3AA 1st Deg. Clergywork

[Image] You are an initiated Angel-Worker now, a member of the Angelic Clergy.  So let’s do some 3rd Millennium Angelic Alliance Clergywork.

Sending of Solace Work

Calling of the Quarters

Angel Magiks
Writing a Petition
House / Apartment Warding

Making an Angelic Talisman

Remote Hospice Soul Warding Technique

Prayer & Meditation Clergywork, Group & Solo
Pray the Angelic Rosary, Chaplets
Meet at Heaven’s Gate /Universal Center for Daily Surge
Sunday Surge Ritual

3rd Millennium Angelic Alliance Sending of Solace Technique  Top

Here is the Sending of Solace Healing Technique used by our Order.  Study it, perhaps print it out, and then complete the Lab exercises at the end.

All members of the Order should try to perform this rite at noon their time,in keeping with the daily Sun Surge, a special time for Angel workers. (The Sun Surge happens every day when the sun is at its height, whichis Noon or 1 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time).

If that time doesn’t work for you, or if you want to do this twice a day,you should perform it at the default time, which is: at night just before going to sleep, the traditional time ordinary people say prayers.

Choose whom you want to help, for example, your first “target” may be the family of someone murdered/kidnapped which you heard about on the news. Perform the rite (below) for them.  Then if you want to help another person or group of people, for instance those in fear of terrorist attacks or suicide bombers in Israel, or the victims of any senseless violence you recently heard about, you should perform the rite all over again for them.  Then if you are sending strength, to say peacekeepers or peacemakers, buttressing them against evil or injury, perform the rite all over again sending them as much physical and mental strength as you can muster along with the spiritual healing strength that already goes along.

Before you begin, you need to know what direction, North, South, East or West, you are sending your energies.  Find out where on a map your targeted person or persons are.  Is that north, east, south or west, or even northwest, southwest etc. of you?  You should face that way while performing the rite.  If it is impossible to tell where on the planet your needy soul(s) are located, or if you wish to send a “general” solace surge to all suffering folk on earth, then you should face East when you project.  The current of the planet’s flow (we are constantly revolving eastward) will”catch” it and take it to where it needs to go.

Begin the actual Sending of Solace rite by vibrating the names of the four archangels, Rah-Fay-El, Gahb-Ray-El, Mih-Chai-El, Ohr-Ree-El, over and over. Try to do this in concert with your breathing, inhaling and exhaling on each syllable. If this proves too difficult, just relax and vibrate the names. The rhythm should feel natural.

Now, call the four Archangels into the Quarters. First, visualize Raphael standing in front of you in the direction of East. He is dressed in yellow robes with purple highlights. He carries a cadeceus wand (the symbol used by doctors, a staff with two serpents intertwined around it, as Moses carried,which symbolizes the life force) and his robes are being blown by the wind.You can feel the breeze coming from behind him. Say, “Before me Rah-Fay-El.”

Second, visualize Gabriel standing behind you in the West. He is dressed in blue with some orange highlights. He holds a cup and is surrounded by waterfalls. You can feel the mist from the water. Say, “Behind me Gahb-Ray-El.”

Third, visualize Michael standing to your right. He is dressed in scarlet robes with green highlights. He holds a flaming sword and you feel the heat coming from his direction. Say, “On my right hand Mee-chai-El.”

Finally, visualize Auriel / Uriel standing to your left dressed in green robes. He holds some sheaves of wheat, and you smell the sweetness of the earth and grass from his direction. Say, “And on my left hand Ohr-ree-El.”

All four of these angels now extend their right hands and place them on thecrown of your head. Their hands glow with white light. This white light travelsdown into the crown of your head, down through your spine and heart center,down through your legs, and into the Earth. This white light branches outthrough your arms and hands and forms an equilateral cross stretching outinto eternity without end.

Now, visualize the white light at the point of your heart growing brighter until it forms a glowing sphere. Bring your hands over your heart and feel their beams of light feeding the sphere. Watch it grow brighter. Facing the direction of the recipient of this healing energy, grasp the sphere and hold it out to them. Say,

“Rah-Fay-El, Gahb-Ray-El, Mee-chai-El, and Ohr-ree-El, deliver this divine healing-light, strength and compassion to <name or description of person(s)>  who is / are in need of it. May it meet their needs accordingto your perfect wisdom. Amen.”

Visualize the four Archangels removing their hands from your head and placing them on the sphere. Surrounding the orb, they escort it to the recipient.Watch as they surround the person and place the orb on his/her/their crown,and watch as the energy travels through her /his their body/bodies and into the Earth just as it did when the Angels gave it to you. Know the person’s needs are met.
It is done.

Another, more personal meditation of this nature may be done using your GuardianAngel’s help, as well. Start by vibrating their name, and see them approach and bless you with the divine light just as the Archangels did. Give them the sphere of divine light, saying,

“<Angel’s Name> deliver this divine light and love to the Guardian Angel of <name> who is in need of it. May it meet their needs according to the perfect wisdom of their Guardian Angel. Amen.”

If you know the name of the recipient’s Guardian Angel, by all means use it. Don’t forget, each country even has a guardian angels, as do some groupsof people, such as policemen and firefighters.  This is powerful because your guardian angels, being your personal protectors who are most informed about your life, needs, and place in the divine plan, know best what to do with this energy and where to send it. Placing it in their care guarantees a successful outcome, and at the same time gives it greater power, since they can combine it with their own blessings and whatever other energies are being sent from Higher sources.

Lab Exercise for Sending of Solace       Top

Calling of the Quarters   Top
Re-read the section on Calling the Quarters in the lesson on Ceremonial Angel Magik. Now see below…

Note how the pavement above is divided into Center-of-the-Universe quarters.Note the small sigil in the foreground, carved into the pavement stone.  It is very similar to a modern form of the henna tattoo worn by Angel workers.

Lab Exercise for Calling of theQuarters           Top
Perform the Calling the Quarters Rite given in Doc Fox’s lesson, but with the following addition.  Sprinkle angel water, as in your initiation in each of the four quarters/directions just before you light the candle for that quarter.  You are supposed to trace a holy symbol / sigil in the air,then sprinkle the angel water, then light the candle.  For ideas of what sigil to draw in the air, see the Angel Sigils lesson, or simply draw the first letter of each archangel’s name. Youcan draw it in any alphabet you choose, regular Latin alphabet, Hebrew, Greekor even Runes.  All alphabets have sacred roots and thus magikal powers.Send your results, impressions, description of tools used, or adaptations you made to the ritual, to the School with subject line:  3AA 1 Deg. Quarters Lab Report.  Use this Lab Sheet as a template for your report to the school.

Angel Magiks     Top

1. Writing a Petition. a special number of times, like seven, or three.  Re-read this section in Doc Fox’s Angel Magic lesson on Petition Magic.  But do NOT do a warding of your dwelling (because we are going to do that below in Lab number 2).  Instead, think of another think you’d like to petition for besides home protection.  Perhaps write a healing petition for something that’s been ailing you, be it physical ornamental (for example depression or nervousness, anxiety). Or you might writea petition for abundance or prosperity if your budget is tight and needs some help.

After you decide, perform this rite with this important addition: Roll your petition up and tie it with a thread. The color of the thread should correspond to your angel of choice.  By now you should know what colors are associated with what angels and archangels. Angels have certain numbers that they are associated with, too, but that is not as commonly known. The number of times you write out the petition on the piece of paper can relate to the specific angel/archangel or else you can write it three, seven or nine times, all significant numbers.  Some people write it on a separate piece of paper each time and roll and tie each one, making several little scrolls.  It’s up to you.  Report your Petition performance below.

Lab Exercise on Writing a Petition  Top
Describe everything about your petition.  Which angel/archangel(s) did you petition, how many times did you write it, did you write on one or more scrolls, what color thread, did you burn it, bury it, what.   Tell all. You may even include the text of the petition unless it is too personal and you don’t wish to reveal it.  Send your Lab Report to the School with the subject line 3AA 1 Deg. Petition Lab Report from _______ (your magikal name).  Use this Lab Sheet as a template for your report to the school.

Warding & Protecting the Castle
Note the date, 9-11-2001. Are those the twin towers
she’s warding? 2.  House / Apartment Warding    Top
(use the Michael or other Warding of your choice as in Doc Fox’s lesson)

Lab Exercise, Do a Warding:  Re-read Doc Fox’s excellent warding information here, then perform a Warding on your Dwelling, and then perform this exercise a second time on a loved one’s dwelling (must be on someone who doesn’t live with you).

Send your Lab Report to the School with the subject line 3AA 1 Deg. Warding Lab Report 1 (and then Warding Lab Report 2 on the second report you send).

Describe in detail your methods used, “target” of the warding, etc.  Use this Lab Sheet as a template for your report to the school.


Angelic Talisman Making
Re-Read the portion of Doc Fox’s article regarding Talisman Making.  You will need to make at least one talisman of your own. Since you are an initiated Angel-Worker you are advanced enough that you could handle doing healing magik and making a talisman for healing as described in the article. However, if for some reason you’d rather do a money talisman (also described) or another kind of talisman, feel free to do so.  You are required to make at least one talisman and report to the School all about it.  Use the subject line:  3AA 1st Deg Talisman Report. AND please please PLEASE if you have a digital camera, take a picture of your completed talisman and send it in with your report.  We can then display it here on this page to help future members who enter this Degree get an idea what those who have gone before have done.  Use this Lab Sheet as a template for your report to the school.

Remote Hospice Work, a Soul Warding Technique for Angelic Clergy
Hospice, as you may know, is caring for — and sometimes just sitting with — dying persons.  If you are uncertain what it is, do a quick internet search.  Have you ever wondered why do so many spiritually advanced people like to do hospice care? Mostly it’s because they are so compassionate. They love to assist souls in their transition and to help the families cope. But another reason, or at least a wonderful side benefit, is that for each departing they preside over, they can be near the angels, who arrive to retrieve the soul of the departed.  There area few hospice care workers here and there who actually have that special tattoo of the Angel worker on their forearm. (The tattoo, not necessarily permanent since henna is traditionally used, is discussed in another lesson in this Study Hall).

On battlefields, in hospital rooms, at traffic accident scenes, earthquakes,terrorist bombings, souls are suddenly “up for grabs,” and the dark ones(demons) seek to devour them, even work to create fatal tragedies and attacks so that they can “feed” on departing human souls.  The angels rush to the scene, but they are not omnipresent like their Creator, and so it does take a minute or two sometimes.  For someone they know is about to die,they arrive early and stay by the bedside.  That soul is guaranteed to go to the right place, to be taken back to the Hall of Souls (for recycling or whatever, no one really knows).  But at the scenes of disasters and attacks, souls are not always so fortunate to receive assured escort. This is where the swiftness of the angels comes in — and many times, where Angelworkers like you come in.  (read on)

[Image] A Soul Brought to Heaven (1878) Museum de Perigord, by William A. Bouguereau

You can help too, believe it or not.  As an Angelworker, you are actually expected to help in this great work.  If you witness a fatal accident or are coincidentally nearby when someone dies suddenly, or are even watching the news (remote work) you can immediately do a warding for the dying person’s soul (or peoples’ soul, if multiple deaths).

Here’s how:

Soul Warding Technique for Sudden Deaths
(This technique is not performed in this particular manner at the bedside of a person whose death has been expected and is not a surprise.)
Step 1:  Wave your hand so that your palm faces down, fingers spread open and flat so that all five don’t touch each other. Step 2:  Now hold it steady like that with palm facing the earth while you fixate(stronger than focusing!) on the dying person (so as to latch on to their soul).
Step 3:  Quickly call upon the angels of death ministry, those angels the Creator has assigned the task of collecting souls at time of death.* Though they may already know and be on their way, you should still call them just in case and especially if the death is very sudden and unexpected. You then proceed to hold off the demons until the angels come. Angels can travel swiftly, you shouldn’t have to hold any yuck off for more than 2 minutes maximum.  Yes, this is a big job, but humans have incredible power since we are of the flesh, the earth and the spirit.  As you probably already knew, Angelworking is not for the timid,it’s hands on, sleeves rolled up, hard work.

Don’t be dismayed having to talk about demons.  If we recognize and admit the existence of angels, we cannot escape the hard cold fact that demons are here in this realm, too, and they are working with all their might against the angels and Angel-Workers.

*Please note that any angel can escort a departed human soul, any angel can fight demons for that soul.  It sometimes happens that angels who are coincidentally nearby when a sudden death occurs, actually beat the angel or angels of death to the scene.  They then either handle it alone,or assist the angels of death.

Lab Exercise for Remote Hospice Sudden Death Soul Warding:  Watch or listen to the news.  If you see or hear of a tragedy in which people are dying, such as an earthquake, a terrorist bus bombing, try to focus on people you know are dying right at that moment.  Send the angels to them, protect them from demonic devourment.  Send a Report to the School as usual, with full details. Use this Lab Sheet as a template for your report to the school.  Remember, it is okay if the person doesn’t die, that means you kept them safe from demons while their life was hanging by a thread, which is still remote warding clergy work.

Extra Credit:  Lab Exercise for Un-Sudden Death Hospice Soul Warding.  If you work in a hospital or happen to frequent one, youmay have an occasion to do an actual hands-on soul warding.  Remember,however, that the angels usually can handle expected deaths.  It is the sudden deaths, happening in Emergency Rooms, along the highways, that attract demons. However, we can still commune with the angels, feel their presence, and comfort the transisting soul in an expected death. Report on any of the above for extra credit.


Prayer & Meditation Clergywork, Group & Solo

1.  Pray the Rosary.  Silver Ravenwolf’s Angelic Rosary, is often used by our Order and you should try it out, too. Add to  / adapt /even create your own. Be sure to share with us if you do make adaptations or new creations, we all love new prayers.  Angelworkers have used quartz crystal as their special tool for centuries.  Crystal beads, be theyAustrian crystal or “regular” quartz work wonderfully for this. But if youwant to use a catholic rosary or even a home-made knotted prayer rope, feel free.  You could also use Rudraksha prayer beads from India and Tibet,called Malas. And there are always pony beads (and crystal beads) at your favorite craft store to make your own prayer bead chain.

2.  Meditate on inspiring uplifting-to-the-mind poems or prayers,such as Prayer of St. Francis. Choose an uplifting prayer or poem and repeat it over and over.  You can gaze into your crystal bowl of angel water and finger your crystal beads while reciting it, or simply sit with eyes closed.  Try to devote at least 10 minutes a day to this.  It is good for all humanity, not just your own psyche, because you create waves that spread out and positively effect all.  Clergy have been doing this for thousands of years, you are now part of it. Try our Angelworkers Prayer Book for ideas or do a search for other inspiring prayers or poems.  Find one that resonates with you.


3.  Meet at Heaven’s Gate.  Angelworker Gatherings for the daily Surge & Still of the Night.  The following is for the DAILY Surge, not the Sunday Surge, the latter ritual being a bit more elaborate.  Not every one of us makes each of these gatherings.  You can aim for once a day, or once a week. Commune with your fellow Angelworkers, go to the Center of the Universe which many Angelworkers thru history have visualized as Heaven’s Gate.  You can visualize it within you or visualize it “out there” and spiritually “travel” there. Use the pictures on this page to help you visualize Heaven’s Gate.  Once there, feel the presence of other Angelworkers and Devotees.  Recite the short version of the Song of Praise to the Creators, called the Trisagion, as all angels frequently do!  This is the short version:  Holy, Holy, Holy Adonai Tsavaot: the heavens and the earth are full of Your Glory. OR
Holy, Holy, Holy Adonai Tsavaot: your presence fills Creation!

Follow this with, of course, the earthly motto of all angels and angel workers:  Terris Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntat (peace on earth, goodwill to all humankind). Such gatherings are a tradition of clergy orders going back to the earliest monasteries in India and the Holy Land.
Our Order tries to meet at the Heavenly Gate to perform this small rite at five minutes after Surge noon (or 1 p.m. in daylight savings time), and/or ten minutes before midnight or 1 a.m. if daylight savings (just before the Still of the Night, the opposite-Surge).  You may also sing the long version of the Song of Praise to the Creators and if you have extra time, pray the Angelic Rosary.