad needs to apologize to you about, or confess to? Is there any kind of unfinished business that is “haunting” you? And are you rejecting any feelings about him now that he’s gone? The apology/confession could be anything from withheld parental approval, withheld love, to some way in which he wronged you in your opinion. The unknown house is your personality, your state of human being-ness right now. The café symbolizes the nurturing you received from your parents and we note it is still attached right now, but out of service because well, you are grown up now. Your mother is the only one still in a position to nurture you and she won’t do it like when you were a child, she is relaxing herself now that she is a widow and her children are grown. Telling her is a good symbol of communication and good relationship. Your dream might even be a message to discuss this dream and its meanings with her.

I was at a train station standing outside. On the bench were 3 babies in carseats. One was my own, one I’d volunteered to adopt, and the last one was abandoned there and I couldn’t just leave it, so I adopted it too, even though 3 babies at once is an awful lot and I was worried.

Mary, 26, Chicago, IL

The train station represents a turning point in your life right now. You are at the beginning of a new phase and things could go anywhere, it’s all up to your choices. The three babies represent three long-term projects you have recently taken on. Note they are locked and loaded in their carseats, all ready to travel with you on your “journey” toward your goals. But you are worried because three new, but long-term projects, that each require your utmost commitment, is a lot to take on all at once. They are each precious to your heart, these grand endeavors, but you weren’t really counting on more than one big thing to focus on at present. One project is “yours’ – it was all your creation, all your idea. The other one is somebody else’s brainchild but you have volunteered to adopt this project. The third one is totally unexpected. It came about when someone or some institution unknown to you created a path for success, set things in motion toward an awesome goal, but then abandoned the whole plan for some reason. You don’t want to see that brainchild neglected, you believe it has value, too, and even though your plate is very full with the other two new things in your life, you have decided to take this abandoned project along for the ride. The baby that is yours could represent a domestic or family project, or something not fully career oriented with close connections to your personal life. The adopted baby and abandoned babies could be a project with career connections, a life-goal (higher education maybe?), or even a new relationship that requires constant attention and nurturing from you as all babies need. Each of these little wonders has the potential of growing into what you want them to, but you will have to dedicate almost your whole life, all of your time, to bringing three big goals to fruition. Oh you can do it, you are up to the challenge and it has been done before. Great things lie ahead, just try to get some help with the care-taking and nurturing of these up-and-coming ideas you have launched!


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